Together We Are Infinite

Arielle Jones has always had a hard life, with high school ending she has no idea what will come next, until a certain blue eyed gorgeous boy offers her the world. Can she really get away from her problems or will they come around and find her?


18. Someone Come and Save My Life

Friendly reminder, this is the last chapter of Together We Are Infinite. There may be a sequel depending on the feedback, thank you so much!


Arielle’s POV:


“You came back?”


“I’d never leave you alone, I love you.”


Most people would call that a good dream, but I’m calling it a nightmare. He left, packed his things and left. Left nothing but a letter, I’ve been staring at it for the last 3 hours, debating if I want to open it or not. Christmas morning it suppose to be a happy time, surrounded by your family, the ones you love, the ones that love you. But of course, I’m here by myself, crying. I could go back to Doncaster, but my mom hates me. I haven’t talked to my dad in almost 5 years. I could text Jasmine to see what she’s doing, but she hates me, and the one person I love, left me.


I want to open the letter, but scared of what’s inside. What if it’s everything I imagined, I’m not good enough, he never loved me, I was just some charity case. But what if there is that odd chance that he still loves me, and its some great surprise.


Of course I know it’s a breakup letter.


The anticipation is killing me, I need to open it.




I wish I wasn’t writing this, but I am. It breaks my heart to know how much I hurt you, and you’re completely right it wasn’t fair for me to be moving on with my career and leaving you behind. I never intended you make you feel like that.


If nothing else, I hope you know I love you with every ounce of my being, I hope you realize your importance not only to me, but to everyone else who has been lucky enough to know you. I hope you know that when you're feeling down, I only strive for your happiness. I hope you remember the good times, and that no matter what, I love you. I hope you recognize the fact that I appreciate you and adore you without restraints, and that this will never change. But I need to let you go, you need someone who’s good for you. Who will be able to wake up beside you everyday, and can love you with all they have. I love you so much, but with both of your back rounds, it was too much.


I’ve paid rent for this flat for the next 3 months, if you have money troubles, don’t hesitate to ask me. Don’t let me hold you back in counseling, I know you can help so many people. You’re an amazing girl and what you’ve been through, just shows how strong you are. I wish I could take all of your pain away, because you deserve so much better than there could ever be. You’re beautiful and sensible, and need to let me go, so you can focus on yourself. This won’t be easy, but know it’s for the best.


All my love,



No, no,no no no no no no! This can’t be happening, please tell me this is a dream. How, how could he think it’d be better without him? Better on my own, what bullshit. Completely, utterly, in love, and this is what happens?


I didn’t even realize I was shaking so hard from crying. What am I suppose to do? All alone, absolutely no one. No, no, no, no! Why me?


I started pacing around the small flat destroying anything in sight. I’m not an angry person, I’m just broken. It hurts, so so so much. It’s like I have nothing left, what’s the point of anything?


That’s when it hits me, it their a point of living? I have no one, sure as hell not enough money to make it on my own, and I’m never talking to Louis again. Not going back to Doncaster, so I can either suffer, or end it all now.


I tried to think of the pro’s and con’s of both, but I already had my mind made up. I grabbed a few pieces of paper and decided to leave Louis a letter too.


Was I really going to do this?


I couldn’t think of a reason to stay.


Sure UNI’s going well, but life isn’t worth living unless somebody is loving you, and I officially have no one.


I finished my letter and taped it to the outside of the door. I looked around the flat one more time, all we had, came crashing down, and no resulted in this.


I loved him so fucking much, I know I was a bitch, I know I was selfish, but I thought we’d be able to work things out, but I know, no one could love me, how he did.


I went to out bookshelf which had minimal books, mainly pictures I took them all and smashed to on the ground, breaking the frames, and my heart. I went into the kitchen to look for something flammable. Louis and I both don’t drink due to obvious reasons, but I know there would be cooking wine. Enough to catch fire, I grabbed the sherry and a box of match and stood in the middle of the living room, with tears still running down my face.


I didn’t want to be broken hearted, lighting all of the memories on fire. I didn’t want to feel this pain, I didn’t want this to happen, but it did. I continued crying pouring the sherry onto everything, the pictures, the floor, the carpet, the coffee table, the couch, wanting everything to burn. There is no point now, it’s all over, because of me. I’m a psycho, I guess you could say, like mother, like daughter.


The bottle is now empty, I smash it to the ground and grab the matches. I’m shaking so much, some fall out of the weak box meant to hold them. It takes me a few tries, but one lits.


It’s done, it’s over, he’s gone and I’m nothing.


I was about to throw it, until it burnt out.


God, just get this over with Arielle.


I lit another one, and threw it directly at the pictures, it starting burning in seconds, I lit another one, and threw it at the couch, and another, and threw it on the carpet. I looked at everything I was destroying, no going back now.


I sat on the loveseat, watching it burn, fire is really beautiful. I was coughing like crazy due to all of the smoke, but soon it’ll be over with. Soon enough everything I poured sherry on, was on fire, and spreading rapidly.


I was getting extremely light headed from all of the smoke, hopefully I’ll pass out. More coughing, and soon enough I could feel barely anything at all. The last thing I heard was a banging on the door, and someone shouting.


~~~~~Author’s Note~~~~~


That’s a wrap kids.


I can’t believe the first book is over. There will be a sequel if you guys want.


Anyhoo, it’s pretty messy, but overall I’m really happy with this one.


This is only the second story I’ve finished.


Please vote, fan, and leave your thoughts if I should do a sequel in the comments.


Thank you so much for all of the support.

-Summer x,

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