tell me again

Hi i'm Leah i'm 18 and i play field hockey with my best friend Gabby . We both are seniors in the US . Me and Gabby are one directions biggest fans ! Me i'm a Harry girl . Gabby she is a Niall girl . What would happen when we both go to England for the summer? What would happen when we see Harry and Niall in a cafe and they look at us.... the whole time...? What would happen when two of the hottest guys get a girlfriend????....drama????? Will it tare a friendship apart or bring a new one together...


5. wow she is beautiful


Harry's POV



"Niall! Lets get food from the cafe across the street!" i said he said "Okay!"


I don't know but I feel like i should go to the cafe....I just have this feeling inside of my wanting t go.


We get there and Niall was getting food. When he came back these to beautiful girls come walking in. " you see those two girls over there?" He said "Yeahh...they are hot!" "well don't stair at them...OH great they saw us...I wonder if they are talking about us??"

"Harry would you stop. Look they are leaving here we go!"



When they were about to get up from their chairs we come and sit down. 'What are your names loves?"

The one I was siting next to said "Leah and that's Gabby" "Beautiful names girls. Do you have a phone number?" Niall says.

They gave both of their numbers to us and I asked Leah if she had a tweeter. She gave me hers @leah_forward . I don't know what the forward means...but I will ask when we go on a date.


Then Niall goes "Free tonight?" they both smile and shake their heads yes. I say "Perfect! We will pick you up at 7pm. Wear something fancy." They gave us their address and they went on their way. As we walked out we both looked at each other and said "I like Leah!"  0___0

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