Together We Are Infinite

Arielle Jones has always had a hard life, with high school ending she has no idea what will come next, until a certain blue eyed gorgeous boy offers her the world. Can she really get away from her problems or will they come around and find her?


3. For The Love Of A Daughter


Arielle's POV:

Louis opened the front door to his house to see no one, it was loud but in a different room. He didn't say anything to his family just kicked off his shoes and took me up the stairs down the left hallway, 2nd right into his bedroom. His whole house was really nice, very modern and was even bigger inside, it was 3 floor unlike mine which was only 2.

His room was really nice too, he had a couple posters up of different football (soccer) players and even one of superman which I thought was cute. He had a king size bed in the middle of the opposite wall of the door, a desk with which looked like the brand new iMac to the left of it and dressers and a closet to the right.

His room was clean, but he just had a lot of stuff, trophies and metals hung up and just little knick knacks cluttered on his desk and dresser top.

"Wow, you have a lot of clothes!" I exclaimed looking into his closet which was full of different clothes assorted by colour.

He laughed it off as he sat on his bed and opened his backpack to bring out his homework. I sat down beside him and did the same thing.

"I just don't understand why it's 'stressed' like does it need to smoke some pot?!" He exclaimed clearly frustrated.

I couldn't help myself but laugh. This is a side to Louis I've never seen and I really liked it, it's like how he was in drama, still cool and collective, but could be careless, outrageous, more down to earth and not so shy. It's really refreshing considering every guy in out school is either an asshole or to shy to talk to anyone.

"What?" He asked smiling wide with his big blue eyes shooting into my brown ones.

"You're, it's just- you've never been this, you're just-"

"Being myself?" He replied.

I nodded my head, that word fit perfectly. Louis was being himself, and I loved it.

"At school everyone expects me to be this big player or this guy who just parties, and at home because I'm the oldest my parents- er, uh, never mind."

I put my hand on his knee.

"Louis you can talk to me." I reply smiling up and him and grabbing his hand and giving it a squeeze for the second time today, shivering at his touch.

"Yeah, maybe another time. But err, my point is it's just really easy to talk to you and it's nice." He smiled giving me a squeeze back.

I smiled back as I went back to explaining the homework to Lou. After about half an hour we only had a couple questions left, but we were both hungry so we were going to search his kitchen. We went down the stairs to my right and into his kitchen. There were 4 girls sitting at the table eating as Louis mom ran around the kitchen cleaning.

"Oooh, Louis has a girl friend." One of the older girls exclaimed.

"Shut up Lottie." He shot back

"Isn't that our neighbour?" One of the younger one asks, I think she has a twin.

Lou grabbed a bag of crisps and some grapes and dragged me out of the kitchen back into his room. I found it odd his mom didn't say anything to him or his dad was no where to be found.

"Where's your dad?" I asked politely sitting on his bed again eating a grape.

"Oh. Er, I don't live with my dad, just my mom, step-dad, 4 step-sisters and occasionally my half sister will stay with us." He mumbled out looking at his bed spread.

"Oh Louis! I'm so sorry! I had no idea."

"No it's okay, feels good to tell someone."

"I'm here for you anytime." I smiled.

Louis and I finished our homework, and just hung around watching T.V. and he showed me all of his football trophies. Now he is walking with me to my house even though it's right beside his. It's beginning of January so it gets dark at about 5:30 and it's about half past seven.

"Lou it's okay, I'm a big girl." I joked with him as we exited his house and went down the pathway.

"I know, but some fresh air is nice." He smiled.

And an excuse to be with you longer. I heard him mumble under his breath. I didn't want to embarrass him so I just left it even though I was blushing. We reached my house and I gave him a big hug.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow." I smiled as I pulled away.

"I-I can give you a ride if you want?" He stuttered out avoiding my eye contact.

"Really? That would be awesome!" 

I smiled kissing him on the check and saying our final good bye as I went into my home.

Not as nice as Lou's, not as big as his, average. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water too see an empty 2'6 of vodka, my good day, was about to turn into a terrible night.

Louis POV:

She kissed me on the check, I couldn't even say goodbye I just smiled as I made my way back to my house to be ignored again. I walked into the door to see my mom, step-dad, and step-sisters watching a movie.

Thanks for asking if I wanted to join. I mumbled under my breath as I kicked off my converse and went back upstairs into my room. I grabbed my BlackBerry off my desk and decided too BBM Arielle. I typed in her name to see her status was;

lovely evening. xx

I'm pretty sure my heart stopped for a moment, Arielle, is beautiful, but not the everyday kind of beauty. She is so different it's amazing. She doesn't dye her hair to be fake, she doesn't wear a lot of makeup to hide her inner beauty, she doesn't wear short skirts and stilettos everyday, other then today, which was nice to look at. Her hair is a dark chocolate brown, same colour as her eyes. Easily enough said, I have a bit of a crush. Ever since we moved next door. I moved about 5 years ago when my step-dad got a ridiculous amount of money and decided we need a bigger house, it's nice now to not be sharing a bathroom with 4 girls, but my parents now seem to think money can solve all of there problems.

If/when my parents do decide to acknowledge my existence, they just give me money to deal it. I'd rather have someone to talk to then all of this money, and that's what I like about Arielle so much, so easy to talk to, so easy to be around, doesn't judge. She is so unlike the other girls at school, she not the most popular, but she has her good group of friends. She isn't rude to others, doesn't look down on them. She's smart, beautiful and funny. What more could a guy want?


I BBM'd her;

Come over at 8 and we'll stop at starbucks? :)

I then changed my status to the lovestruck face I wanted her to maybe pick up a hint and see if she felt the same way. I went back to my messages and saw Arielle has read my message, but not replied. It's okay Louis. Just calm down.

I kept staring at my phone as minutes hoping for just a 'kk' or '(:' nothing happened. I got undressed into just my boxers and was about to shut my phone off but I check one last time to see her status changed;

put the bottle down for the love of a daughter.



~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~~  


I am currently writing 3 fan fictions so I won't be able to update this one as often, but i'll go for every wednesday and saturday! I hope that works.


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