You're perfect to me

Zayn and Yamila have been best friends since they were little kids. Zayn and Niall have a huge crush on Yamila. Who will get her? Will there friendship be torn? Yamila doesnt think she is perfect but someone does. Who? Read to find out.


3. Slowly Falling in Love

The boys, Destiny and her boyfriend Cory were at my house, and are going to sleep over! Yay! Zayn and Niall still arn't talking to each other, but some how I will find a way to make them talk. We are all sitting on the couch watching Paranormal Activity 3. A scary part comes on and I can't handle scary movies, so I run out of the living room and go to my room and turn the lights on and hide under my covers. I bring my knees up to my chest and wrap my arms around them. I close my eyes and try to erase the image of the horror movie. The only way I can calm myself is to sing. I start singing my favorite song A Whole New World from Aladdin. Yeah, I like, no correction love that song. Don't judge, i love Disney songs,

I can show you the world Shining, shimmering, splendid Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide?  

I can open your eyes Take you wonder by wonder Over, sideways and under On a magic carpet ride  

A whole new world A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us no or where to go Or say we're only dreaming

(I won't do the whole song.) 


I was singing the last verse of the song when I hear a few of male voices singing along. I pull the covers from over my head off and find five boys in my room smiling,

"How long have you been in here?" I ask quietly,

"Long enough to hear you sing that whole song!" Louis shrieked,

"Your voice is amazing!" Liam says smiling,

"Correction, your voice is amaZAYN!" Zayn says,

"Dork!" I say to Zayn while throwing a pillow at him. Everybody bursts out laughing then we hear moaning in Destiny's Bathroom thats in her room. We all stay quiet and walk to Destiny's bathroom door and listen to what's going on,

"Cory, Cory." We hear Destiny moan and repeat. Oh, I see she seems to having a great time in there if you know what I mean. Everybody tries so hard to hold in their laughs and I am about to make thinks hilarious,

"Cory, Cory. Oh Cory!" I yell threw the bathroom door and Louis starts doing the same and Harry joins. The shower turns off and we all run to the living room and Destiny and Cory follow behind us,

"Everybody strike the most natural pose as possible!" I say. Everybody end up doing unnatural poses. Louis has his hand on Niall's chest pretending he has boobs. Zayn is on Liam's lap sucking on his thumb pretending he is a baby, and I am laying on Harry's lap in my back pretending to be a kitten while he holds up yarn. Destiny and Cory come in with anger and confusion on their faces,

"Wha-, um... I don't know how to speak of this image." Destiny says awkwardly. Everybody laughs and I jump of Harry's lap and crawl up stairs and put on a kitten costume and I crawl back to the living room and pretend to be a cat,

"Meow." I say in a cute way. I make my eyes big to look adorable,

"Daddy! Daddy! Can I play with kitty?" Zayn yells in a baby voice to Liam. Liam laughs and nods. Liam walks on his knees to me and starts petting me and I purr. Zayn sits with his legs crossed and I crawl onto his lap and roll into a ball and fall asleep. I then stand up and sit like a cat next to Zayn and start to lick his face. He starts to put in a disgusted face so instead I kiss his cheek. He turns his head when I was about to kiss it again and my lip crash onto his. My eyes are widen in shock. He pulls away slowly and I stare into his hazel eyes that shimmer that I melt with. I slowly smile and he does the same. I sit on his lap and wrap my arms sound his neck and put my head on his chest. I look at Destiny and Cory and the mouth is wide open and the rest of the boys are in shock. I am slowly falling in love with Zayn Malik.

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