The Contest

Laci's life revolves around Photography and One Direction. When she hears about a photography contest hosted by One Direction she has to submit somthing. The prize is the chance to follow the Boys for a year and be their personal Photographer. Will she win or will she let the chance of a lifetime slip through her fingers.


1. Surprise

Niall walked into the room. His band mates had not gotten here yet. It was his birthday and he had to get up at 5am and sign 5,000 album covers. This was twice as many as the last time.


Niall was an hour early, but he didn't care. He figured he could get out early and go through all his fan mail. Hopefully by then one of his band members could remember that it's his birthday.  He Had not seen them today but had a feeling they all would forget.


He looked around and saw there were no covers. This was unusual because they were typically brought out the night before, just in case someone wanted to get a head start. He sighed then sat down; there was no reason to go back to bed now.


He sat there thinking and scribbling down ideas for their publicist, who wanted to the boys to host a contest. He eventually crumbled the paper and threw it into the trash can basketball style.  His eyes felt like they were 10 pounds.


He looked at the clock.  It was 4:20 in the morning.  He put his head on the desk.  “I had to get up at four for this” Niall said to himself as he slowly lifted his head and rubbed his eyes. “I really did not plan this out well.  I'm so hungry”  He stayed there too tired to even walk the ten feet back to his room.


Suddenly Niall heard Louis say “You think Niall will be surprised.”


“Not if he hears you and wakes up,” Niall heard Liam say.


"Its fine, he is probably asleep or getting something to eat." He heard Louis respond.

Niall lifted his head and turned his chair to face the door.


"You didn't check to see if he was still in his bed?" asked Liam


"Uhh, no, it's not like we are going to pass him in the halls" continued Louis.  “Oww, Harry, Liam punched me”


“SHHHHH, you’ll both wake Martians if you’re not quiet,” continued Zayn.


“We should go back to bed and just leave him a note,” He heard Harry say as he opened the door.


“And what will this note say,” asked Niall as the four walked into the room. Niall was slouched with his arms crossed and facing his band mates.


Liam dropped the box of decorations he was holding.  He looked at Niall and his jaw dropped. There was complete silence, then.

“SURPRISE, Happy Birthday mate,” Shouted Louis


“Aye what he said.” Harry sat down next to Niall


“Vas happenin, we were going to throw you a surprise party,” explained Zayn.


“Cool, you could of planned it better, not much of a surprise.” Niall put his head down.  Suddenly his head popped up.  “Wait does this mean I don’t have to sign all those album covers,” asked Niall.


“Nah man, not today anyways,” replied Harry.


Niall sighed with relief.


Liam Picked up the box he dropped and put it on the table. “You want to help set up for your Party,” he asked.


Niall looked at Liam as if he was crazy.


Liam looked at the floor, then up at Niall, “I was just asking.”


Niall quickly shrugged his shoulders replying, “Sure why not.”


All five started to laugh.   They began to set up for Nail’s 20th birthday party.

35 minutes later, they were finished. Zayn looked at the clock.  It read 4:55.  “Why did we plan this so early,” asked Louis.

Niall sat down and looked at his band mates, “I have no idea what your plans are but maybe we should go back to bed and have the party later.”


“We didn’t really plan this out” said Liam as he sat down next to Niall. “I mean it we sort of did, but it was done very poorly.”

“I could tell, I mean who plans a birthday party at 5:00 in the morning."


“Yea we probably should have planned this better,” commented Zayn. “Let’s go get some sleep.” He got out of the chair he was in and left the room to go to sleep.


Louis looked around. “Speaking of sleep, where is Harry?”  They looked around the room; sometime while they were decorating Harry had snuck out.


“I bet he left to go back to bed,” said Liam as he stood up.


“Found him,” screamed Louis as he bent down to look under the table. “He’s sleeping under here.”


The three of them laughed then turned off the lights and walked out, leaving Harry to sleep under the table.


A/N this is my first time publishing; tell me what you think and if I should continue

Thanks Kittens (Im calling my readers Kittens)

-Katherine Horan

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