its about a girl named ashley styles and she is going to meet the rest of one direction espect she knows niall and she realy likes niall


7. my firend kylie coming down

                                                 ashley's p.o.v

today was the day my firend kylie was coming down but when i got to harry;s flat i heared louis scearming at el when i walked in i asked what was going on louis said that el had cheated on him and that he just broke up with her right before i walked in okay. harry i scearmed yea ash he said can u and niall drive me to the airport to go get my firend kylie okay he sceamed me niall and harry all went out side and got into harry's mustange and drove to the airport.

                                       kylie's p.o.v

when my plane laned and i got off i went looking for ashley harry and some dude named niall when i saw them i saw ashley holding hands with some dude i think that its that niall dude she was talking about to me early when i said ashley she turned around and let go of the dudes hand and ran over to me and gavde me a big hug and said i missed u kylie i said i missed u to ashley then i went over to  harry and gave him a hug to then when i pulled out of the hug i asked ashley who the dude she was holding hands with she said his name was niall i said okay.

                                    ashley p.o.v

wow i cant belive kylie didn't reaised niall right now im sitting in the back seat laying on niall's shoulder and his arm is around my waist i hope loui is okay about the break up with el hey harry yea sis how do you think loui is after the break up i dont know ashley i dont know when we got home we all got out of the car and im walking hand in hand with niallto the front door

                              louis p.o.v

when this beafuil girl came walking in  the door her beatiful blonde short hair her pretty blue eyes she was just so perfect she almost made me foget about el um hi im louis but u can call me loui whats your name i asked her kylie she said thats a pretty name hey why dont we go and talk in my room when we just about to kiss when harry sceamed how much longer will u guys be u have been up there for almost 4 hour will be right down um kylie will u go out with me yes loui i will go out with u a gave her a quick kiss then i grabed her hand and walked down staries.

                     ashley p.o.v im just sitting her laying on niall's chest oh i love him so much i love u ni i said love u to babe.


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