You're perfect to me

Zayn and Yamila have been best friends since they were little kids. Zayn and Niall have a huge crush on Yamila. Who will get her? Will there friendship be torn? Yamila doesnt think she is perfect but someone does. Who? Read to find out.


4. Hide 'n' Seek

Note: Noone of the boys are dating!


     I skip around Zayn's flat looking for Harry. We are playing hide 'n' seek. Of course we played rock paper sissors and I lost, like always.

   I hear a bit of mumbling in the walk in closet. I get my throat ready and quickly find one of Zayn's beanies. I stuff my hair in it and give myself side bangs. I'm trying my best to look like Louis so I could catch them. I slowly walk to the closet and open it quickly and close it quickly.

"Who is that?" I hear Harry say.

"I don't know mate, was it Louis?" Liam whispers.

"Yeah, lads it was me." I say in my best Louis voice.

"Lads, I'm right here." The actual Louis says as his voice trails off.

"Oh then who is it? The only person I know who could do my voice is Yamila and Destiny." Louis says. I stay quiet for a while and hide behind clothes. I see Harry open up the closet and then close it. Then I feel someone go right infront of me. I've got a plan in my head and i don't give a crap if the boys start complaining. I quickly cover, this persons mouth and whisper in their ear so only that person can hear me.

"Stay quiet and you won't get hurt." I whisper. I feel him nod. I smirk and and turn the boy around. I sit on his lap and wrap my legs around his torso. I slowly and gently kiss up his jawline. I kiss his senistive spot. He tenses up and trys not to let out a moan. Now to only find out who this person is, my hands run up his neck and to his hair. Harry. I genly tug on his curls and he lets out a throaty moan.

"Mate? Are you okay?" Louis ask.

And for the finally. I crash my lips onto his and he kisses back. I pull on his curls harder and he moans loudly on my mouth I let out a small evil chuckle. And I suck and nibble on his sensitive spot. I could feel him roll his head back and start breathing more heavy.

"Alright, something is wrong." Louis says in fustration. I quickly get off Harry and climb up the clothes to the top rake and lay on it and stay as close to the wall as I can. The lights turn on and I sneakly look at what the lads are doing.

   They are all looking at Harry who has his eyes wide open in shock, and breathing very heavy. I move more to the edge to get a better look. They won't see me.

"Harry, are you alright. You were moaning like you were in some passionate love feast." Louis says throwing his arms in the air.

"I don't know. Like it just happened so suddonly." Harry says. I give a small chuckle and end up falling off the rake with a shierk coming out of my mouth. I land on the floor on my back and the impact was incredible. I arch my back and a moan of pain escapes my mouth.

"Yamila are you okay?"  Liam says worriedly. I slowly nod and sit up.

"Got you Hazza!" I say while tagging Harry and then the others and i wince a little from the pain coming from my back. Someone pickes me up bridal style and then I bend my head back pretnding im dead. The person slightly chuckles and he walks out of the closet. I peek out of my eye to see who it is and it's Louis.

   He walks out of the closet and pretend to look sad. I close my eye and start breathing slowly and lightly so its not notieable that im breathing.

"Z-Zayn...N-Niall.." Louis says shuttering and giving out a sob and he pretends to cry. I got to say Louis could be a grea actor. I peek my eye again and see that Liam and Harry are playing along. Harry takes a bit of water and makes it drip from his eyes, Liams eyes and Louis eyes. Good thery're playing along. I once again close my eye back up.

   Stumbling is heared from the living room as foot steps come closer to us.

"W-what happen to Y-yami?" Niall shutters.

"She got hurt and.. and..." Liam starts

"And she died.." Louis says, barley and a few sobs come out of his mouth.

"What! No no no no  no!" Zayn shouts. Louis slowly sets me down on the floor and i turn my head to the side. I feel one person on the right side of me and someone on my left. I felt tears sprinkle onto my face from both sides and a lot of sobs. I can't believe they bought it!

   I felt someone grap my hand and puts his fingers inside the gap of mine. His hand fits perfectly in to mine. The other person does the same but his hand doesnt fit into mine. I enterwine my finger with the boys whose hand fits in mine perfectly. Both boys gasp in shock. I open my eyes to see whose hand fits in mine...

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