You're perfect to me

Zayn and Yamila have been best friends since they were little kids. Zayn and Niall have a huge crush on Yamila. Who will get her? Will there friendship be torn? Yamila doesnt think she is perfect but someone does. Who? Read to find out.


1. Seeing him again

I start to prepare for the One Direction concert I am going to with Destiny, my best friend. I wear a pink v-neck shirt and a leather jacket over it, I also wear dark blue skinny jeans. I let my dark hair with a bit of red high lights in it, flow natually down my back. I quickly brush my hair and put on my white sneakers. I got the two concert tickets for free, cause Zayn is my best friend. I have known him since I was 7 years old. We are both now 20. I don't see him as much anymore since he went on the X-Factor. I use to sing with him when we were little, but I thought my vioce was horrible and his was incredable. One time I was singing 'Little things' when I thought Zayn was on tour.I was playing on the guitar I had in my room. After I finished the song, I felt that there was someones presences but I just shook it off, then two arms wrapped around me and I jumped a little. Some one put their head on my shoulder. I looked at the persons face and it was Zayn. A huge grin grew on my face then I realized I didn't know how long he was there so I started blushing. Zayn laughed a little and sat on my bed and started to sing different songs and I just watched him and smiled to myself as his beautiful voice sang away.

   I get to see him again. It's been a year since that happen and I really missed him. I go down stairs and find Destiny sitting on the couch jamming to 'Taken'.  Zayn's part was about to come up and she doesn't like singing Zayn's part so when it comes on I sing it,

"Thank you for showing me who you are undernethe, no thank you I dont need another heartless misery. You think I'm trying to make you jealous, then I know you hate to hear this, but this is not about you anymore." I sing. Destiny turns her head to me and smiles,

"Come on we have to get to the concert early so we can see the boys." I say to her. She smiles ear to ear. I grab my car keys and we head out the door. I lock the front door and walk to the driver side of the car. I close the car door and Destiny does the same. I put the key inside the slit and turn it right and the car roars awake. I drive a Yellow Camero. It's my favorite car. I have worked long and hard to get this car. I've worked long hours at Aeropostale.

     I start to drive to the Arena which is about an hour drive. I don't want to drive for an hour late at night so I will be staying at a hotel with Destiny. I look to Destiny and she is already asleep. I wanted to scare her so I waited till we got to a street that was empty. I drive really fast and then step on the breaks hard when I park at the Arena. She jumps and starts to breath heavly. I start to crake up and I almost start crying. She slaps my arm and pouts. I roll my eyes and get out of the car. I walk towards the door that Zayn told me to go through which was in the back of the Arena. Destiny follow closly behind me as I make my way through the long hallway.

   After about a good 2 minutes, we are at the stage where the boys are. I see Zayn with his back facing me. The other boys see me and I put my index finger to my mouth and they nod. I sneak up behind Zayn. I get right behind him and bring my mouth close to his ear,

"Long time no see babe." I whisper lightly and he brings his elbow back to hit me but I duck and take his head and put him in a head lock. All the boys burst out laughing,

"It's a no no to hit a girl Mr!" I half yell and half laugh,

"Haha, sorry. Can you take me out of the head lock now please?" Zayn says laughing. I laugh with him and let him go,

"Hello Beautiful, how are you?" Zayn says,

"What did I tell you about using that word?" I say harsh playing,

"Then I will use a different word. Hello Gorgeous, how are you?" Zayn says chuckling. I roll my eyes and laugh,

"I'm doing great." I yell,he laughs and looks at his watch,

"You should go to your seat now. The concert is about to start." Zayn says. I nod and say good bye and give all the boys a hug. Niall hugged  me the longest for some reason. I pull away and make Niall look at me,

"You okay Niall?" I ask,

"Uh, yeah....I'm fine." He says. I nod and give him one more hug and jump off stage. I stand next to Destiny at the edge of the stage and pull out the concert tickets from my back pocket. I look at the seating numbers and put the tickets back in my pocket,

"We have to go to row 1 seat 10 and 11." I say to Destiny. She nods and we get to the seat. I sit down and take out my iPhone 5. I created a case on and it's a picture of Zayn and I when we were 18. I smiled at the case and turned my phone over and put in my password. I take a picture of the boys scrambled around on the stage and post it on twitter and I tweet something on the picture saying 'Going to see my favorite band perform today!' and I tweet it. After about a minute there is a comment from Zayn saying, 'I see a very sexy lad in the photo. Guess who it is ;)' then i comment saying, 'Could it be the most sexiest, gorgeous, amazing lad alive, the one and only........... Harry Styles? <3' I look up from my phone and find Harry blushing like crazy. I laugh to myself and see that there is another comment from Zayn saying 'I trusted you......' I couldn't help myself but I laugh very loud. I covered my mouth and start blushing. I've always hated my laugh. To me it was to loud and sounded weird. I catch Niall staring at me like I am a dream and I start blushing more. Niall notices and quickly looks away and rubs the back of his neck and now he is blushing.

   The boys walk off the stage and go to wardrobe, make-up, and getting their hair done. I start to play fruit ninja and I beat my high score. I cheer loudly forgetting I'm in the arena and everybody looks at me. I just ignore them and put my phone in my pocket. The lights dim and the drums start to play. Destiny and I stand up and the boys run out on stage and everybody starts screaming,

"How is everybody tonight?" Niall yells. We respond with a louder scream and they start singing. They sing Kiss You, Rock Me, Save You Tonight, One Thing, What makes you beautiful, Over Again, Last First Kiss, and Little Things. When they sing Little Things, Niall looks at me the whole time. Zayn looks at him and glares. Zayn walks towards me and sits at the edge of the stage. He motions me to come to him and I do. He holds my hand and looks me in the eye for the whole song. The song ended and Zayn kissed my hand. He stands up and I see Niall give him a death glare. I don't know what was going on, but I shook out the thought. Zayn runs to the middle of the stage and sits on the couch and they start doing questions and dares. Once they finished, the lights went out and the concert finished. Zayn and Niall ran off stage and the boys walked behind them. Everybody was leaving and I wanted to see what was up with Zayn and Niall,

"Wait in the car. I will back as soon as I can okay Destiny?" I tell her. She nods and runs off to the car. The boys go meet some of the fans then go into a big dressing room that they all go in. I wait till most of the people leave. I sneak on stage and go to the exit the boys went threw. I used my instincts to lead me to where the boys might be. My instinct were right. I found the big dressing room. I start to hear yelling. I walking inside and Zayn and Niall are yelling at each other while the rest of the boys watch awkwardly,

"I've known her longer!" Zayn yells,

"Well I never get the girl! You and all the other boys do! She is mine!" Niall says. 'They are fighting over me' I think to myself,

"Stop!" I yell at them but they ignore me,

"Back off little leprechaun! She's mine!" Zayn yells. Niall's face gets very red. Niall clutches his fist and starts to lift it up to punch Zayn. I get in front of Niall and catch his fist inside my hand before he could hit Zayn,

"I said stop!" I yell louder. I look into Niall's eyes and they are a very dark blue. He looks into my dark brown ones and his eyes start to go back to a light blue with a bit of green in the middle,

"What's wrong? Why are you doing this?" I ask Niall quietly. He slowly unclunches his fist and he wraps his arms around my waist. At first I didn't know what was going on. Then he licks his soft pink lips and crashes them onto my pink ones. My hands slowly go onto his shoulder and I kiss back. Niall seems like a very good kisser. My eyes were closed the whole time. I feel like everybody has there mouth wide open watching us kiss. He pulls away and looks me in the eye. I look behind me. Zayn has hurt in his eye and his face starts to get red. He turns around and walks out the door and slams the door shut making me jump. Now Zayn has left me having a huge feeling of guilt in my stomach.

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