Together We Are Infinite

Arielle Jones has always had a hard life, with high school ending she has no idea what will come next, until a certain blue eyed gorgeous boy offers her the world. Can she really get away from her problems or will they come around and find her?


4. Oblivious


Arielle's POV:

I woke up to a huge headache I go to massage my temple but there is a huge 

bump, awesome. It's 6:30am, I take a shower, washing my body and hair. I dry myself off and wrap my hair in a towel. I go infront of my mirror too see a huge bruise on the side of my face, runs from my temple to the bottom on my jawline, it's a light purple with a mixture of a few other tones. Nothing a little make up can't hide, right? I sure as hell hope so. I apply concelar, founduation and powder which covers it all pretty well. You couldn't see it unless you stared hard and for a while. I split my hair down the middle so it cover most on my check bone anyways. I finish my makeup by just putting on a bit of mascara and some blush to make my cheeks look pink.

I unplug my phone from it's charger and reply to Lou's BBM, hopefully he's not mad.

Okay, I'll met you in your driveway! (:

He reads it but doesn't reply. I shrug it off and go over to my closet to get changed, defintely not as big as Lou's actually really small, just enough room to hang the majority of my clothes. The rest I have in a dresser. I pull out light washed jean skinny a few rips and a pink and white striped v-neck with white toms. I tuck my shirt in and put on a braided belt with lace on. I leave my hair to dry naturally and then grab my blue winter jacket and backpack full of makeup, homework and my blackberry. I run out of my room and go into the kitchen and grab a apple and some money from my moms wallet she left on the counter. I see her passed out on the couch. Last thing I want to deal with, I leave my house silently and walk over to Lou's driveway.

"Morning." I smile as he shuts his front door and walks towards his car.

"What happened to you last night?" He asks me raising an eyebrow.

"W-what do-oo you mean?" I stutter out baffled if he really knows what happened last night.

"You didn't reply my bbm...?"

"O-oh, yeah sorry. I was going to but then I feel asleep!" I lied fake smiling.

Lou nodded as he unlocked his car, we got in and made our way go starbucks. When we got there I ordered a peppermint hot chocolate and a bagel. I was about to pay but Louis insisted. I felt bad, but he said it was okay. Lou got a hot chocolate and chocolate muffin, I guess he likes chocolate. We got our drink and went back into his car and drove to school. He parked his car in the parking lot and we got out. We walked onto the pathway and to the front door in silence, not going to lie. It's kind of awkward.

"I-I can drive you home if you want too?"

"Are you sure?" I smile.

"Of course." He smiles back.

Just as that the bell rings telling us to go to our first block, drama.

"Okay thanks Lou. I'll see you in drama." I hug him and kiss his check as I make my way to my locker.

I guess it's not a big deal to me too kiss someones check I'm friends with because me and Jasmine always do. I go to my locker to she Jasmine at hers. I hug her from behind, she already knows it's me.

"Is it true?" She asks turning around to face me.

"Is what true?" I reply.

"You and the captain of the football team?" Jasmine exclaims with a smile on her face.

I mean nothing has happened between Lou and I, but I'd feel bad for him if anything did, my life is too complicated, I don't want to drag him into that. But I guess Jasmine is so excited because I've never really had a boyfriend, I mean I did in grade 7 but that was for like a week, so I don't think that counts.

"Just friends Jazz, I told you this already!"

"That's not what everyone else thinks. Didn't you just kiss him outside of the doors?!"

"On the check! That happened like 2 minutes ago, how do people already know? Let a lone why do they care?"

My second question, I already knew that answer too. Stupid fucking high school, everyone in everyones business. That is exactly why I have only really had Jasmine as a friend, she has lots of other friends but were best friends. I have a few other friends too I just don't trust them like I trust Jasmine.

"Hmm, don't worry about it, it'll blow over." Jasmine knew I was worried.

I don't like to have attention on me, it scares me to know that people might know my secrets, the only person who knows them is Jasmine and I really do plan to keep it that way. But this is high school so hopefully soon enough the next big thing will come and blow this over, which I don't even think is a big deal.

I place my back pack in my locker along with my jacket. I smooth over my outfit and check my make to make sure my bruise is covered before I make my way to drama. I enter the class to see Louis have his eye set on his cell phone screen. I sit beside him and he smiles at me.

"Heard the rumors?" He asks me chuckling.

"Yeah, I'm really sorry." He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Well, it's kind of my fault because I kissed you on the check, but I don't really see the big deal, I mean that's what Jasmine and I do all the time and even if we were together or even if I do like you, it's no ones buisness but our own and-" I quickly cut myself off when I realize what words came out of my self.

Chill out Arielle, just play it off, you talked awfully fast, maybe he didn't catch it all. But I knew he did. He had a big smile on his face and a bit of a blush on his checks. Gah, okay maybe he's just super cute and everything but just- STOP. Where is this coming from?

"It's not your fault, not at all, and your right, it's none of they're business. But maybe if you do like me, and I do like you, we could actually go out on a date?" He smiled.

Fuck, as much as I really do want to, I mean every girl does, but I just can't deal with letting someone in just to have them leave and hurt me even more. School ends in 4 months, we'll be going to different Universities and then have our own careers.

"Lou." I said softly and his smile instantly dropped. "I just, it's just all super complicated right now and I'm not ready for a relationship."

He bit his lip hard and nodded his head looking away from me. I felt terrible to say the least. The rest of drama was really awkward- so was the whole day, even the car ride home. I said my goodbye to him and make my separate way to my home. I entered my house to hear my mom in the kitchen, I go in to see if she's doing okay. When I look at her she has a huge smile on her face and is cooking my favourite meal. Tacos!

"Good afternoon sweetheart! I hope you're hungry." She said as she gave me a plate with 3 tacos, completely oblivious of what happened just last night.

This is my life everyday, dealing with a mother (a poor excuse for a mom) who is Bi-polar.

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