On my own

After Kelly's mom dies in a tragic car accident. Her and her dad move back to his old home, Ireland. Where Kelly goes to a new school and meets a sweet Irish boy, Niall Horan.


1. Fresh Start

"Go pack!" my dad yelled

"Okay" I yelled back to him

I'm Kelly McEvoy, a normal 16 year old girl. My mom just died 6 months ago from a terrible car accident. So, my dad wanted a fresh start. We are going to move to my dad's old home, Ireland.

I started to pack. I packed all my bras',socks and undies in 1 suitcase. While the other 3 were shirts, pants, and shoes. I know, who needs a whole suitcase just for shoes? I do!

I finished packing. I looked at my room one last time. It was so pale, I'm sure gonna miss this place.

I'm actually pretty excited to move to Ireland! I loved going there when I was little to see all my aunts,uncles and cousins.

I ran downstairs and put my bags in the car. My dad came out too and was ready to go. We got in the car and we were off to the airport.

Oh! Yeah i did't get to say goodbye to friends because I don't have any, my mom home-schooled me.

. . . . . . .

"We have landed in Dublin." the pilot said

I could tell my dad was happy, he could'nt stop smiling the whole plane ride.

We saw a couple houses that are for sale after we left the airport. My dad has been looking online at one for a couple months. We bought it.

It was a nice house with 2 stories and a pool in the back. 3 bedroom and 4 baths.

"Go pick out your room." my dad said

"Sweet!" I said

I ran up the stairs and picked the first one on my right.

It was perfect!

It was already painted a nice light purple, lavender. My favorite color.

I unpacked my stuff. The house was already furnished so I put my clothes away in the dresser and closet.

I went to the kitchen to have some lunch. Dad was already eating a sandwich. He is always eating,but he has a fast metabolism so he is fit.

"I made you one, its in the fridge." dad said

'Thanks" I said

"I signed you up for the highschool down the rode."

"Oh!" Is all I could say

"I know this is the first time you will go to school, but don't worry your cousins go there too!" dad said

"Oh, Yes!" I said full of joy

"Your starting school tomorrow." dad said with his mouth full

"What?!" i said with a mouth full too

"You need to make new friends, besides your cousins.'" dad said with a serious tone


I can't believe I'm starting school tomorrow.

I hope people like me.

"I'm gonna get some sleep, jetlag is killing me!" i told my dad in a sleepy voice

"Okay, sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite." my dad said in a childish voice

"I wont."i said back to him

Mydad is so cheesy.

I went up the stairs and collasped on my bed.

It ran through my mind over and over if people at school would like me?

I then drifted off to sleep.



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