This Is The Real Me

Hi. I am Sadie Rozman. I am 18 years old. Im a cheerleader. Well.. Was. I am finishing up high school this year and its not going to great. I am being bullied by the boy I love... Um... Like... He is amazing yet a jerk. And when I was 13 my real father died. But i never knew him. I felt lost. My step father isnt so nice. He is always yelling at my mom. Well. I am Sadie. And this is MY story.


2. Days of Horror



Is it just me or do you miss the days where everything was jut so easy? Like not having to worry about your clothes, or the way you look. Now, if your clothes aren't just right, your judged instantly. If you look horrible they think you never shower or wear to much make-up. 'Fake'. You can never please anybody. Ever. Like, Boys. Well. More like Ex's. They are always messing with your head! Oh since we are talking about Ex's. 7th grade me and Niall dated for 6 Months. Yup. SHOCKER! But still true. Even then he messed with my head! One day all love. The next he tells all his friends he wants to date your best friend. Okay. Sorry got a little side tracked.. But I swear they know when your upset and use that against you. Its not fair at all! Have they ever done something you hate soo much right in your face? For example when you actually have time to  talk they wanna tell you something important but then say uh. Nevermind. I HATE THAT SOOO MUCH!!!!! Like ugh.


Am I the only person who hates that? No? Okay good.


Anyway. Every girl has a crush on a guy. 99.9% of all girls say its no one and yet its really some body really special to them. Like really special. And that other .01% really dont like some one or they arent exactly sure if it they do. At first this year I was that .01% I  knew liking Niall wasnt going to be a good idea and i really tried to avoid the whole boy thing for the year. But nope. Niall was always showing up and making fun of me. But it really didnt bug me. Those beautiful blue eyes. The way I see something in him. How I know something he hasnt figured out yet and probably wont want to figure it out. Yeah i wouldnt want to figure out that I like myself either. Not many people like me anyway. My mom kicked me out of the house. Yupp her too. I wonder what my father would have thought of me... Proud? Disappointing? Probably disappointing. Thats what i am to everybody else on the planet. A disappointment. 



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