its about a girl named ashley styles and she is going to meet the rest of one direction espect she knows niall and she realy likes niall


4. sarah finding out

im so sorry malena i said with my head down and nialls arms raped around my waist okay now lets go find sarah before she wlaks out and seees them okay so we start to go back there and when we do we see sarah now sarah dont freak out but one deirection is out there and ashley is harry little sister sarah runs out there all the boys swing there heads to face sarah me and malena run out and try to calm her down but it wouldnt work so i went to niall and told him she was a big  fane and her favtoire was liam and she starts yelling at all the people in there and they yell back liam walks over to her and wraps his arms aroiund her and she starts to calm down he asks her if she is all right she says yes and we all go and  sit back down me in nialls lap sarah beside liam and malena beside harry i was squeezing niall hand he gave me a confuzed look but then relised why i was doing it he took me back to the falt and pushed me on the couch and crashed his lips into  mine and i stared runing my fingers thpough his hair and i push his head colser to mine but when i do harry walks though the door and i run to my bedroom and i hear niall and harry aruing i had had enough so i went back in there and i yelled at both of them then i said why are you two doing this harry stood up ashley look im sorry for yelling at niall it just hurt knowing you and niall are dating im scaed that he just want to have sex then he will get up and leave i dont want you heart broken again thats all ashley harry i would never do that i swear niall said i know niall i just overreacted harry said hello im still here i said we know that missy thats when they both stared chasing me and then niall grab me and harry had my feet and niall had my head and shouders

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