All of my random poems :)


1. spring

I hear the birds song,
They are mostly the same,
In the distance.
Between us.

The cool gentle breeze,
Blows the tree leaves,
And it sounds like a stream,
A slow calm stream,
That is crystal clear in a forest.

I feel a soft touch,
Of a blue butterfly,
Land on my arm,
And as it flies away,
It sores into the sun.

The wind calls my name,
Tells me to fallow him.
As my feet touch the cool grass,
The wind plays with my hair.

Then comes the annoying cries,
Of the angry seagulls,
Caw, caw, caw,
Must be the only phrase they know,
And there are millions of them,
Those annoying birds.

But on this beautiful spring day,
I am left to wonder.
Why does it,
Only come once a year?


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