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Hi i'm Leah i'm 18 and i play field hockey with my best friend Gabby . We both are seniors in the US . Me and Gabby are one directions biggest fans ! Me i'm a Harry girl . Gabby she is a Niall girl . What would happen when we both go to England for the summer? What would happen when we see Harry and Niall in a cafe and they look at us.... the whole time...? What would happen when two of the hottest guys get a girlfriend????....drama????? Will it tare a friendship apart or bring a new one together...


6. 0__0 ummmm wwwooww


Leah's POV


It 6:50...they should be here any minute. Gabby is dressed in a really nice formal dress. The dress was a aqua blue over the shoulder, down 3 inches above the knee. With high heels because she is short 5'2. I wore a gold skinny dress. down 3 inches above the knee. 


**DING DONG*** ahh they are here! 


Gabby answered the door and the boys were in shock. "Wow! Gabby you look really beautiful." Niall says. Gabby thanks him in return and then I walk in and all eyes on me. Niall and Harry faces drop and so does Gabby's. 'Ummm...hi?" i say to make the awkward silence to go away. Niall and Harry clear their throats and Gabby just laughs.


"Let's go.. shall we?" Harry says. In the car Niall is driving and Gabby is next to him. Harry and I are in the back. He starts talking to me and stuff but I wasn't really paying attention...When we get to the club Niall takes Gabby to the dance floor and Harry and I get drinks.


Niall's POV


Oh WOW Gabby looked hot but Leah looked HOTTER! Harry and I made a deal since He saw them first he gets her.. at least Gabby is hot....Dannnnng Gabby can dance. I think she had a little bit to much. i should go tell Harry they we are leaving. 


"Harry dude we are leaving wanna come?" i told him. "Naa we will catch up with you guys later." he said while dancing with Leah.


Gabby and I get into a cab and go back to her place. When we get in she just falls asleep in my arms. So i put her in her bed (i think her bed) and watch her sleep. She is soo cute when she sleeps. "I like you." i whisper into her ear then I fall aslpee next to her.


Gabby's POV


As Niall and I walk into the hotel i faked asleep bc i wanted to see what he would do. He carried me into my room and put  me down on the bed . Then we whispers into my ear "I like you.." i was shocked and surprise..i felt like i was living my own fairy tale. Niall James Horan said he liked me...



***comment what you think and what should happen next. and follow me on twitter ! @ANNAtudee or  Anna Dunn 

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