The Contest

Laci's life revolves around Photography and One Direction. When she hears about a photography contest hosted by One Direction she has to submit somthing. The prize is the chance to follow the Boys for a year and be their personal Photographer. Will she win or will she let the chance of a lifetime slip through her fingers.


4. Waiting

A/N Hey Kittens, sorry about the last post, I am trying to win a contest for One Direction tickets, so please go there and help me win


Louis walked in to the conference room.  Simon, Liam, Harry, and Zayn were already waiting.  Simon was at the head of the table working on his laptop.  Harry was at the foot of the table taking a nap.  Then to the right of Harry was Zayn and Liam, playing rock paper scissors. Louis shuffled his way to Liam and sat on his lap.


“Really mate” said Liam as he pushed him off.  “get your own chair.”


“Jerk, you didn’t have to push me.”  Louis sighed and laid on the floor


“Hmm, he probably did,” said Zayn as he picked up his phone and began to text Perrie.  They were supposed to meet up later for a lunch date.  Sadly, from the way the meeting was looking, Zayn might need to push back the reservation time.


“Whatever,” said Louis as he began to lie down.


Simon took a break from typing and looked at Louis, who was lounging on the floor.  “Plus jokes on you” said Louis as he sat up straight.


Then Niall busted through the door with a giant bag of Nandos.


Simon checked the clock.  It was 9:00 on the dot.  Niall made it right on time.


“Vas Happenin” he asked Niall.


“Not much, got hungry and decided to stop by Nandos”


Liam looked at Simon and said “great everyone’s here, can we hurry up, me and Dani are supposed to meet up later,” very impatiently.  As he sat he began to tap his foot.


“Not yet, we have to wait for Paul and Cheryl” said Simon as he kept typing.


A few minutes passed in silence.


“This is boring; I could have gone to Starbucks with El.”


“Louis, can you please stop lying on my feet and go sit in a chair” asked Zayn as he tried to wiggle his toes out from underneath him.


“NEVER” screamed Louis.


“Louis,” said Simon sternly. 


“Fine” he said as he got up.  Louis knew better then to disobey Simon.  He walked over to Harry to tickle him.  Sadly right as he was about to wake him up Simon said.


 “Leave him alone.” He looked up from the computer. “Your 21 stop acting like you 12 and sit down.”


 Louis walked over to the chair on the other side of Liam and next to Niall.  As he walked he put his head down and dropped his shoulders.


Simon sighed and went back to work.  He looked at the clock.  It was 9:03. He hated tardiness. 


“Is this meeting going to have anything to do with the contest, because I’m fine with anything,” said Liam as he threw his hands up.


Louis leaned over. He stared at Liam and said, “It has EVERYTHING to do with the contest.”  He emphasized the word everything.  Louis held his stare as Liam scooted closer to Zayn.  Without moving his head he reached over and grabbed a pencil.


SMACK. Louis threw a pencil at Harry who didn’t even move.


“Louis, stop throwing things” commanded Simon.  “And Liam Louis is right; this meeting is to discuss the contest.”


Louis finally stopped staring at Liam to look at Simon.  “Really, cause I was just guessing.”


“Yes” he looked at the clock again. It was 9:07.  “Where is everyone?”  Then right on que, Paul and Cheryl walked in.






Should I continue?

 Hey my next chapter will be titled The Meeting and I will try to get it posted as soon as possible.


Thanks Kittens

Katherine Horan

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