On my own

After Kelly's mom dies in a tragic car accident. Her and her dad move back to his old home, Ireland. Where Kelly goes to a new school and meets a sweet Irish boy, Niall Horan.


6. Nice day

Thank god it's Saturday!!

I recieved a text from Niall:

Niall: Morning babe!xx  We should hang out today!

Me: Okay. When do you want me to come over?

Niall: I will pick you up. In an hour?

Me: Yup! Sounds good. See ya in a hour. ;)

Niall: Okay love. :)

Yes!!! Hanging out with Niall today!

I ran downstairs. Had breakfast. Dad left to go on a buisness trip so he won't be back for a couple months.

I ran upstairs took a shower. Got out, dried off.

I applied some mascara. I then put on my Jack Wills sweater and some short-shorts and purple toms.

I brushed my teeth then went downstairs and watched some telly till Niall came to pick me up.


Niall rang the door bell. I hopped off the couch and opened the door.

"Hey babe! Ready to go?" Niall said and gave me a quick peck on the lips

"Yup." I smiled

We hopped into Niall's car and went to his place.

We drove up to his driveway.

We went in and a short woman greeted me.

"Hi. I'm Maura. Niall's mom." She said nicely

"Hi, I'm Kelly. Nice to meet you." I said to her

"Ohh! Your Kelly! Niall always talks about you!" She laughed

Niall blushed

"Okay mum! We're going to my room." Niall said

Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs.

"Use protection!" Maura yelled. I laughed

"MUM!" Niall said in embarassment

We went in Niall's room. It was bigger than my room he had a king sized bed! Can't wait to break that bed!

"Nice bed." I said to him

"Yea, it is a nice bed." Niall winked at me

Niall had a big 53 inch flatscreen on his wall.

We cuddled up and watched a bunch of movies. We watched Ted, Pitch Perfect and Paranormal Activity. Then the last one we watched was Safe Haven. Which was a romance movie. When the sex scene came Niall gave me a smirk.

"Can't wait when we can do that!" He smiled at me

I was getting so turned on.

"Well why don't we go to third base." I winked at him

I straddled Niall. And licked his lips for entry. We were kissing pasionately. He gave me sweet wet kisses on my neck. I then started grinding him. I felt his big boner. I can't wait till his length is inside of me! While he was giving me wet kisses all over my body,one of my hands was playing with him hair while I was doing hand motions against his shaft while he was having his boner. But his pants were still on. Niall started to moan. He then was on top of me kissing me while rubbing my clit. We were having the time of our lives. We gave eachother one last sloppy sweet kiss and went back to watching the movie.

"I can't wait to get a homerun!" Niall huffed

"Me too! I will rock your world." I winked at him

Niall still had a boner. About 5 minutes after we did 3rd base. He lost his boner. He was probably thinking of some pretty dirty thoughts.

I laid my head on his muscular chest. And we both fell asleep in eachothers arms.

I woke up and it was 5pm. I decided to wake up Niall.

I kissed Niall on the lips.

"Wake up babe." I said to him

He opened his beautiful ocean blue eyes and smiled at me.

"You should always wake me up like that." He laughed

"Sure." I winked at him

"Hey I have a suprise for you." He smiled

"What?" I said to him

"You'll see !" He winked

He picked me up bridal style and brought me downstairs.

"We're going for a ride." Niall said

We went to his car. When I got in it he told me to put a blindfold on. I was really curious, but I just went with it.

...10 minutes later:

"We're here!" Niall said

He took me out of the car. Walked me about 20 feet away and took my blindfold off.

"Suprise!" he said


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