its about a girl named ashley styles and she is going to meet the rest of one direction espect she knows niall and she realy likes niall


6. spenteding the night with niall


                                                Ashley's p.o.v

when prom finally ended me and nialll went back to his place once me and him got there he asked if i want something to eat i said no okay but im getting something cause im hungry niall said niall your always hungry he just simled and went and got some thing to eat when he came back he asked if i want to stay over at his place for the night i said sure and he asked if i would like to watch a movie i said sure and he went and got one when he came back and put the movie in and then came and sat next to me on the couch and i sunggled up to himand he put his arm around my waist and i put my head on his chest when it started playing i realised he picked scream 3 and every time a scary part came on i would buried my head deeper into his chest he just laughed and put his head on top of mine this felt right being in niall's arms and before i knew it i feel alsleep on niall's chest

                                             niall's p.o.v when i looked back down at ashley she had feel alsleep on my chest so i picked her up bridal style and she buried her head into my neck when i got to my room i laid ashley down and i took off her top and pants and put one of my shirts on her and i took off my shirt and pants so i was left in my boxers and then i got into bed next to ashley she insatly got cuddeled up to me and put her head on my chest and i raped my arms around her waist and i insatly feel  asleep

                                     ashley p.o.v

the next moring i woke up and i was in one of niall's shirts im guess he undresses me and put me in one of his shirts when i looked up niall was already looking at me he leaned down and kissed my lips soflty when we finised makeing out i looked at my phone and i had over 20 txts from harry and malena i opened all of harrys which most of them were from him he asked me where i was and was i okay i replyed and said yes i was fine and i had spented the night with niall he said okay and asked when was i going back to his place which was where i lived i lived with my brother i said idk when i looked up at niall he simled then he started to kiss me he put his hands under my shirt and started to take it off but he stoped kissing me and asked if i want to do this i said yes he took off his shirt i was wearing and slide it over my head and he put a comdo on well i stop there and let your little minds imagine what happened

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