Together We Are Infinite

Arielle Jones has always had a hard life, with high school ending she has no idea what will come next, until a certain blue eyed gorgeous boy offers her the world. Can she really get away from her problems or will they come around and find her?


1. Prologue


"Runaway with me."

"That's ridiculous, I mean I love you, but were only 18, we'll never make it, and you can't exactly run away from your problems."

"I have enough money in my bank account to get us out of here, get us a place, and support us for a while, and yeah, were 18, legally adults. I just love you so much I can't stand to see you like this, for this to contiunue, it's worth a shot." He pleaded.

I have been through so much in my life. I have been hurt so much, but it feels amazing to have Louis love me, like nothing I have ever felt before. Letting my emotions and happiness take over, I surprise myself with my answer.


"I love you Arielle, and I promise to do everything to take care of you."

"I love you too Lou."



~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~


- Summer xo,

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