You're perfect to me

Zayn and Yamila have been best friends since they were little kids. Zayn and Niall have a huge crush on Yamila. Who will get her? Will there friendship be torn? Yamila doesnt think she is perfect but someone does. Who? Read to find out.


2. Sorting things out

My eyes start to water up as I think, 'I am lossing my best friend'. Anger rises in me. This is Niall's fault for kissing me. I harshly turn to Niall and my eye brows furrow and a frown forms on my lips. My eyes start to turn into a stormy gray. I know that because my eye color changes to that when I'm mad. Niall looks a bit scared and looks at my hand and looks a bit more scared. I don't know what im doing. My face is red, eyes a stormy gray, and my hand clunched up into a fist. My arm starts to rise put Niall puts in back down. I point a finger at him and slowly come closer to him,

"Why did you do that?" I harshly whisper, "Not only are you losing you best mate but I'm losing my best friend!"

   I look at him straight into his eyes and find out fear in his now grayish blue eyes,

"I am going to sort things out with Zayn and if this happens again..." I snap and stop. I don't know what i would do. I look at the boys who have there mouths wide open and they close it right when I look at them. Great now they are scared of me. I walk away in fustration to find Zayn. Where could he be? The first place I think of is the back of the building. I walk to the back of the building and walk outside and I didn't find him. The second place would be his house. I go to the car and I find Destiny waiting in there patiently playing on her phone. I open the driver's door and sit down then slam the door shut. She jumps and she falls off the edge of the path in temple run. I laugh a little but it soon fades. I look at Destiny and she scans my eyes and has worry on her face,

"Why are you mad? What happen?" She ask. I shake my head as an answer to "I don't want to talk about it.' She nods and I start the car.

   It was silent the whole car ride. It took about 10 minutes to get to Zayn's house plus getting some gaterade at 7 Eleven. I drive into his drive way and turn the car off. I look to Destiny and she is giving me a confused look,

"We are at Zayn's flat I need to talk to him. You can walk around the neighborhood if you want, and I will text you when I finish talking to him, okay?" I tell her,

"Okay." She says smiling. I give her a weak smile that soon fades and I get out of my car. Destiny does the same; she closes the door and she walks on the side walk and she walks away from me. I close my door and walk to Zayn's front door and get the key from inside the pot that had a Evening Primrose flower in it. Those were my favorite flowers. Zayn always sent one for my birthday and i always kept them until they were fully dead.

   I unlock his door and I put the key back in the pot. I walk in the close the door and lock it back up. I look around the his place and sniffed in the aroma that I always liked when I came here. I start my search for Zayn. I look in the kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, guest room and now the last room which is his bedroom. I slowly open the door and I find him laying in bed asleep with tear marks on his cheek. I feel really bad now and more angry then before. He was sleeping on his side facing me and he was near to the wall. I take off my jacket and hang it on the door nob and now I am left with my pink V-neck shirt. I walk up to Zayn and get on the bed and lay next to him and face him. He keeps making weird facal expressions while he was sleeping which was making me smile a lot. He then makes a mad eface and his body starts to tense up and he starts to cluntch his fist. I gently rub my thumb over his cheek repeatly. His eyes flutter open and now I am looking into hazels eyes. I smile while I continue to rub my thumb on his cheek. He slowly pulls his hand up and he restes it on mine. He then frowns and his eyes start to darken,

"Yamila, I'm sorry i stormed out like that i should ha-" He begins but i cut him off,

"No, it's okay. It's not your fault." I say smiling. His eyes start to go back to it's natural beautiful color and he smiles. He leans down and kiss my forhead, nose, then lips. I start blushing and lay my head on his chest and close my eye. I relax to him singing and stroking my hair. Zayn and I were so relaxed we don't even notice the boys coming into the room. We notice when the boys all shout 'Awwww!' i startled me and i jumped and my eyes shot open. I look back and all the boys are smiling except Niall whom has an emotionless face and is giving Zayn a 'Your dead' look. I start blushing a lot and i get a text from twitter and instagram. I grab my phone and Harry posted a picture on instagram of Zayn and I laying together and he put with it 'Best Cuddle Friends! @yoyomila11' then Louis tweeted a video of Zayn singing to me while we were laying down and him stroking my hair and Louis put with it, 'Don't you think they are just perfect best friends? Or maybe more ;) @zaynmalik @little_yami' i start blushing like crazy. I show Zayn and he starts blushing. I text Destiny she can drive home cause i am staying with Zayn and the boys tonight. I bet this will be a very interesting night.

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