tell me again

Hi i'm Leah i'm 18 and i play field hockey with my best friend Gabby . We both are seniors in the US . Me and Gabby are one directions biggest fans ! Me i'm a Harry girl . Gabby she is a Niall girl . What would happen when we both go to England for the summer? What would happen when we see Harry and Niall in a cafe and they look at us.... the whole time...? What would happen when two of the hottest guys get a girlfriend????....drama????? Will it tare a friendship apart or bring a new one together...


7. the truth comes out

Harry's POV 


Leah and I were at the club and she was wasted. So was I...sooo when we got home she wanted to play truth or dare. She asked and I said "Truth" "okayy... have you lied to me?" She asked. "Yes" "What was the lie?" She demanded. "Well when we were at the cafe...Niall thought you were hot too...and well we flipped a coin to see who would get to date you.." Crap! I shouldn't of said that...oh well she will forget, you is drunk and will forget in the morning.


Leah's POV

ahah he said Niall likes me too and they had to flip a coin...ahahah wait what? Did he just say that they flipped a coin? ummm...I'm going to tell Gabby and we are going to play a game with him for a pay back..but first I shall act like i am drunk. After that we play a few more times and then I 'fall asleep' and he carries me up to my room. He lays me down and whispers in my ear..."You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I don't say that just anyone..." 




Leah's POV still


Its 7 am...I look over and see Harry laying next to me still sleeping. I get out of bed trying not to wake him. I get out of bed and go to Gabby's room. Gabby is a early bird so I know she will be up. I look into her room and I only see Niall. In the living room I hear the TV on. I walk in and Gabby is watching a good morning show. "Hey Gabby wanna hear something?" I ask. She says "Yes" and I explain to her what Harry said and what the plain was to get back at him for that. "Leah last night Niall said he liked you think he meant it..?" When she said that she looked like she was going to cry her eyes out. Her last boyfriend used her to get to our other friend Carly. It was awful. This is going to be funny! 

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