My Opinion on Valentine's Day

Just expressing my feelings about Thursday. Comment and tell me how you feel. (:


1. Here goes....

I know tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It is not special to me, therefor, I will just call it Thursday. I do respect Saint Valentine. I think what he did was definitely worth hero status. He secretly married young lovers after the king had put a ban on all marriages of young men and their ladies. He was killed for doing what he believed was right. I have to give him some credit. That man was very brave.

I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day though. I believe it is overrated. I don't even celebrate it, and the only reason why I even aknowledge it is because it occupies a square on my calender that could much better be taken up by a reminder of tomorrow's basketball game.

Honestly, love scares me. When you first fall in love with someone, they seem perfect. Some guys say they love you the first day you meet. I think that's crap, and they just want the V.... And trust me, they aren't gonna get it. 

So you're probably wondering, how do I spend my Valentine's Day? Well, first, I'm going to spend seven freaking hours at school, but i'll be with friends, complaining about being forever alone, but then claiming that we don't give a f***. That's how it is every year. it never changes. We'll say things like, "at least we have eachother" and "don't worry. you'll find someone eventually". 

After school, I'll spend an hour running and working out, since track starts next month and i've been sitting on my lazy ass since volleyball ended in october. I'll get all sweaty and smelly. Then I'll run home and take a fast shower, throw on some clothes (i won't even pay attention to what i'm wearing). I'll throw my hair into a sh*t-tastic pony tail, hop into the car, and drive back to the school to watch a basketball game. I'll sit with my friends. We'll be checking out the guys on the opposing team. We'll consider talking to them, but remember how crappy we look, and decide not to. We'll regret not taking the time to dress nicely and apply a shitload of makeup. We'll go home, happy that we won, and totally forget it is even valentines day, because we don't give a f***.


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