Together We Are Infinite

Arielle Jones has always had a hard life, with high school ending she has no idea what will come next, until a certain blue eyed gorgeous boy offers her the world. Can she really get away from her problems or will they come around and find her?


14. Confusion

Arielle's POV:

The next few days Lou was even more suspicious, I still didn't question it, afraid of what the answer might be, he left again at 8:30, and said he should be getting the letters today, and job hunting. I don't want to be a clingy girlfriend, but I need to know what is going on, so I guess I'm kind of, following him? It sounds a lot worse then it is, I'm just, seeing if he's really going where he says he is? I guess I just love him so much, I'm really worried and I want to make sure everything is okay. I trailing a fair distance behind Lou, I don't think he'll notice me, well I really hope. It could be the fact that I don't know London that well, and I'm a little confused upon where we are, but I don't remember any UNI's in this area. Now getting nervous that I might lose him I speed up a bit. Of course I was worried he might look back, but I had no doubt in my mind I'll blend if, for being this early in the morning, theirs a lot of people out, were central downtown, I only know this because the 02 is maybe a block or two away, been to a few concerts their. After just a few minutes I found myself in front of the 02 arena. There was a huge queue of people waiting to go inside, I'm so confused. Now noticing Louis is now in the line. Why? How does this have anything to do with University? At least he's not cheating.

I hate to admit it, but I did let my insecurities get the best of me and I thought he might have been cheating. But now I'm just confused upon what this is. I start making my way towards the, the huge lines and then I see a sign.


What the fuck is Louis' doing here? He never told me he could sing, or is he supporting someone else? Now completely baffled upon why he's here, and knowing there's too many people to find him, I decide to give him a ring.



"H-hello? Arielle, is everything okay?" He asked, oddly enough there wasn't a lot of back round noise, maybe he's not in the line.

"Uh hi, y-yeah, I'm fine, j-just wondering if you wanted to go for lunch somewhere, I could come and meet you." I offered, now feeling guilty I followed him, and lost him.

"I would love to, b-but I'm on the other side of town and I'm just about to go meet with the headmaster, so uh- I'll call you in a bit yeah? I love you."

Before I even had the chance to respond he hung up. Well, he was lying, I'm just not sure about what. Why, why would he lie to me? It hurts, a lot. Knowing that the man I love, who knows all of my secrets, can just lie to me.

'Don't do this to yourself Arielle.'

It's so hard not to think the worst, from my past; it's really what I've been taught. Spur of the moment I start walking towards the line and searching for Louis, jesus there's a lot of people. I continue to search through the line as I pull my phone out and call Lou again, this time, blocking my number.




"Uh, hello?" He asked probably confused upon who it was.

"Louis, I know you're at the O2 theatre for something to do with The X Factor."


I nodded my head but realized he couldn't see me.

"W-why, why did you lie to me?"

"Arielle, I really want to explain, b-but the last round of boot camp starts in just a few minutes." He spoke softly. "Just know I love you so much, more then anything else and I'll explain everything when I get home, no lies, I promise. I love you."


"I have to go, I love you, so much."

"I love you too." I sighed.

The phone was immediately disconnected and I swear I felt my heart skin. It just doesn't make sense. I thought after all of this, after the fact we both left our old lives to start a new one together, he would not have to keep things from me. Annoyed, upset, and slightly angry, I start making my way back to 'our' flat, knowing I'll probably get lost.


Took me a little over an hour to get back to our flat, not that bad considering I stopped at Starbucks a as well. No matter what I did, this day just went by so slowly, read for what felt like 2 hours, only half an hour. Laid in bed trying to sleep, thoughts kept me wide awake. Now hitting 7 pm, I was starting to get worried. Since when does it take this long? But I guess every other day Louis was out until at least 9, I really just need to calm down and just stop over thinking this, but one thought just couldn't leave my mind. Why would he lie to me? I thought after everything I told him, he would be able to open up to me, I guess his problems rooted deeper then I thought. Letting my thoughts take over time passed fairly quickly although it was only 20 minutes later Louis finally called me.

"Hello?" I asked relined he was finally calling me.

"H-hey babe, uh, I-I didn't make it, uhm, I'll be home i-in about an hour." Louis spoke, his voice shaky, I could tell he was crying previous and now trying to hold back the tears.

"Lou, it's okay, want me to come meet you?"


"N-no, it's okay, I'll be home soon, I love you." 

Every time Louis says he loves me, my heart flutters, I even forget I'm suppose to be mad at him.

"I love you too."

He hung up, I felt terrible, I didn't even know Louis could sing, and I should have been their supporting him. I sigh as I sit back on the couch catching up on Skins episodes. I knew Louis would be a while to think and calm down, but he called me right after 7 and it's almost 8:30, I guess you could say I worry a bit to much, but I've never had this feeling, being in love, it really does make you do crazy things, and at this point in our relationship, in my life, I don't know how I could live without him. I wanted to call him again, just to check in, but I felt like I suffocated him enough for today, almost as if planned my phone rang and Boo bear <3 was on my screen.

"Louis?" I answered.

"Arielle, you-you're not going to believe it!" He exclaimed.

I immediately thought the worst, oh god, did he get kidnapped? Is he in the hospital?

"Lou, are you okay?" I whisper yell, worry someone might be on the other end.

"I'm not to sure, still in shock of what happened."

"Well what did happen?!"

"I,-I made it."

"How? What? Babe I'm so proud of you! Come home now! " I spoke cheerfully.

"I'm on my way back with a few friends, can you clean the living room, we have some guest spending the night." He yelled, the happiness taking over.

"Uhm, okay, I love you."

"I love you too babe."

I hung up the phone happy Louis made it, but confused upon why others were coming over, we didn't know anyone else, well not that I was aware of. But as long as Louis is happy, I'm happy, finally our shot, to be together, and his shot, although I did not know he sung. Just another this that confused me about this day.

~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~

Hey guys, ugh it's been so long, I know I'm sorry! But hockey season is over so I will hopefully be updating more.

PLOT TWIST, Lou did audition for X factor :o what do you all think? Feedback is dearly appreciate.

I love you all and thank you for being patcient and reading, it means so much.

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