On my own

After Kelly's mom dies in a tragic car accident. Her and her dad move back to his old home, Ireland. Where Kelly goes to a new school and meets a sweet Irish boy, Niall Horan.


9. Anniversary <3

..One month later:

I woke up.

It was Niall and I's 1 month anniversary! I got a text from Niall:

Niall: Happy Anniversary babe! xxx I will pick you up in an hour. Dress casual.

Me: Happy Anniversary to you too! xxx Haha! Okay. :)

I did my normal rountine to get ready.....

I just threw on my 'Love Pink' sweater and some skinny jeans.


Niall was here!

I ran downstairs and opened the door.

"Come on babe let's go!" Niall said while giving me a kiss on the lips

"Okay,okay." I smiled into the kiss


We were at his house watching movies ALL DAY!

We watched Batman, The Avengers, Mean Girls and a bunch of other random movies. It was 6 o'clock when we stopped watching movies.

"I have a suprise for you." Niall said excitedly

"Alright." I laughed

"Come on!" He said in a hurry

He grabbed my hand and we rushed downstairs and out the front door.

"Put this on." Niall said handing me a blindfold

"Again?" I said

"Yup!" he smiled cheekily

I just went with the situation and put the blindfold on.

20 minutes later....

"We're here!" Niall yelled

He took me out of the car and we atrted to walk on a lumpy surface.

"Suprise!!" He screamed

I took my blindfold off and opened my eyes.

"Oh my god! Niall you did'nt!?" I squealed

"Yup I did it all for you babe!" Niall smiled

We were on a gorgeous beach with a breath taking sunset. On the shore there was a giant canopie with dangling lights from it. Under the twinkly lights there was a table for 2. And lit candles led a path from where I was standing to the dinner table.

"Niall this is so romantic!" I said full of joy

"I knew it would be, because this is where I asked you to be my girlfriend." Niall smiled

He was right. Not to be weird or anything but exactly where the table is, is where Niall asked me to be his girl.

"I love you!" I smiled to him

"I love you too!" He smiled back

We then walked over to our candle lit dinner hand in hand. Niall pulled the chair out for me and I sat in it. What a gentlemen! For dinner we had chicken parmesan.

Niall and I just talked about everything. It was really nice to have someone to talk to about litterally everything. I'm happy it was Niall. We have been talking for an hour ever since we ate.

"Do you wanna go for a swim?" Niall said

"I'd love to. But, I don't have a swimsuit." I said sadly to him

"Already got that covered." Niall smiled cheekily

Niall pulled out of his bag a hot pink leopard print string bikini. He must be really horny for him wanting me to wear that thing.

"Alright." I laughed at him while taking the suit from his hands

I ran up behind a tree and changed behind it. I want to suprise Niall. Because, I've been going to the gym lately. I looked at myself real quick. I had to admit I looked pretty good in this.

I walked out from behind the tree and Niall looked at me, his mouth dropped.

"Holy shit!" he said with a shocked tone

"You picked it out." I laughed

"I'm happy I did!" Niall said while biting his lip

Niall walked up to me and put his strong, masculine arms around me and threw me over his shoulder. I screamed.

He ran with me into the freezing water and threw me into the water.

"Mother fucker, that's cold." I shivered. I started getting goosebumps.

"Here let me make you warm." Niall winked at me. I blushed.

Niall walked over to me in the water and put his arms around me. I jumped at the contact of his skin touching mine. Niall squeezed my bum and lifted me up while I wrapped my legs around his waist while my hands were cuping his neck. I stared deeply into his sea-blue eyes. I could stare into them forever. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. Sliding his tongue across my bottom lip begging for entry. I let him explore my mouth while we were fighting for dominance. He won. I started too grind myself against him. He moaned, I felt his big friend under my bum while he was holding me. This was turning me on so much. I began to suck on his neck and gave him a tender loved sweet spot. Niall became so exhausted from all his moaning. Him and I collapsed into the water, good thing it was only knee deep. We kept giving each other sweet passionate french kisses. To finish it off, Niall gave me a love bite and licked it. I moaned in joy but also wincing in pain. We looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

"I love you so much Kelly!" Niall said while kissing my forehead."

I need to give you an anniversary present." I winked at him

"Ok, well where is it?" Niall questioned

"It's on my bed at home. Can you please take me home. I need to give you something!" I whined

I wanted him so bad I couldn't stand it.

I think Niall knew what I was talking about because when I said bed while winking at him he ran out of the water and grabbed our towels and clothes. We both dried off then threw our clothes on.We ran to Niall's car and hopped in.


Niall rushed to my house. I grabbed the keys and opened the front door. We stepped into the house.

"You ready?" I said seductively to him

"Hell yeah!" Niall said full of excitement

Niall sweeps me up bridal style carrying me up to my room. Not bothering to turn the lights on Niall places me softly on my bed. Immediately attacking my neck, while taking my shirt off showing my bikni. I let out a loud moan and he smiles into my neck. He then comes up tom my face and kisses me passionately. I wrap my arms around his neck to bring him closer to deepen the kiss. The kiss sent butterflies to my stomach making me soak through my panties. Niall pulls away and starts to kiss down my stomach to my wanting area. He quickly removed my pants and panties. His blonde locks started to tickle my inner thigh as he moved his soft lips up my folds. He was teasing me and it was driving me absolutely wild. This was something I never experienced. I wanted him so bad! No I need him. He then took his lips and puckers them up against my dripping folds. He then sticks his tongue out moving up and down between my folds. I then pulled my hand to rush through his lockes as he was eating me out. My breath quickens as he nibbles and sucks on my clit. My back started to arch into him, his tongue going in deeper. Niall removed his tongue, to replace it with a slender finger pumping in and out at a teasingly slow pace. The feeling felt so good I shut my eyes to take it all in. Still fingering me, Niall slides up to plant a kiss on my lips. The faster he paced the more I moaned into the kiss, louder and louder. Niall suddenly removes his hand. I whimpered at the lost of his touch. He jumps off the bed real quick to reach for his bag. He pulls out something silver. Then he hopped back on top of me. At first,  I was confused on what it was. I realized . Niall had gotten a vibrator out. At first I was very skeptical.

"Uhh...Niall." I say sitting up

"Shhhhh... just relax." he pushes me back down and kisses me.

I heard him click the vibrator and press against my folds. Moving it up and down. Not pushing it in but just resting it at the top. He then slides back down slipping his tongue inside me once again. But, this time thw=e vibrator is pressed on my clit. The sensation moving through my lower region became so powerful I had to grip the sheet and tried not to loose it.

"Oh m-my g-god Nialll!" I moaned

He picks up the pace moving his tongue in and out of me rubbing the vibrator even harder against mt clit. I knew I wasn't going to last any longer and Niall knew it too. Soon enough my orgasm hits me, hitting me like a massive tidal wave of ecstasy. I scream Niall's name so loud my voice cracks. I grab his head signaling him to come up. I pull him into a rough kiss then pulling away to catch my breath.

"That was absolutely amazing Niall!!" I pant out

"Oh we're not done yet." he winked at me

He removes his clothes throwing them to the side. His hard dick slaps up to his stomach. I always thought Niall was big and secretly jumped for how lucky I was. Without warning Niall spreads my legs and slams into me, filling me up. Niall's approach tonight was something I never would have imagined but liked. A lot. He thrusts into me hard, fast and deep. Hitting my g-spot every time. Niall hitches one of my legs on his shoulder giving him a chance to go in deeper. He filled me, makin me feel complete. He leans down his face in my neck and hand massaging my breast. His grunts bounce off the walls mixed in with both of our moans. I feel that warm sensation build up in my stomach again. I knew I was gonna come at any second. By the sounds of Niall's ggrunts and sloppy thrusts I knew he was close too. He bites and kisses my neck.

"Come with me...I'm close." he whispers to me

My moans get louder than before, I go over the edge , the second wave of ecstasy crashing even harder than the first. Not  too long after I peak Niall shoots his load into me. Filling me up with his warm liquids. He rides out both of my highs and gently rests his body on top of mine.

"I love you Niall! Happy Anniversary!" I huffed out

"I love you too! Happy Anniversary!" He smiled

We then fell asleep in eachother's arms.


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