tell me again

Hi i'm Leah i'm 18 and i play field hockey with my best friend Gabby . We both are seniors in the US . Me and Gabby are one directions biggest fans ! Me i'm a Harry girl . Gabby she is a Niall girl . What would happen when we both go to England for the summer? What would happen when we see Harry and Niall in a cafe and they look at us.... the whole time...? What would happen when two of the hottest guys get a girlfriend????....drama????? Will it tare a friendship apart or bring a new one together...


2. what a day !!

Gabby's POV


FINALLY ! We are in England !!!!! "Leah, we just need to get the bags and we can go check in at our hotel." "okay!" Leah said. We are on our way to go get the bags and a big crowed is by the baggage claim. "OH MY GOODNESS !! We are never going to get our luggage now!" Leah said. We waited 45 minutes to get our luggage.


We finally get our luggage and we see a guy hold a sign with Leah and my name on it. We go up to him and say "Hi Sire." The limo guy says"Hello Miss Gabby and Miss Leah. I'm Mr. George. I will be your driver for the next 3 mouths. I will be taking you to your 5 star hotel. Here is my it when ever you need to ride." "okay!" we say. 


1 hour later


"Ladies, we are here." "Thanks George!" We both said.

We check in and get our room. And your room is HUGE ! It has a roof top deck, a pool on the roof, 2 king size rooms, 2 beautiful bathrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen, and the floor is marble! "Gab...I feel like a princess!" Leah said to me. "Well Miss princess..its time fro bed. Hey! wanna get up tomorrow and go for a run? Maybe we can get breakfast before at the cafe across the street?" i ask. Sure!" Leah said in reply. 


"well night."




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