Together We Are Infinite

Arielle Jones has always had a hard life, with high school ending she has no idea what will come next, until a certain blue eyed gorgeous boy offers her the world. Can she really get away from her problems or will they come around and find her?


16. In My Memory

Chapter 15- In My Memory

Arielle's POV:

Live finale, already. It's crazy, and a little scary. Only after a few months the boys have built up an insane amount of fans, calling themselves 'One Direction' and their fans 'Directioners' I think it's adorable. Harry came up with the name, him and Louis are really close, all of the boys are, but they just click. It's so nice for Louis to have these amazing friends, fantastic fans, and we've been great.

It's been hard not being together everyday, but we make it work. After just one semester of UNI I have incredible job opportunities. I work at a little café just down the road trying my best to help pay for the rent and living expenses, but with classes 2-6 hours all week, it's hard. I really want to go into counseling, and I know Lou is iffy about that after what happened to his father.


I shut the door behind me, expecting to come home to an empty flat.

"H-hello?"I call out.

There is food left out and the living room is messy, I swore I cleaned the house before I left for UNI.

"Is anyone here?" I tried again, no answer.

Being the paranoid girl I am. I grabbed a pan from the kitchen and made my way to my bedroom. I slowly open the door and see someone lying on my bed.

"AHHHH!" I screamed startled, dropping the pan and making a run for the door.

"Arielle?" A familiar, calming voice called.

I stopped and turned to see Louis running out of my- our bedroom, clutching his stomach. Was someone here? Did they stab Louis?

"What happened?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Louis' said laughing and pretending to wipe a tear.

"Oh my god," I sigh in relief. "I thought someone broke in and stabbed you or something." I breathed out looking at Louis who is pissing his pants laughing.

"Not funny Tomlinson!" I say, trying not to laugh.

"You are something special babe." He laughs wrapping me in his arms

"I've missed you." 

"Me too babe, hence why I'm visiting."

"I'm glad, I actually have pretty good news." I smiled grabbing Louis hand and guiding him to the couch.

It's great news for me, but after our encounter last spring break, I'm not to sure how Louis will feel. Lou nodded put my hands into his.

"Well, you know how I'm taking an Anthropology class?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it's like the study of humanity right?" I nodded.

"So it goes into how the human brain works and it's easily my favourite class, it's actually a challenge, and I'm really acceding in it....” I trailed off seeing if Lou could tell where I was going with this. He had no idea. “So I was talking to my professor for career choices and what classes I would have to take to get a good job that I could make good money from and could support a family and stuff…”


Louis still had no idea what I was getting at.


“Babe, you don’t have to take any extra courses, we have plenty of money and this whole X Factor thing is going great!” He exclaimed.


“I know that, and I’m so proud, but I don’t want to be alone in a huge flat when you’re touring, I want to have a career for myself, and have the opportunity to do something with my life.”


“You can always come on tour with us… It’s just I don’t want a lot of stress on you.”


“Lou, I’m a big girl, I made it through the worst, I’m just trying to make the best of my life now.”


“Okay, continue your news.” I gave him a smile and continued.


“With my grades and my interest, he recommended going into counseling, now before you say anything, think about this. After all I’ve been through, all the pain I experienced, I could help people, and not let them get hurt.” I have a feeling this isn’t going to go well.


“Counseling, after what happened with my dad? After all the pain he put me through?”




“Lou, your dad and I are complete different people.”


“It was being a counselor that changed him!” He exclaimed raising his voice at me.


“That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to me! Why can’t you just support me? I moved here for you!”


“You didn’t have too!” He yelled, his voice fully raised now.


“Well I’m sorry I thought you might have actually cared that I got abused by my mother and wanted to help me.”


“You’re so selfish! You only thinking of yourself in this! I’m so fucking done!” Louis screamed as he fled out of our flat.




It was dramatic, for the next week we were fighting. We came to an agreement I would go into Human Science, but if I didn’t like it, I can go into counseling. It seemed we were fighting a lot when he was away, but it wasn’t always fights, we had good memories.





“You ready babe?”


“Just debating if I want to wear heels, I wouldn’t want to be taller then you.” I laughed.


Lou was short, but so was I, but the heels I have, are ridiculous, 4 inches, would make me almost as tall as him.


“Just get your butt out here, I have to be back out to the judges house within two hours.”


“I don’t think the pictures will take two hours…”


“No, but I want sometime with my girl.” He mumbled, I could tell it was meaningful, but flirty.


“Okay okay, no heels it is.” I smiled and walked into his- our living room.


All of this has been crazy, live shows start tomorrow, they boys are crazy close, but of course it’s been hard on me. I started UNI a couple weeks ago, which keeps me busy, but with so much time away from Lou, it makes me question if this was all worth it.


Snap out of it Arielle, of course it was, he treats you like princess and for once you’re actually happy- wait, why am I talking to myself in third person? Stop, okay got it Arielle. STOP.


“Wow, you look beautiful.” Louis said snapping me out of my thoughts.


I looked down almost forgetting I was wearing my grad dress. It was fairly simply, a lavender purple with fake diamonds starting at the sweetheart neckline and fading, like ombre. My dress went all the way to the floor so you couldn’t see my bare feet.


“Thank you.” I smiled, going on my tippy toes to give him a kiss.


Louis wore a tux with a lavender purple tie to match my dress. He set up a camera and put it on timer and we started taking the usual cute couple photos, and some silly ones.




That was one of my happiest memories, I wanted to send those pictures out, but then I realized I have no one to send them too, I’ve thought about trying to contact Jasmine, but after what I did to her, I almost feel ashamed.


I snapped out of my thoughts as girls started screaming, the Live Seasonal Finale has started, make or break Louis, and the lad’s career.




I guess the odds weren’t in their favour, but third place is still amazing. I feel as if almost a relief they didn’t win, it’s probably me just being selfish, but it was like having half of a boyfriend, and what I need is stability. I was waiting awkwardly backstage as everyone was celebrating, I know the boys are happy, but first would have done them wonders. I see Louis and the others saying good byes to a few people in suits, probably important people. I start making my way over to Lou and greet him with a hug from behind.


“I’m so proud of you.” I may be jealous of all of the time the boys spend with him, and not like sharing him, but how far they’ve come, is amazing.


“Thanks love.” He turned about kissing me. “But it’s not all bad news, we have a meeting with Syco tomorrow.” He smiled.


I need to not be selfish, after all he’s done for me, saved my life, loved me, it may hurt Arielle, but smile, for him.


“That’s amazing!” I exclaimed.


“Yeah! Let’s go home babe, I’ll see you boys tomorrow!” Louis smiled putting his arm around me and making our way out.


I felt sick, the thought of how selfish I am being sickens me, but the thought of Louis not being in my life, kills me.


~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~

(Italics are the flashbacks)

hi, it's been a while.

i'm so sorry,

2 more chapters left, and possibly a sequel.

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bye, ily.

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