This Is The Real Me

Hi. I am Sadie Rozman. I am 18 years old. Im a cheerleader. Well.. Was. I am finishing up high school this year and its not going to great. I am being bullied by the boy I love... Um... Like... He is amazing yet a jerk. And when I was 13 my real father died. But i never knew him. I felt lost. My step father isnt so nice. He is always yelling at my mom. Well. I am Sadie. And this is MY story.


1. This Is Me.

These are events that are real. Im just mixing them up with One Direction. These are coming from my diary and all 100% true but with a little twist :) Um. Yeah! Enjoy! (I am not being bullied. The story just needed a little bit of flavor and a twist).

You know what hurts the most? When your heart gets broken over someone who isn't or wasnt yours. Or being lead on. Its like they make you like them and say that they like you but a minute later dating some ex of theirs from earlier in the year. But they act like nothing happened. But you are to scared to tell them how you really and truly feel because your afraid of the answer. Giving hints and they just dont get it. Its like some riddle nobody gets. And I swear he knows. But just doesnt want it to be true and just pushes it to the side to deal with.. Well.... Never. I bet most of you thought some one. I thought of.. Well.. Niall Horan. A bully. A sweet, hot, bully. He is your friend one minute and the next he is calling you fat and a slut for saying Hi to him. It really hurts. I hide it every day. Is that healthy. Probably not. I guess he just doesnt see it.


Oh? You wanna know more about me? When I was 13 years old. My real father passed away. I never met him. But i planed on it one day. My mom didnt understand what I was going through. I was hiding all emotions and said i didnt care but i went in my room and listened to Moments on replay. I cried and cried. Still nobody really knows and it makes me feel like I need some one to talk to about these things. But ever since My friends ditched me in 9th grade I just kinda came this secretive diary waiting to be read. Nothing ever happened. Since no one knew its like things got worse. More being bullied, more emotions built up. More strength i had.


But. One day I completely lost my mind. It was 10th grade I believe. It was at lunch. Niall came over to me and said something I will never forget. "Hey umm.. Sadie? I was wondering maybe your dad could possibly hang out with mine, Oh wait. Nevermind. I heard he was rude, stupid, always drunk, married other people like every year. No wonder you turned out like this. Dumb. Always.. hiding from things. Oh and how could I forget. SLUTTY!!!  Well. Carry on with your day Love." And left with a big smile on his face. Everybody was staring at me. My face was getting warm. Eyes watery. I looked at him. he was laughing like there was no tomorrow. I got up and went to the bathroom. Some of the REAL sluts followed to listen to me. I couldnt stand it. Luckily my mom wasnt home. She was out for the year with my step father. I crawled out the window and ran home. For the next week or two I starved myself and didnt show up to school. I went on facebook... Bad idea. 'Omg she is probably dead! Ha! Nobody will miss her anyway!' 'I love how she just ran away like that!' "I dont think she is dead! Maybe we could send bleach but like pretend its something else so she could drink it'




NONE OF THAT LAST PARAGRAPH IS TRUE!!!!!! Okayy hope you enjoyed!!

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