All of my random poems :)


5. Daddy


One of the two people who love you from the first moment

The first moment of your life

The one who holds your head in his hand

And kisses your soft head ever so lightly



The one who is there for your first word

Your first step

Your first time on a bike

Your first time going to school

He's the one who picked you up from daycare

The one who got you home safe

The one who loves you unconditionally



He's your special person

The one who you have a special connection with

Who tells you not to date

Not to do drugs

Not to have fun

You get mad at him

He gets mad at you for the only reason of keeping you safe

But you don't see it that way

He's the one who you run away from

Who you don't want to know your secrets



He's the one

Who hears you crying in your bedroom late at night

Who opens the door to peep his head in

Who sees the scalding tears running down your face

And who feels the pain when you're hurt

He's one of the only loves that will stay


He's your knight

Your knight in shining armor

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