its about a girl named ashley styles and she is going to meet the rest of one direction espect she knows niall and she realy likes niall


1. meeting the boys

as u dont know me im ashley styles im harry styles lil sister one day i was on my way to see  my brother harry cause he had me people he wanted me too meet. when i got there i opened the door i said harry im here in a low voice when i walked in i saw harry and niall with no shirt on i said hi and went and sat down um who are you and why are you in harrys house liam asked im here cause harry invited  me over and before you ask no me and harry arent dating im harry liltte sister im ashley and im 17 um ashley niall said shyly yes niall can you come with me for a sec sure niall so what did you want ashley i really like you niall i like you too no ashley not as a friend as a girlfriend niall i would love to be your girlfriend but harry would kill us if he found out we were dating.

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