its about a girl named ashley styles and she is going to meet the rest of one direction espect she knows niall and she realy likes niall


5. going to prom

i was sttting in niall`s room cudding and he was playing with  my hair when somebody knocked on his door  when i got up and opened the door i saw my ex boyfriend jack i tryed to run to niall but he grabed my hair and started to pull me out of his room when we were going past malena`s room harry open his door and saw jack pulling me by my hair he ran towads us and he started to punch him when niall came out harry stoped and let niall go at him i ran in harry`s arms and started to cry into his chest when niall stoped and let the cops come and take him he went and got ready for prom and so did i me and niall got in his car and left

                                                           malena`s p.o.v

me and harry stared to get ready for prom when we did we got  i his car  and when  we got there ashley and niall were waiting on us

                                                           sarah p.o.v

liam got on one knee and asked me to go to prom with him i said yes and we went to get ready i kissed him and walked to his car leaving him wanting more when we got there we saw harrry,malena,ashley,niall,loui,eleanor,zayn and perrie wating on us we all walked in to the big gym

                                                               Ashley`s p.o.v

i was stting in bewind niall and malena then niall whispered in my ear what i thought about malena and harry i said  i thought they were cute toghter and sarah and liam i said she was to wild for him then when i said that he took my hand and we started danceing to the the song little things

                                                                Malena`s p.o.v

 me and harry were stting when little things came on and he took me out to the dance floor when it got to his part he looked in my eyes and asked me to be his girl friend yes a thousand time yes then he kissed me and i kissed back

                                                    Sarah`s p.o.v

liam took me out to the dance floor and he sang his parts to me and then he asked me to be his i said yes then went to the bathroom.

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