Together We Are Infinite

Arielle Jones has always had a hard life, with high school ending she has no idea what will come next, until a certain blue eyed gorgeous boy offers her the world. Can she really get away from her problems or will they come around and find her?


5. The Party


Arielle's POV:

And this is not any regular case of the mood swings, manic episodes, hurting the ones you love, it's also a whole personality disorder. It's called bipolar personality disorder (if that wasn't obvious) in a split second my mom can change from my loving best friend, too a stranger who beats me senselessly, not something anyone should have to deal with. I was 11 when my mom was diagnosed, shortly after my dad left us, one night he said he was going to get us some milk, and never returned.

That made every worse, the abuse didn't start till I was 14, when my dad wrote me a letter saying he was getting re-married, he told me he still loved my mother but he's hurt too many people. I tried to tell my mom and I even showed her the letter, that, was when she slapped me. She burned the letter and sent me to my room. I cried for that whole weekend. Even though I've been dealing with this for years, it still mind fucks me.

I take my food and sit down as my mom tries to make small talk, we've always been distant so she doesn't put much of an effort in and either do I. Once I'm finished I go up to my room and break down. Why? Why can't it be easy? Why can't I be someone else? These thoughts go through my head on a daily basis, and I'm sure that can't be healthy. I pull out my homework from my back pack and do that until I need to go to bed.

The next weeks I still ride with Lou and talk with him in Drama and English, but it's still awkward between us. It finally the weekend of the beginning of Second Semester Rager! And just my luck Jasmine is throwing it, as her best friend it's my duty to basically plan the party with her. Jasmine lives with her mom and her mom always spends her weekend with her boyfriend, so that leaves us alone to have a party in her huge house! We've organized the food, drinks, have tables set up for beer pong and other fun games, got a wii going for just dance, a professional sound system and couches and chairs for people to sit. I think today should be successful. Everyone will be here literally any minute, I'm in Jasmines room re-straightening my hair for the fifth time, when it's straight it goes just past my chest, I have chain earings that go to my shoulder and a gold cross necklace. I'm wearing mint green skinny and a black over sized jumper.

I invited Louis and I hope he comes, I want everyone to see the side of him i see, he's a really good guy and so sweet. I'm really glad that I don't drink so I can't drunkenly reveal all of my feelings to him. The door bell rung and Jasmine ran to open it. I turn off her straighten and check my make-up, natural but enough to cover what's left of my bruise. Luckily there has been no more incidents. I go down stairs to see there was already 20 people downstairs and people just coming through the door.

** one hour later **

Music pounding, bodies grinding and alcohol everywhere, what anyone would call a successful teenage party, I just haven't seen Lou. I've been surrounded by drunken idiot, and I don't mind looking after Jasmines house while she has a good time, it's just it would put me in a better mood if Louis was here, I know I really need to stop thinking of him that way because I know I'll just hurt him. Jesus christ though, these kids are stupid, just throwing everything. I run over to 2 boys who are also on the football team who are tossing around a vase.

I grab it from one of their hands and tell them to act responsible or leave.

"TOMMO!" Is all the one who I recall to be Zakk say.

"What? That doesn't even-" I stop myself when I realize that's Louis nickname.

I spin on my heel and see Lou and a girl I recall to be Kayla Shaw on his arm. Great. He he sees my facial expression and quickly avoids eye contact with me. I should be glad that he isn't actually upset over me, but I guess I can't say the same. I quickly leave the living room and go to the basement where I know Jasmine is. What's going on with me? I knew I had some sort of feelings for him, but I guess I just bottled them up so much I couldn't tell how strong they were. I see her with a bunch of other girls and guys in our year but I grab her buy the wrist and drag her to the bathroom, and breakdown.

"I thought I could do it, b-but I can't. These feeling that I had no idea existed, but here they are just coming out and I have no idea what to do." I cried into her shoulder as she hugged me.

"Aw sweetie, calm down, let me get you a drink." Jasmine said as she handed me a tissue and left the bathroom.

I don't drink for the obvious reasons of my mom being an alcoholic, but right now I don't want these feelings to be here, even though that isn't healthy. Jasmine comes back with a red solo cup and a make-up bag.

"Don't let him see you like this, you are so much better then this and deserve more then him." She smiled as she wiped my mascara lines.

She left me to clean myself up and to finish the drink. I washed my face and re-did my make-up adding eye liner and powder, still looking natural. I finish my drink and leave the bathroom just to grab another one and sit on the couch and watch people who are way to drunk, play games. Drink after drink I felt myself getting extremely tipsy, I am clearly a light weight and this can't end up good. I get up to get a drink and also go up stairs. I see all of the football kids and most of the cheerleaders. Not my kind of people, not even wanting to be in the same room as Lou because I know I will spill my guts I go up into Jasmines room. I sit on the bed and pull out my phone, well what can I do. Play tetris, slightly addicted to this game. Almost at 30 lines when I hear a knock on the door.

"GO AWAY, YOU CAN'T BANG IN THIS ROOM." I drunkenly slur.

The door opens.

"It's a good thing it's just me then."

I get up and make eye contact with a uneasy faced Louis. Jesus no.

"Oh, uh, hi?"

"Hah hi! I thought you didn't drink?" He asks.

"I don't usually, I guess I just felt like it today."

"Oh, why aren't you being social? Locking yourself inside Jasmines room?"

"The door wasn't locked, that's how you got in... But I didn't want to cry in front of people." As soon as those words leave my mouth I slap my hand to my mouth.

"Why are you crying?" He asks as he sits beside me on the bed.

Don't you dare open your mouth Arielle, you won't be able to control what comes out of it.

"It's not because I came with Kayla, was it?" He asks.

I start to twiddle my thumbs and bite my lip not wanting a word to come out.

"Y-you were the one who rejected me, I-I- Arielle just talk to me." He whispered out putting his hand on my knee.

Deep breath.

"I lied okay? I just, I'm not good with talking about my feelings and honestly I have no fucking idea what's with them. I guess I lied because I'm to complicated and I don't want to hurt you but I really like you but it's clear I fucked that up and you're here with Kayla and I'm really sorry I just-"

I was cut off by pressure against my lips. I open my eyes to see Lou kissing me. I shut my eyes and kiss him back placing my hands on the back of his neck and his hands on my hips. After snogging for a few minutes we both pull away out of breath foreheads pressed together smiling like crazy.

"Well what does this mean?" I ask.

"Be my girlfriend?"

I kiss him and whisper a yes against his lips. Maybe things will turn out.

~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~

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