its about a girl named ashley styles and she is going to meet the rest of one direction espect she knows niall and she realy likes niall


3. my friend finding out

i put my forehead to his and i stared into his eyes i felt niall chest moving on mine i lean in and our lips touch and fireworks go off inside my body and niall slowly pulls away i put my forehead back on nialls and stared into his blue oceany eyes but then harry come inand ruines the moment what are you two doing he says thought gritted teeth wll niall asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes  rhen lou come in and shouts were going to starbucks then we all get our coats and lou liam and zayn ride in lou car nd harry niall and me ride in harry car but when were halfway there i remeber my friends work there so i txt them really quickly i say im coming we get there i hide behind niall and he grabs my hand and shives run though i keep peeking out behind niall shoulder i see malena says hi what would you like she asks liam he orders and we all go and sit down i tried to hide my face but it dident work malena saw me and said ashley is that you crap i wisperd/yelled wait you too now each other niall asked me yes niall she is one of my bestfirends did you tell her that you are harry slittle sister thanks niall now she knows ASHLEY malena shoted  what i saidwhy didnt you  tell me i didnt tell you cause i thought u would only use me to get to the boys with that i got up and ran out side an niall ran after me ashley why are you crying niall asked as  he  pulled me into a hug im crying cause my bestfriends porbually hate me i  said though sinffles ashley we could never hate you were just upset that you didnt tell us thats it malena says

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