its about a girl named ashley styles and she is going to meet the rest of one direction espect she knows niall and she realy likes niall


8. the boys have to go on tour

                                                       niall's p.o.v

im setting up a romtanic evening for just me and ashley but i have to tell her me and the boys have to go on tour and we  wont be back for 2 months and she cant come i tryed everything i could but they said that ashley or any of the other girls cant come im going to miss her so much.

                                               ashley p.o.v

niall told me to go get ready cause he was takeing me sokmewhere so i went and hoped in the shower and when i was done i put on my one shoulder pink dress that comes down to the middle of my knee when i walked into my room i saw niall standing there in a tux he looked so hot ready to go love niall said okay we went out and got into niall range rover niall opened my door for me then he went and got in and started to drive when we got there niall told me to shut my eyes i did and niall lead me somewhere when he said i could open my eyes i saw he had laid out a pickinc we went and sat down.

                                               niall's p.o.v

well i had to tell her baby i said yea ni ashley said me and the boys have to go on tour and nobody can come with us.

                                              ashley's p.o.v

tears started to feel up in my eyes but i tried to hold them back but i couldn't tears started to fall and niall saw and he picked me up  and put me on his lap and i cryed into his cchest shh baby it will be okay he said how long will u be gone will be gone for 2 months niall thats to long but niall can u take me home sure babe niall said when we got in his car we didn't say anything when we got home i ran inside and up to harry's room.

                                           harry's p.o.v

i was laying on my bed when ashley came runing in sis whats the matter i asked her i dont want you bguys to leave ash come here i said she came runing in my arms crying but i was trying to calm her down when she fannily calmed down she feel alsleep in my arms so i picked her up and took her to niall.

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