All of my random poems :)


3. The little things

The first thing that you hear,

Are the seagulls.

Their annoying cawing.

But every once in a wile,

You hear a beautiful birds quick song.



Then, You hear the little kids playing.

The scraping of their bikes,

Across the sidewalk,

The sound of the swings,

That need oiling,

And their little happy laughter,

That brings a smile to your face.


You hear the sound of machines,

Chopping wood,

And grinding it down,

To create mulch.


Then comes a rush of wind,

That cools your body,

Even though it is not that hot out.

The wind is welcomed.


The rush of cars,

Is in the distance,

And if you listen closely,

I bet you could hear the sun smile,

On this beautiful day.

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