A Handful of Lies

Just one girl who can keep this much secrets until she lets them out and her life forever ruined.


1. It's a greeting

Sutton's POV I slid out of the warm embracing woolen heeps of blankets, I rubbed my eyes and stumbled to my ensuit and ripped my clothes off and jumped into the steaming jets of water and washed my hair with coconut shampoo and my body with peach rubbing. I stepped out and dried myself and wrapped my pink towel around me. I pulled on a pencil short red skirt, it went to my mid thigh and showed my lower curves of my body and revealing my nice soft sleek tanned legs. I put on a white collar sleeveless shirt. It showed part of my shoulders and was see through so I wore a white bandeau under. On the collar it had a few studs to make it stand out. I tucked the top in my skirt and slipped on red wedges that were all covered red and had a few black studs on the back of it. I curled my brown hair and left it down. I framed my piercing blue eyes with eye liner and mascara. I put on red lipstick and clear gloss on. I grabbed my purse and put my belongings in them including my binder. I walked down stairs and my wedges pounded on the stairs and went into the kitchen to see my parents laughing over th entrant pancakes. " I guess I'll just have an apple" I giggled and washed an apple. My mom hugged my buttered covered dad. She had flower all over her and she had no problem, I loved my carefree parents. " you look extra hot for your first day of school" my mom said and winked. I blushed a bit and stood there ready to leave. " well wanna make a good improvement for the last year of high school mom" I said and my dad handed me a bottle of water. I thanked him and blew a kiss to my parents instead because I didn't want flower and buttered lips on the first day of my last year in highschool. I crashed into my older brother outside. " good morning Sutton" my brother said holding his girlfriends hand. I nodded and got into my mustang car. I waved him a good bye and drove off to school. ~*~*~ I got there and was greeted by my very close friends. " hey Sut, looking good as always" Niall cheered, Sierra, Lilly, and Macy nodded. " yeah babes I think I know who I want for prom" my other friend Ashley winked and I giggled. But then a group of boys that always wanted me in their pants came around. " hello love" the curly haired one winked and I just ignored him and walked off with my friends. I laughed an dot along with them for just this morning. But then I felt a hand go onto my butt, I quickly turned around and smacked his arm. Of course it would be Harry. " pervert" I hissed and stomped away with my friends running after me. I just kept walking and then Niall made his first impression to make me smile again. I didn't budge and kept walking and he stopped me a couple of times embarrassing himself in front of other people and he started dancing weird. I sighed, I love this boy, ever since he saved me from falling in the mud in kindergarten. It was an amazing friendship ever since. I stopped infront of him and stifled a giggle. " happy now?" He asked with a hopeful look in his eyes. " very" I said and the girls catches up. " my goodness even in heels you can run like a cheeta" Ashley said, she wasn't much of a sports person. Ashley had nice pale skin with black hair and piercing blue eyes, she was tall and slim. Sierra was shorter this us by an inch, she had nice tan skin and dirty blonde hair with brown shining eyes. Lilly was also pale with nice golden hair and hazel eyes, she was also tall and had a few freckles under her eyes which made her look cute. Macy had brown hair with dark green eyes, she was also an inch shorter than us and had peachy colored skin. For me I had a 5'5 frame with tan skin and me and all the girls had a ga between our tall thin legs and a toned flat stomach. We were pretty popular for being just a tiny grou of girls and 2 boys. We were attractive in my decision of opinion. " sorry I just can't believe for 6 years him and that gang still want this" I said pointing to my body up and down seductively. The girls giggled and Niall's face flushed red, but then Louis came running and attacking me in a hug. " hello to you to" I giggled as I tried to keep my balance. He chuckled and helped me up a bit. " good morning my loves, who wants some candie?" He asked taking a bag of candy out of his sleeve. We were about to take some but I stopped them. " guys you have no idea if he ever even washed that jacket, the jacket he had ever since 5th grade" I said raising my brow. They quickly moved away but Niall took no as no answer, he grabbed a handful and stuffed it in his mouth. I giggled and then the bell rang for us to get to our first period class. I walked into my geography class and sat in the back where I always sit in every class. But then a dude sat next to me with ear plugs in his ear and a high lack quiff and a nice jaw line apwith brown eyes that were traced by long lashes. He was cute but he had to be new. He turned to me with his ear plugs still in and winked, my heart fluttered and I just sat back as always on my phone or doodling some random pics. DING!DING! The bell rang and I put my phone away and left my sketch pad out. " good morning class, I'm Mrs. Marves and most of you know me but let's intorduce our new student" she said with a wide smile. Se pointed to the boy sitting next to me and some girls blushed and cheered for him with whistles. He just scrunched his brows. " hey I'm Zayn Malik" he said and then sat back down. Zayn, Zayn, wow Zayn. But wait I can't I have a crush on Harry, I know shocker but those curls and green piercing eyes are to irresistible. But Zyan was different, he was good different. " ok class today you are aloud to do whatever except no popping gum" she said and sat back down on her seat, I finished up my drawing of me and my brother, I was looking st my phone to see the picure and draw it. It turned out good but not good enough. " wow you're amazing" I heard his voice, wow wonderful. He took out his own sketch and opened it up to a random picture he drew and it was amazing. " I guess we're both talented, but what is that, it's beautiful" I said and grabbed it nicely looking into his lucious eyes for acceptness he nodded and I smiled at him brightly. It was a bay, a beautiful bay, it almost looked real just by being drawn. This isn't anything like what I draw. He was looking in my sketch book and he flipped to a pic I drew, it was an eye with an ocean in the coloring of its blue eyes. " you're an amazing artist" he grinned. " I'm Sutton, Sutton Hart" I smiled and stood out my hand. " Zayn Malik" he said showing his amazing lined white pearly teeth and perfect jaw line. " well anways I'm nothing compared to you're amazing talent" I chuckled and he took back his sketch pad and put it away as well as me. " thanks, you're very pretty" he smiled and my heart fluttered, wow he is a charmer. " thanks, so what brings you here?" I asked him I just hoped he didn't take it offensively. " my parents moved over here in Manchester so I of course had to also move" he chuckled. " and don't worry I didn't take it offensively" he said adding a wink. This boy is going to make me fall head over heels if he won't stop winking with those perfect lashes. I guess this year is going on perfect......... _~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~ Hello LOVIES I hope you like this first chapter and I will probably update like 3 times a week or more. I have another fanfic called 'You knew all along' and also go check out this app called wattpad. I have like 9 fanfics on there, and most popular so far is called 'three words' plz go read and kik me if you would love to get a part in this fanfic. jamilastyles1D <<<<<<<<<< username>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ^^^^^^^That is my kik username^^^^^^ Anyways I hope you liked it and will probably update a while later. LOVE YOU AND ALL OF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Kisses to all *kiss!kiss!* ~Jamila~
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