On my own

After Kelly's mom dies in a tragic car accident. Her and her dad move back to his old home, Ireland. Where Kelly goes to a new school and meets a sweet Irish boy, Niall Horan.


2. First day of school

I woke up feeling refreshed from the fucking jet-lag.

I went downstairs to have breakfast.

My dad left me a note saying he already went to work and he will be back later tonight.

I had my breakfast. Ran upsatirs took a shower. Dried off the straightened my hair. I did my makeup then put on my outfit for my 1st day of school.

Here's her outfit:


I loved my outfit! It was sporty but casual.

I brushed my teeth, then I ran downstairs.I  grabbed my bag and keys. I hopped into my dodge challenger my dad got me for a late 16th birthday present when we moved here.

I texted my cousins when i got to school telling them i was here.

5 minutes later my cousins Joan and Ellen ran up to me and hugged me.

"Hey!!' Joan said in an excited tone

"How have you been?" Ellen said

"Pretty good. Just nervous." I said

"You will be fine." Joan yelled

"Yea! You will everyone is really nice." Ellen said

"Ok" I said

"Do you want us to show you around?" they both said

"Sure!" I said

We walked around they first showed me my locker. I put my stuff in it. They then showed me all the classes on my schedule.

My first class was literature.

We all said goodbye to eachother and that we will meet up at lunch.

I walked into class. The teacher's name was Mr. Higgins

"Hello! I'm Mr.Higgins. What's your name?" he said

"Kelly McEvoy." I whispered

'Well nice to meet you. Class, this is Kelly I hope you all make her feel welcome." he said

"Pick any seat." he said

I sat in the back because I didn't want attention.

Next thing, a guy walks in.

"Your late, Mr.Horan." Mr.Higgins said

"I know, I know" he said

He went to the back and sat in the empty seat next to me.

"Hi! I'm Niall, what's your name?" he said

"I'm Kelly." I whispered back to him

"Your're as pretty as your name." Niall said

"Thanks." I said

Niall is really nice, I love his accent. And he is pretty cute. Kelly, are you serious?! You have met the guy 2 minutes ago and you already like him?

"Where are you from? Your accent is different." Niall said

"I'm from America." I said

"I always wanted to go to America!" Niall yelled

"Yea it's pretty cool." I said in a sqeaky voice

"Why did you move to Ireland?" Niall said

" I moved here because 6 months ago my mom died in a car accident. And my dad wanted us to have a fresh start so we moved back to his old home, here." I said

"Oh god! I'm so sorry for your lost. But I'm glad I met you." Niall said

"Its okay. And thanks." I said blushing


I got out of my seat and walked into the hall. I checked my schedule and my next class was drama.

"Can I see your schedule?" Niall said in an excited voice

"Sure. Here ya go." I said

"YES!" Niall screamed

"What?!" i said

" Your in ALL my classes!" Niall said

"Cool." I said in a calm way

I went to my locker then went to my locker to grab my books for class.

I then went to class.



The bell rang and it was time for lunch. I grabbed my lunch and looked for Joan and Ellen.

"Right here!" They both yelled across the cafeteria at a lunch table.

"Hey." I said

"Did you make any friends?" Ellen said

"I met this one boy, Niall Horan. He's really nice" I said eating my french fries

"Ooooh! Niall is one of Paul's best friend" Joan said

Paul is one of my cousins, he is really funny and cheeky.

Joan pointed Paul out and I could see him sitting at a table with, what do you know..Niall. He was also sitting with a 4 other guys. One had really curly hair. Another had black hair. While the other two had brown hair.

"Let's go sit with them!" Ellen said

We walked over and Paul saw me.

"KELLYYYYY!!" Paul screamed at the top of his lungs

"Heyyy." I said

"Sit by me!" Paul said

I sat next to him next to me was Niall.

"Hi." Niall said

"Hello." I said

"So Kelly, this is Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall." Paul said

"Hey!" I said to everyone doing a rainbow wave

"Hi" they all said back

"We've met." Niall said

"Cool." Paul said

Lunch was pretty nice. The only weird thing is that Harry kept staring and winking I met me.

Lunch was over and I walked to my locker.

Paul's P.O.V

"Damn! Kelly is hot!" Harry said

"Dude. She is my cousin." I said

"I don't give a fuck. I'm gonna bang her." Harry said in serious tone

"No your not!" I said

"She's mine!" Niall yelled

"I don't care if you guys like her or not. You are going to treat her with respect." I said

"Of course I will!" Niall said

"Maybe." Harry said

Kelly's P.O.V

I walked to my class next thing I was pushed against the lockers by.. Harry.

"Hey, Sexy. Your're going to be mine!" Harry said in a seductive voice

"What?!" I snapped back at him

" Are you good at Calculis?" Harry said

'Yeah. Why?" I said

"Why don't you come over to my place and help me with my homework." Harry said

"Okay" I said

"Fuck yes!" Harry said whispered

"Excuse me?" I said

"Oh, nothing" Harry said

'Okay well I will see you tonight then. Bye." I said

"Bye babe." Harry said to me

What the hell?! Does Harry like me? Ahh! Guess I will find out tonight when I help him with homework.

Harry's P.O.V

FUCK YEAH!! I'm getting some action tonight.

It's going to be amazing to here her screaming my name while moaning.

Can't wait for tonight.

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