On my own

After Kelly's mom dies in a tragic car accident. Her and her dad move back to his old home, Ireland. Where Kelly goes to a new school and meets a sweet Irish boy, Niall Horan.


5. Boyfriend

I woke up feeling like the 'only girl in the world'.  I know I'm cheesy. Niall sent me a text:

Niall: Good morning babe! See you at school. :) xx

Me: Morning! See ya there. ;) xx

I got up, had breakfast.

Took a shower while thinking about my amazing boyfriend. I'm so lucky to have him.

I got out of the shower dried off and did my makeup.

I put on my outfit. My outfit was a short sleeved hot pink top with faded skinny jeans and my leopard print Vans.

I decided to straighten my hair. I straightend my hair, brushed my teeth. And then I left for school.

I drove up to my usual parking spot.

Walked up to school seeing my sexy leprechaun waiting for me.

"Hey babe" Niall said

"Hi Leprechaun!" I winked at him. He blushed

Niall put his arm around my waist when we were walking down the hall.

Niall's P.O.V

I put my arm around her waist to show everyone that I'm the lucky guy to go out with Kelly and I just love the feeling of her in my arms.

We walked to class together just talking about random stuff, everybody was staring.

...Lunch time:

Kelly's P.O.V

I got my lunch with Niall and while we were walking to the table I heard a couple a girl's saying stuff about me on how I'm the slut from America. So I decided to talk to them.

"Wow! Really?! How am I a slut?" I said all bitchy to her

" Bitch, who are you talking to?" she said to me

"Yes Cunt! I am talking to you!" I said

"Woah, girls let's not fight." Niall said

He is so sweet! But I wanted to cuss this bitch out.

"Don't call my girlfriend a slut! At least she doesn't open her legs to any guy on the street.." Niall said

Damn!! Niall was standing up for me.

"Whatever!" She said

Niall and I walked away.

"Thanks for sticking up for me babe." I said to him and winked

"No prob!" He said

While Niall and I were about to sit I turned around and that bitch gave me the finger. And pointed at Niall and made it look like she was giving someone a blowjob. This cunt does not know what's coming.

I walked over to her while she was eating her lunch and pulled her hair.

"Let's go bitch" I said to her

"Fine, whore." she said

I punched her in the face then I tackled her to the ground.

This bitch had no muscles. I was beating the shit out of her. I scratched her face pulled her extensions out. She then started to whine. Next thing, Niall pulled me off of her.

"Woah, babe! You are a damn good fighter you kicked her ass!" Niall said all excited

"I'm not a good fighter, she was just really weak." Isaid

"Still. You looked sexy!" he winked at me

I loved how we only dated for a day and he is already turning me on!

" Let's go somewhere private." I winked at him

"Okay." he said blushing

We went into the janitor's closet because we obviously could'nt go to the bathroom.

I slammed him against the door and started kissing him passionately. Niall's tongue licked the bottom of my lip for entry . Are tongues were fighting for dominance, he won! Niall then starts grinding on me. I then feel his erection. It turnerd me on so much. I wanted to have sex with him so bad but I don't want to seem like a slut and we are at school. We continued grinding on eachother and kissing. Niall started moaning. I kissed his neck, I started sucking on his neck then I left him a love bite.  Niall started to kiss my neck and gave me a lovebite too, but it wasn't as big as the one I gave him. We then stopped and stared into eachother's eyes.

"That was amazing!" Niall said out of breath

"I left you a present" I winked at him and pointed to the love bite on his neck.

he touched it and winced in pain.

"Thank you." He said

We walked out of the Janitor's closet hand in hand, finger intertwined. Lunch was over so we walked to class.

Niall's P.O.V

I went to my locker to grab my stuff for my next class. Liam, Zayn ,Harry and Louis then came over.

"Holy shit! When did you get that?" Liam said pointing at the lovebite Kelly gave me

"2 minutes ago." I smirked at them

"Damn! I wished I could get a lovebite from Kelly" Harry said

"Well that's never gonna happen because she is my girlfriend and you tried to fucking rape her!" I yelled at him

"Dude, chill." Harry said to me . I rolled my eyes

"Your lucky to have a girl like Kelly." Zayn said

"I know." I smiled

"Get it!!" Louis yelled

I laughed

Kelly walked over to us.

"Hey boys. What's up?" Kelly siad

"We were talking about the present you gave Niall." Liam and Zayn laughed

"There will be more where that came from!" I whispered seductively in Niall's ear

"Can't wait!" Niall said


Afterschool Niall and I were gonna go see the new 'SAW' movie. I did'nt like scary movies that much. I only watch them because I love the adrenalin, and I get to hang out with Niall. We went to the ticket booth bought our tickets and then we bought some popcorn.

We sat in our seats and the movie started.

Middle of movie:

I knew a scary part  was gonna happen by the sound of the music, so I covered my face.

Niall noticed I was hiding my face so he held my hand and put his arm around me . I felt safe.

..After movie:

Niall drove me home.

"Your cute when you're scared!" Niall laughed

I laughed

We were at my house. Niallwalked me up to the door and gave me a goodnight kiss.

"I love you Kelly!" He said

"I love you too Niall!" I said with tears of joy

Niall wiped away my tears with his thumb and kissed me, very passionately.

Everytime we kissed it felt like fireworks were going off.

"Goodnight love!" Niall said sweetly

"Night." I winked at him

I  went inside and went to bed.

I love Niall.



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