On my own

After Kelly's mom dies in a tragic car accident. Her and her dad move back to his old home, Ireland. Where Kelly goes to a new school and meets a sweet Irish boy, Niall Horan.


3. Bad Harry


Ugh! Finally class is over. I hate Bio Chemistry.

I packed my stuff and left. Not bad for the first day of school.

I drove back to my house had dinner then left Dad a note I will be at a friend's house studying.

I headed over to Harry's. I pull up to his house. I knock on the door.

Harry opens the door leaning against the door with the biggest smirk on his face.

"Hey babe" Harry said in a seductive tone

"uhh..hey. Why don't we start homewrok?" i said

"Whatever you say." Harry said

I don't know about Harry but I love his bad boy image. But, I really like Niall.

We then started Calculis.

"So, what is the BCD fraction in the lowest terms?" I said seriously

" -2.6?" Harry said confused

"Yup." I said

"Yes!" Harry said full of excitement

"Okay do you have any other calculus homework?" I said

"Nope. I know something else we can do though." Harry said

"Like wh."

Harry crashed his lips into mine. Kissing me passionately. I tried to push him off of me but he was too strong.

"Har.rr.rry sto..p" I screamed

"Nope! Not till were done." He moaned

While I'm still trying to push Harry off of me he starts rubbing and grinding against me.

I then felt his massive boner.

"Harry..please" I cried

" We are only half-done." He moaned

He satrted taking my pants off i kept kicking him over and over. But I was too weak.

I'm fully naked. Covering my body, Harry is now stripping while on top of me.

He was about to insert himself into me but the..BAM!


"Harry get the fuck off of me!" I screamed

Harry then gets off of me putting on his pants while I'm covering myself up.

"Harry were you trying to have sex with Kelly?! Niall screamed

"Yeah I was until you ruined it" Harry cooed

"He was fucking raping me!!" I yelled

I run to the bathroom to put my clothes on while I hear Niall screaming at Harry.

Niall's P.O.V

"Why the hell were you raping her?" I screamed

"Because she was hot" Harry whispered

"How come every time I have feelings for someone you just go and have sex with them to make me pissed!?" I yelled

"I don't know?" Harry said

"Kelly is special to me. I know I just met her today but I really like her!" I said

"Sorry bro." Harry said

"I swear to god Harry if you hurt her again in any way your done!" I screamed

"Chill!" Harry said

Kelly's P.O.V

Oh my gosh!! Niall cares about me! Harry is such a dick! I was hoping him and I could be good friends. But, the first day we meet he tries to fucking rape me? Hell no!

I walk out of the bathroom and Harry walks up to me.

"Kelly,I'm really sorry for trying to have sex with you. It will never happen again. Harry said

I was so full of anger and sadness I just left. Niall followed me

"Kelly are you okay? I'm sorry for Harry being such a douche!" Niall cooed

'I'm okay, I just can't believe what just happened." I cried

Niall comes up to me and gives me a tight hug.

"It's okay. I promise you I will never let anyone hurt you like that again." Niall whispered

"Okay." I cried

"Here let me take you home." Niall said

Niall drove me home. The car ride was silent.

Niall walked me up to my door.

"Do you wanna hang out sometime?" Niall said

"Sure" I said full of joy

"Oh, and don't worry I won't try to have sex with you" Niall laughed

"Okay, good" I laughed too

Niall hugged me then kissed me on the cheek.

"Okay I'll see you tomorrow? Niall said

"Yup." I blushed

Niall left. I went inside and flopped on the couch. What a weird 1st day of school.

I hope tomorrow is better.

My dad came home right when I was going to bed. I said good night to him thne dragged myself up the stairs.

I layed on my bed. I couldn't stop thinking of Niall and what a sweetheart he is.

I then drifted off to sleep with my mind full of Niall.

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