The Contest

Laci's life revolves around Photography and One Direction. When she hears about a photography contest hosted by One Direction she has to submit somthing. The prize is the chance to follow the Boys for a year and be their personal Photographer. Will she win or will she let the chance of a lifetime slip through her fingers.


2. Pillow Fight


Liam woke up an looked at the clock, it was only 7:45 . He walked over to his desk, struggling to keep what felt like 5 pound eyelids from falling. He managed to walk, while only tripping twice. He grabbed a red sharpie and crossed another day off his calendar. Today they were going to meet with Simon. Liam stumbled back to his bed wondering what the meeting could be about. He sat up and looked at the clock. It was 7:50. Only 5 minutes passed.

He got up and got dressed. The meeting was at 9:00, but he wasn't going to lay on his bed doing nothing. He walked down the hall to Louis's room.

Right as he knocked on the door he was hit in the head with something. He looked around and found a small pillow. He then looked around but could not see anyone. It was probably just Harry. He continued to knock on Louis's hotel room door. It was too early in the morning for games.

SMACK. Another pillow hit him.

Liam looked around again. Right as he was about to walk down the hall Louis opened the door.

“Um Liam mate what's with all the pillows" said Louis looking at the two on the floor. Louis started to laugh, "And they call me the strange one."

SMACK. Liam got hit with another pillow. “That’s what."

Louis walked out of his room and looked down the hall. SMACK. He got hit in the back of his head. “Ok whose doing it"

“My guess is Harry, if you notice his door is open" said Liam walking down the hall.

Louis began to follow. "So is Niall's."

Suddenly, SMACK, two more pillows hit their backs. They turned around confused. SMACK, a pillow hit the wall, just missing Liam by an inch. The pillows were coming from both sides of the hall way.

"Or both" suggested Louis

They look at each other and headed opposite directions. As Liam turned to walk in the room, he sees Niall and Zayn. They look up at Liam. On the other end, Louis finds Harry sitting with a pillow. SMACK. Harry throws his last pillow at Louis. Louis stares at Harry and in return Harry gives Louis a cheeky smile.

Thanks for reading Kittens

-Katherine Horan

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