Oh yeah, I'm the Cupid! (a Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic)

Valentine St. Valentine it's a bitchy girl who has two best friends (Justine and Katie) seven brother (too many names to put here), a 'friend with benefits' and studies in a school just for girls. Oh and she also doesn't believe in love...but unfortunatelly she was born on Valentine's Day and it's a Cupid. I mean...she is not a fat man who flies with a weapon! Noooo! She is just a girl who makes love happen between people even not believing in love (I know I have already said this before, but I just wanted to refresh your memory, dearie).

One day, in 2011, she is selling carrots with her friend Justine, when the perfect boy for Justine appears. Harry Edward Styles. But they don't want to be together! So, Valentine and Louis Tomlinson become partners in crime, so they can make them stay together,

But...are they making Harry and Justine fall for each other...or are THEY falling for each other?


3. Turn My Cupidy On


You thought I was talking about Harry Styles, right? Ok, I don't blame you. Usually people think Harry is the sexiest, intriguing and interesting boy of earth. I quite disagree. There is no boy more sexy, serious and interesting than Alan Carr. LOL! Just joking. I mean...he is Alan for God's sake! He is as mysterious as a piece of paper. But he is still my favorite presenter here from England.

Okay, so the boy who rocked my boat was Louis William Tomlinson. He used to rock my boat…now he rocks somebody else boat… Whatever…. before that, I'll tell how my day started, kay?

Hopped up out the bed, turned my swag on

Took a look in the mirror said wassup, wassup, wassup. Yeah!

I'm gettin' money. Oh! 

They told me 'round my hood

Every time they see me I look good

I'm gettin money. Oh!

I started to sing since I've woken up with that song in my head. Of course it was Cher Lloyd's version since I am ADDICTED to Cher (I like Keri too, but let’s face it, Cher rocks) She is a ghetto girl just like me! She says stuff just like swag and her clothes just ROCK. Of course I think this 'Brat' thing too girlie! Every saint fan of her is a 'Brat'. Sorry, this is too girlie in my opinion, but I’m practically a gay boy so it doesn’t matter. In my opinion even Jessie J is girlie, so whatever.

So I went down singing it. I am addicted to this song! I just adore everything that has 'swag'...well, unless Justin Bieber. He doesn't even know the truly meaning of swag, is just a kid and his songs definitely don't have 'swag'. Okay, I'm talking too much about swag.

"What's that sis?" Max asked while I was sitting on the table.  Max is the oldest of us all. He is blonde and has bright blue eyes just like dad and the rest of the family (unless me and the twins, of course, because WE AREN’T LUCKY!).

"Good morning, dear fellows. Let's say I woke up with the right feet today." I said while humming the song, giving Ricky and Tony a big kiss in theirs cheeks and making them ‘urghed’.

"And with your swag on!" Dean joked. Well, let's just say the only people that say 'swag' in the house are me, Ricky, Tony, Alvin and Theo. So, Max, Dean and dad joke with us all the time. And Simon...well, Simon is just being Simon.

"Well, when the day begins like this, it just means the end won't be that good." Simon commented while reading a book and drinking milk right after. Simon is the smarty one that saves the St. Valentine family. I love him, but sometimes he is too pessimist. 

"Shhh! Simon! Stop giving me bad luck." I 'whispered' knocking on the wood of the table three times. 

"Now you believe in luck?" Dean asked surprised. I don't believe in love AND luck. I'm not skeptical, okay dearie? Just realistic. 

"I believe in my swag. Does that count?"

I just didn’t know at that time that Simon was completely right and my swag wasn’t going to save me…


"Okay. Katie, Justie is right. Last time you were with the flowers." I said to my friends while putting the carrots on the booth so the costumers cold see it. We were in the street taking the carrots out of the car and it was 5:30 in the morning already.

"But I don't want to stay with the apples..." Katie mumbled faking sadness. I know Katie very well, so I knew she wasn't sad for that! Katie is smart and too cute to be sad for stupid stuff, so she just pretends to be. 

"Well, you will have to. And if the witch shows up, tell me so I can hide myself. Handing one witch is already hard enough-" 

"Hey, babe!" A boy that Justice called 'boyfriend' interrupted and kissed her. 

Blake.  Or, like I call him, Blark. Call me childish, but I'd rather the term stylisch.

"Hey, love!" Justie exclaimed excited. Then a weird silence came up. I wasn't going to talk to Blakie and neither was Katie. Let’s just say we have good taste. 

Then Justie pouted at Blake so he could realize he should say something and then he FINALLY said: "Katie, Valentine." GENIUS, just GENIUS! This man is going to win the Nobel Prize someday, I'm telling ya! *sarcast mode on*

"Demon." I answered polite as always. I mean, c'mon! Blake is black haired and has a bad boy position that is not swaggy at all! So I should just think one thing: he is demon! Besides he and Justie just aren’t cute together! She seems like she went out of a movie like “Clueless” with her blond hair and blue eyes while he went out of something like “The Orphan”. Just a fact.

"Why do you hate me so much?" He questioned curious about me. He looked at me like if I was a rat lab. Weirdo...

"Ahn... You treat Justie badly." I replied straight as usual. 

"No, he doesn't-" Justine started until he interrupted her...AGAIN. Sometimes I felt like I had to kill her so she could notice how he is an IDIOT THAT DOESN’T LIKE/ADORE/WHATEVER HER ENOUGH!

"Shhh. And...?" Politeness, we see here. 

"If you love her that much, then you shouldn't." I stopped staring at him, turned my back and grabbed some more carrots and stuff putting on the booth. 

"I thought you didn't believe in love..." He commented outing emphases in the L word. I wanted to kill him so badly. Oh I did…

"I still don't. But if she has to fool herself with some idiot, the idiot must be sweet to her." I replied skeptical and smiling ironically while turning around and staring his mean eyes. He was TEASING!

"How kind." 

"Seven brothers."

"This can't be your excuse forever, Cupid." He said smiling too. Then he suddenly stopped, thought something (THAT'S NEWS! I didn't even know he had a brain!) and smiled "If you are that great cupid as people say why don't you get me a girlfriend then?" Okay, he was asking for this.

"I tried, dearie. But when I called Oz, they said to me the Wicked Witch of the West was already dead."

"BAM!" Katie, who was just watching with Justine our fight, suddenly screamed making me smile. Let's just say that Justine and Katie are ladies while I’m not so is quite unusual she screaming stuff like that in the middle of a discussion. But don’t let this cute image fool you, Katie does everything for her friends. I mean once Blake almost beat Justine, but he didn’t ‘cause she got pissed off and started yelling at him. It was quite odd since Justine does the yelling part usually.

"Okay. I challenge you to find a boy better than me to Justie." One thing you should know about me: I’M THE MOST COMPETITIVE PERSON ON EARTH! Not kidding. My P.E. teacher sometimes gets scared when I start a fight in school. What could I do if that bitch was tricking me? She de-ser-ved!

"Does it have a time?"

"Take your time. But I sure don't want competition on my wedding day." He smiled and gave a speechless Justine a big and wet French kiss.


"Quite funny, Blake. You will see. I'll find a boy so good, but so good, you will be speechless." That is how I rule. I would make him beg to make that boy go away. Oh I would.

"It's on."

"It's so on."

Now I have to turn my "Cupid" on. 


"Okay, Vally. Sell some carrots, kay?" Dad said carefully while people came to see our booth. It was just 6 am so it didn’t have so many, but between 8 and 9 that place would rock!

"Dad, look at me. I'm the best carrots seller ever." I assured him while smiling and expecting him to chuckle, but he just nodded worried.

"I know, honey. I know. Oh and stay calm." He was worried about me getting stressed?

"What does that mean?" I asked while analyzing his expressions. 

"Last year you were all day mumbling that Brazil's Valentine's Day is on June and that's better and the year before that you stopped a History professor who wanted some apples just to ask if Father Valentine really existed." Okay…maybe it happened…but it wasn’t like that.

"He said he believed so. That means that these are his beliefs-" I was just pissed off because people came to my booth to ask LOVE ADVICE! I got crazy! And this man said Father Valentine existed what was the same as asking me for death sentence.

And that man was being affected by his beliefs. "Valentine, that man was a bloody history teacher, not Father Valentine."

"I know I overreacted..."

Suddenly two little demons that should be taking care of the lettuce and tomatoes appeared under the booth and started to get into MY BUSINESS! "Overreacted? You almost threw the carrots on the man's face..." 


"That was sensational!" Alvin said coming together and HEARING MY CONVERSATION! Where is my privacy?! I don’t know how to describe how the brothers St. Valentine are gossipy and…

"I taped it!" …like to remember every single detail of your miserable life FO-RE-VEEEER!

"Oh God... But even the Catholic Church agrees with me! Several differing martyrologies have been added to later hagiographies that are unreliable. For these reasons this liturgical commemoration was not kept in the Catholic calendar of saints for universal liturgical veneration as revised in 1969." I spoke making all my brothers look at me speechless and impressed. Let’s just say: I rock!

But it didn’t matter ‘cause I always have Dean, Ricky and Tony to end my happiness. "Wikipedia copy..." Dean coughed while chuckling.

“YES, IT WAS A WIKPEDIA COPY! Judge me!” These boys were driving me crazy!

"69. I like this number." I didn’t even need to look at his eyes to know it was Tony. Always a love of a person… He always finds a second meaning in sentences and it usually was a sexual one.

"Like if you have already done the position." I replied making all the boys ‘wooed’ as if I was doing some kind of challenge. These boys…

"Do you wanna do it with me?" Tony wasn’t going to let me have the last word for sure. But neither would I. 

"After you." All the boys were frightened unless Dean who was too occupied putting his fruits in sale and dad who was almost screaming “THAT’S MY GIRL!” full of pride.

Then the boys looked at each other and screamed AT THE SAME BLOODY TIME! "BEST SISTER EVA!" and just went hug me! You know, these boys are craaaazy! And I would die without air in that oppressive hug if dad didn’t scream.

"Okay guys. Time to work..." Making them mumble and letting me stay with my carrots ALONE for the very first time.


Some hours after I was there selling some carrots to some teenage girls who also wanted to know how to get a new boyfriend when I see him. I don’t quite know how but I know he is the one. With that bright smile and beautiful light eyes I just know… Harry Styles is perfect for Justine.

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