Together We Are Infinite

Arielle Jones has always had a hard life, with high school ending she has no idea what will come next, until a certain blue eyed gorgeous boy offers her the world. Can she really get away from her problems or will they come around and find her?


13. Far From Home, All Alone, But Were So Happy

Arielle's POV:

I wonder if my Mom got her letter yet. I know Jasmine did from the angry/ disappointed texts. I was expecting them and I'm mad at myself for leaving her so I haven't replied. My Mom hasn't said anything, maybe the 'help' has came. I finally told my auntie, (Mom's sister) about her personality disorder. My mom wasn't close with her family after she got kicked out (from being pregnant with me) but I knew my Aunt Penny would help her get better. I've had maybe an hour of sleep, we got into London at almost 1am and got a hotel. Lou said I needed to rest up for his big surprise tomorrow, but I just can't sleep, too many thoughts. After tossing and turning for another hour, it's almost 8am, might as well start getting ready. I get out of Lou's embrace and go to shower.

After a nice relaxing shower I exited the bathroom to see Louis woke up. He gave me a quick kiss and went to shower. I changed into jean shorts and a while tank top with black skulls and red Toms. I've never cared much for how I looked/fashion, I'd go shopping with Jasmine who would make me buy clothes I'd never wear, but lets not dwindle in the past. By the time I got changed dried my hair and put on a bit of mascara, Lou was out of the shower and changed. We are going flat looking, then the surprise. I don't think we'll get one till the end of the week, or later, but Louis had a 'good feeling' or didn't want to stay in this hotel again so we took our suitcases, checked out, and were on our way to the first complex. It was cute, an older building, the flat was on the fifth floor, 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, living room, and a small kitchen.

"It's cute." I smiled.

I really didn't care where we lived, as long as I was with Louis, he agreed but said we have other too look at so we can take out time to make a decision.


I was expecting it to go better then this, the only flats avalible weren't downtown, more in area's that I definitely didn't feel comfortable in it. We had 1 left, the arena was better, right downtown, and only a bus or two away from my UNI. The building looked fairly new but had that unique feeling to it. This one was on the sixth and had a great view of London, overall really beautiful, one bedroom, two bathrooms, a perfect sized kitchen and nice family room. Cute and cozy, couldn't get any better. I turned to Louis with a huge grin squeezing his hand that was in mine.

"Do you like this one babe?" He asked kissing my forehead.

I nodded smiling like a kid on Christmas morning.

"But, how much is it?" I questioned worried.

I know were both going to have to good jobs, can't live off of Louis' savings forever.

"Don't worry about it babe, but you like this one?"

I nodded and smiled.

"Surprise, already picked this one out a few weeks ago, we can move in today ." He smiled his height clearly taking it's advantage.

"You're kidding right?"

"Nope, this is your surprise."

"I love you." I said throwing my arms around him and kissing him.

"I love you too."

Louis' POV:

After we finished moving our stuff into the already furnished flat, we plopped down on the couch, slightly exausted.

"How'd you know we'd end up in London?" Arielle questioned snuggling into my chest.

"Just had a feeling, so much more opportunity here." I replied.

It wasn't exactly a lie, but there was one major detail I decided not to say.

"Yeah. You should probably go check the campus residents to see if you got in."


"Yeah, I'll probably go to all 3 at once make it a day trip, and I was going to have coffee with an old mate, is that alright?"

"Of course."

I smiled kissing her fore head. I should tell her the truth, but I don't want it to be another disappointment.


"I'll bring us dinner around 8, yeah?" I asked grabbing my bag.

"Okay, if you need me to do anything but send me a text?"

"Okay, love you."

"I love you too." She smiled kissing me.

Soon enough I was out the door and headed, well not to the University offices.

I walked to the big double doors to be queued into a line that went by pretty who quickly, making small talk with a few others. Now being greeted by two security guards.

"Louis Tomlinson, 155204" I smiled recalling that day.

They let me through and I quickly found myself in the loud space flooded with people. Focus Louis, you doing this for Arielle, I felt bad not telling her the truth, but in the long run, it'll help, right?


I rushed through the door a little later then I expected, too see a worried face Arielle.

"Sorry love, I got a little lost." I lied, the last thing I ever wanted to do to her.

"I thought you got hurt! You didn't answer your phone all day!" She exclaimed ruining to me and hugging me.

"Yeah, it- uh, it wasn't fully charged." I lied again.

She nodded and gave me a sad smile as I put our take out on the island counter.

Arielle's POV:

I was worried sick about him, but relief flushed through me as he came through the door. But I noticed as I hugged him, he smelt a bit like sweat. Probably just the weather and being in those stuffy rooms. Louis explained how it would take the offices a day or two to get the letters back, which seemed odd, but I didn't question it. Also how he got a little lost finding the Chinese restaurant, I'm not angry, not one bit, just glad that were finally away from every thing. This is our chance to be happy, together.

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