The Bad Games

Every year the five most popular boys at Cliffridge High School come up with a came called 'The Bad Games'. They select a 'goody goody' of the school and try to turn them it to bad chic and have them do things that they would not do. This year was senior year and they chose the biggest 'goody goody' of all Aimie Delinger. Will Aimie give in and fa for the boys's game or will she be the first to win?


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV 

    Today was the day that began the game. Every year me and my four friends came up with a game called the bad games. Where we pick a girl from school the is like the teachers pet and get them to turn bad. You know having them do things that they would not usually do. 

    We had been doing this for three years, ever since freshmen year and I had won two of those times. It was our senior year so our target had to be the top 'goody goody' of the school. 

"Ring! Ring!" the bell rings meaning that it was time for first block. 

    I was not going to go to first block but mess it to go talk to the boys about who was going to be the target for the year. 

    "Ring! Ring!" the second bell sounded telling everyone that if they were not in class that they were late. 

   The hall was now empty everyone in their classes. I was walking towards the court yard when a the sudden I bumped into something. 

    "I am so sorry I should have been looking where I was going." I hear a sweet innocent voice say. I look to see a girl picking up her books that she had dropped. She was not like other girls in the school. She did not dress like them or act like them, thats when it hit me who she was. Her name was Aimie Delinger. She was known as a goody goody of the school. Always got straight A's and always follows direction. So not a rule breaker. 

    She stands up with all of her books in her heads in a rush to get to class. Trying to get around me I grab her arm making her turn around. 

    " You have nothing to be sorry about it was my fault." I say letting go of her arm and watching her hurry off down the hall. I turn around and continue to walk towards the court yard with one thing in mind. I found are target. 


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