Together We Are Infinite

Arielle Jones has always had a hard life, with high school ending she has no idea what will come next, until a certain blue eyed gorgeous boy offers her the world. Can she really get away from her problems or will they come around and find her?


11. Graduation & Goodbye Letters

Arielle's POV:

Louis said he wanted to spend time with his sisters and I didn't object, sleep was needed. I feel asleep quickly but I woke up when Louis crawled into bed with me, I cuddled into his chest and I heard him sniffle.

"Are you okay?" I ask grabbing his hand and intertwining our fingers.

"Yeah, I'm just going to miss them." He replied kissing the top of my head.

"We don't have to, you know, leave." I was to afraid to say the real word, it might feel real, and I might back out.

"Yes we do, besides, it's for the best."

Well we don't actually have too, he's probably just nervous. But, it is for the best, and honestly, this couldn't be anymore perfect, starting a life with Louis, we may be young, but were in love. Lou pulls me closer and and drift into sleep.


"Arielle, wake up love. We have commencements then the grand march." Louis whispered in my ear.

"Do we have to go?" I whined.

"Without our diploma we won't be able to get into UNI."

"Can we not go to the grand march? Please!" I looked up at Lou with what I thought would be a cute face, but then I remember how unattractive I look in the morning.

"What about your dress? Wouldn't want it to go to waste!"

"How about, I pack it up with when we choose a flat, and move in, we'll take pictures there, in our grad clothes, to show as a new beginning." I smiled kissing his check.

"Deal. But now we need to get your stuff from your house. Her car isn't there so I recommend we go now, and fast."

I nodded in agreement and went over to my house in Louis boxers and shirt, with Louis following. The house was unlocked and we quickly made our way upstairs. I went into my closet and grabbed 2 large suit cases and started throwing every article of clothing I own into them, good thing their's not that many. Lou helped folding them so I would fit more. I went to my vanity and grabbed my make-up, hair products, straightener, curler, perfumes, and jewelry. I went to my night stand and grabbed my phone charger and laptop until something caught my eye. Behind my bed, looks to be a shoe box, but when I grabbed it, I knew what is was. I sat up on my bed and started look through the old scrap book, pictures from when Jasmine and I were in diapers, when my parents were together, when I was happy.

I looked at a few pictures but I knew if I continued I'd just break down. Louis was busy packing but I needed a minute to myself, if this really want I want to do? Leave Jasmine, leave my Mom. I know she's never been a good parents, but it just feels wrong. I go back to my vanity and grab some paper and a pen, and write.


After packing all of my clothes/accessories/the needed things, my room looked pretty empty, all of my furnisher was still there, but it felt good to be leaving, after a good pep talk from Louis, I realized, this really is for the best, I need a break before UNI starts to be calm, to not stress, to be a teenager, to be with Louis. I was taking my bags too Lou'd car when the mail man came. If they have any acceptance letter from a UNI in London, then I'm safe, otherwise I'll have to try to get in September. We put both of my suit cases and dress in Louis car and I grabbed my mail and left my letter to my mom on the table. We went back to Louis and he had mail as well. We ran up to his room to open them, it was obvious his parents didn't care about him getting into the University of his dreams.

"3," Louis started.

"2," I joined in.

"1," We said together.

I opened up my first one which was a UNI in Bradford, that I got accepted into.

"I got in!" I smiled and hugged him.

"Same! But let's look at our London UN choices." He hugged me back and gave me a quick kiss

I got 2 from London, while Louis only got 1, but he got 2 from different cities a few days ago which he got into both, Manchester and Birmingham. We tore them open and both disappointed.

"I-I didn't get in." He breathed out.

"Neither did I." I frowned.

"Open your other one." He smiled.

"Louis it doesn't matter, we'll go to Bradford, I want to be with you." I said grabbing for his hand.

"Just open it A." He smiled a sad smile.

I felt bad, Louis had his heart set on London, but Bradford can't be bad. I gave it too Louis to open, I really hope I didn't get it.

"No way! A, this is amazing, they're offering you a full scholarship as long as you major in English and Anthropology, babe, this is fantastic!" Louis exclamied hugging me. 

"Yeah, it is, but you didn't get into a UNI in London, besides, Bradford sounds amazing." I smile,

Sure it's an amazing opportunity, but I'm not making Louis move to London so I can go to school. It's selfish, and after this whole thing the last thing I want to do is be selfish.

"I could still get a letter."

"Lou, were leaving tonight, mail has come and gone."

"What if I went to registration and they gave it to me there?" 

"Is that a chance your willing to take?" He seemed hesitant, but smiled and spoke.

Yeah, as long as were together."

"Together." I smiled.

I kissed him softly but then remember we have our graduation commencements in 2 hours.

"Shoot! I have to go to Jasmines, to get ready." I said frantic remembering I never got a commencements dress.

I'll just have to borrow one of Jazz's, I mutter under my breath.

"No need, I got you this." Louis said going into his closet and pulling out a black garment bag.

"Late birthday present." He smiled handing it to me.

"Don't open it yet, here let me drive you." He smiled grabbing my hand.

"I love you Lou."

"I love you too Arielle.


"You can open your eyes now." Jasmine said.

She spent the last hour doing my hair and make-up, she just finished and was not going to let me look. We had a good catch up, recalling on old memories, excited for our new ones, she told me she was moving to London in a few weeks, doing a course over the summer to help her prepare for UNI. I decide to leave the fact I was leaving tonight for London with Louis, I didn't even tell her about my mom yesterday, but Jasmine has her career to focus on, and I am so proud of her. I gasped as I saw my reflection in my mirror, my long hair was curled so it framed my face perfectly, my make up was a more then I'd wear, but for the first time in my life, I felt beautiful.

"Wow, Jazz, thank you so much." I smiled hugging her.

"It really was no problem, the least I can do, your dress is in the bathroom, I know you'll love it." She exclaimed.

"Did you have a peak?" I gasped.

"Nope, I went with Louis a few days ago and choose 3 that I know you'll like, and I already knew what one he choose."

"You really didn't have too." I smiled.

"Arielle, he loves you a lot, and I know you love him too, but after everything with your dad and mom, I don't want you to get hurt, I know he'll take good care of you, but love makes you do stupid things, and I don't want you making any decisions you'll regret." She said softly.

Did she know? I know I should tell her, but, she would never let me leave her. I ran up to her and hugged her.

"I love you so much, thank you, for everything, I know we drifted apart, and I'm so sorry, but you really are the best friend anyone could ask for, and don't ever forget that I love you." I whispered hugging her tighter, I knew I couldn't cry because she just did my make-up, but I couldn't help but let a few tears escape.

"I love you too, now stop crying and go get changed, this is suppose to be one of the happiest days of our lives!"

I nodded and wondered to her bathroom to see my dress, and I was breathless, it has a sequenced top then a silky light blue high-low skirt, it was really beautiful. I quickly change into it and go back to Jazz's room.

"I knew it would be that one," she smiled holding he hands behind her back.

"You look stunning, but your missing something."

I am? Before I can even think Jasmine has a pair of silver sequenced heels.

"Jazz, I can't wear these, I'll fall on my face, besides they'd look better with your dress." I smiled referring to her short pink dress that goes out at her waist.

"I'd love to wear them, but Louis didn't buy them for me." She sighed sarcastically and handed them to me.

He really shouldn't have between the dress and these, they must have costed a fortune. I slipped them on and they fit perfectly.

"Let's go! We have to get pictures then the ceremony then more pictures in our Grad Gowns, then the Grand March, and the dance after." She smiled, this has always been Jasmines sort of thing.

I grab my best friends hand and enjoy my last day with her before everything changes.

"Wait in the car, I forgot my purse!" I yell running back up the stairs and grabbing my clutch right where I left it.

I open it up and grab my letter with Jasmines name on it, I leave it on her bed and take one last look at my best friends room.


~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~

hi loves,

thank you so much for reading, keep liking, commenting and fanning.

i've been super busy with planning for my birthday!

guess how old i am? if you get it write i'll fan you! x.

-Summer x,

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