Oh yeah, I'm the Cupid! (a Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic)

Valentine St. Valentine it's a bitchy girl who has two best friends (Justine and Katie) seven brother (too many names to put here), a 'friend with benefits' and studies in a school just for girls. Oh and she also doesn't believe in love...but unfortunatelly she was born on Valentine's Day and it's a Cupid. I mean...she is not a fat man who flies with a weapon! Noooo! She is just a girl who makes love happen between people even not believing in love (I know I have already said this before, but I just wanted to refresh your memory, dearie).

One day, in 2011, she is selling carrots with her friend Justine, when the perfect boy for Justine appears. Harry Edward Styles. But they don't want to be together! So, Valentine and Louis Tomlinson become partners in crime, so they can make them stay together,

But...are they making Harry and Justine fall for each other...or are THEY falling for each other?


2. A normal day in my wacko life


Sooo...hi again. You are still here. Just one question: whyyyy? I mean, c'mon! I'm so boring that even Sheldon Cooper is cooler than me. I am serious, man. I keep mumbling: "My name is horrid...Bloody hell... Swag...I hate being the Cupid...BLEBLEBLE!" Why do you do this to yourself? Are you masochist?

Okay, okay... I know this story may be boring sometimes just like this chapter is. I mean, c'mon! I am boring! But you don't wanna listen this so, here it goes:

So, I said it all started in the Valentine's Day, right? Well, before that I have to tell you how my normal days were, so this chapter will start in February 13th, a happy Friday in the city of London when I haven't met Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson or even thought about it yet...

~2 years ago~

The bell rang...FREEDOM *Nicki Minaj feelings*! Yeah! Finally! Miss Seixas is SOOO boring! I like history a lot, but that lady needed to know that was a bloody history class and not a psychiatric session! I literally know EVERYTHING about her life! Not kidding. The only problem was...the history's tests were about, well, history and not about her life! If they were I'd just receive 10s.

I got out of my desk, got my things and went to the hallway full of girls with the cute uniform of the St. Adams Academy, and two girls immediately caught my eyes. One was a brunette tall and slim teenager with kind brown eyes who was talking happily to a blonde with focused blue eyes and a bright smile right in front of my locker.

I smiled to myself and went in their direction. "Excuse me, you whores, I need to put my-"

"VALENTINE! Respect me, please!" The brunette said, cute as always, while hugging me. "Katie! Not in public please!" I exclaimed trying to get out of that affection demonstration that really, really embarrassed me. I know she is my best friend, but please, I'm a person not a Teddy Bear. And I hate hugs. I have way too much swag to hug someone.

"Okay, Val..." Justine interrupted with those blue eyes staring straight at me. She is always like that, straight and direct. "Say it. How many couples?" I counted in my mind and got a little sad there weren't so many in that day."Ummm...I'd say...3."

I know that I hate being a Cupid, but I kind of like letting my friends impressed...

"Whooo?" Just like that.

They thought it was awesome being the Cupid. Poor naïve girls...they didn't have any idea at the time of what I passed through...

"You gossipy girls! The twins Paris and London of St. Maria with the twins Orlando and Washington of St. Inacio and Lily of our Spanish class, with Kendall's friend James...." I informed remembering each couple and how much they paid me. Yes, I get paid. C'mon, I'm not mean! It's already awful being a Cupid and now I have to do it for free? No, no, no! If I have a gift I have to use it for the good...of myself! Not the humanity! Please, I'm not Superman. I'm more like...the Iron Man. He is cool, gets the chicks and has a cool soundtrack besides the swag. (Yes, I talk like that, but please give me a discount. I live with EIGHT men in my incredible home)

It sucks being a Cupid and it isn't THAT expensive to hire me... Just like 20 pounds. Just that. "Oh God..." I suddenly realized I made a couple that was Lily with James...Got it?

"What?" Justine asked with her eyes wild as always. Justine is my best friend, but I have to say, this girl has a GIANT mouth. Really. She is so gossipy that when I WHISPERED to her my brother was into her, she SCREAMED to the whole school. Until today Max is angry with me...but it just wasn't meant to be. If it was I'd know for sure.

"Now I understand why they said if they had a son the name would be Harry." I commented while putting my books in my locker and going out of school while my friends followed me.

"Ahn?" Let's say Just isn't the smartest of them all.

"Ahhh! Harry Potter." Katie screamed happily. Well, at least one of them was smart...

"Exactly. They said I'd be the godmother! Quickly, what happened to Harry's godmother?" I asked while passing through the doors and feeling the 'sun' on my face. Haha! Sun! In London, in the winter (almost autumn)! What about no? The only sun I'd see until September would be in movies. Oh yeah, and that year the weather was being kind.

"That I know he only had a godfather and he was murdered by his cousin when Harry was 15." Katie replied and sat in the school's stair as always, just relaxing while feeling the 'sun' on her face.

"Great. Now Terri will come from Mississippi just to kill me. I didn't think she was going to be mad because of that. I just scared some cows of her!" I joked while sitting next to her and putting my sunglasses and I just DON'T KNOW WHY! It was bloody CLOUDY! I was stupid, let's just say that. Seriously, I look to the past and... I feel SO ashamed of myself. I was so childish, stupid and such a retard. I thought using sunglasses when cloudy would turn my swag on. *Cher Lloyd feelings*

"Okay, you joker. Now tell us, are you going to school tomorrow?" Just Justie being polite and cute as always *sarcasm mode on*.

"Look at my face, Justine. Does it seem I'm going to school in Valentine's Day?" I looked at her like: 'R u rlly asking me dis?' Let's just say I learned this with my brothers... What? Having bigger brothers is good...if you are woman enough and doesn't doubt of your own sexuality.

"Hahaha! Okay, okay. Can I sell the flowers this time?" I was about to say 'Do whatever you want' when Katie interrupted me.

"What?! I don't want to stay with the apples! They are boring." It's so funny when Katie says 'boring'. I mean, it is fun when she says anything with her accent. She is from Bryan, Texas, US. If an American speaking is already funny enough, imagine a southern.

"Maybe the Snow White's witch will come to buy some of them and witches get better along with witches..." LOL! Oh God there would be a scene...

"Hey, girls." A guy with sunglasses, (I just have to say here in London we all use sunglasses when it's cloudy. It's cloudy every bloody day and we think it's 'swag') black hair and tall smiled at us while we all got up.

"He-ey, Jessie." "Hi-i, Jessie."

I was seriously ashamed of my friends now. They acted like if he was God! He was just a boy, not Tony Stark (as you can see, I have a true passion for the Ironman. C'mon he is the hottest superhero and is rich!)

"Wassup, Stark?" Okay, maybe they shared the same last name, but whatever.

"Nothing much...just talking with the boys. So, are you going to school tomorrow?" I looked at him with the same face I gave Just. "Okay, okay I got it. I just have to tell you, St. Valentine, the Starks will rock this year."

Oh, I forgot to inform you, he is my family's biggest enemy. Cliche, I know. I say this to my dad all the time. But you think he listens to me? Nooooo! He has vegetables to sell!

"Just in your sweetest dreams, dearie." The Starks have a big booth in the fair that happens every day of the week. Of course it changes place according the day of the week and this time it would happen near Canada Water, my favorite park.

"You wanna see us smashing with your family?" He whispered close enough to feel his warm halite in my ear, but not close enough to actually smell his halite. I just saw Katie and Just's eyes get bigger. These girls...

"I wanna see you try. The talk is good, but I have to get going. Good luck, dearie." I said trying to get out so I didn't have to answer certain questions from certain people.

"Break the leg." He wished smiling at me in a bad boy way.

"I'll break yours for you."


"Hey, Dean!" I hugged my 22 year old brother while getting home.

"Hey Val! How was your day?" He asked looking at me with those kind blue eyes of the family St. Valentine that only I and the twins don't have.

"It didn't have the swag of always. I just have to let clear, Miss Seixas is still boring." I went to my room being followed by Dean closer. I just lied on my bed and felt in heaven, until I saw two little devils on my door.

"That woman haven't died last year?" Ricky asked terrified with those brown eyes and brown hair of his. "Yeah, I thought we missed her funeral." Tony just went into the room while completing his twin's thoughts. How kind.

"Hahaha. Tony, Ricky, that's mean..." I can assure you Tony and Ricky are EXACTLY the same, but I can also say Tony has a bigger eyes and Ricky is more polite too. They are tall, handsome and complete idiots. What can I say? These are the best twins ever!

"That's what she deserves after sending us to the director." Ricky mumbled making Dean and I laugh.

"And what have you two do to make the poor lady do that?" Dean asked authoritarian as always and making the twins scared.



"Maybe we have made a soundtrack to her class." Rick murmured pretending be ashamed but I caught he smiling at Tony.

"What do you mean?" I questioned always curious about their plans.

"I mean, when she got in we put the Darth Vader song in the speakerphone, then when she started to talk we put Blahblahblah by Ke$ha and when she screamed with us we put-"

"Dinner time!" Daddy screamed saving them of Dean's anger.

"You are crazy!" I laughed already getting down and being followed by my sweet brothers.


"So...tomorrow is Valentine's Day-" My dad started in the middle of the dinner.

"Oh no..." Tony murmured horrified.

"The Valentine's day discourse again no..." Rick completed. These two are trouble certainly. They wanted me to arrange a pair of hot twins since I learned to talk! I mean, c'mon! Every saint girl wanted them, but NOOO! It must be a pair of hot twins!

"The sells will become bigger...but you already know that. I just want to remember it's also the 16th birthday of our young Valentine..." Oh great! The b-day discourse! That just meant one thing. Someone was going to ask-

"Can you please tell us how she got this beautiful name agai-AUCH!" THIS! I kicked Alvin's balls under the table and he just looked at me painfully. What could I do if I was raised with ogres?

"Well, your mother and I always called each other Secret Valentines, so when she gave birth to Val she looked at me and said "Valentine"." Everybody (including me) looked at him like "Rlly, r u telling us dis s**t, bro?"

"LIE!" Ricky and Tony screamed together

"TELL THE TRUE STORY!" Theo exclaimed wildly getting up.

"Oh God..." I smiled looking the table. Alvin and Theodore were screaming with dad, Max was watching TV, Simon was reading a book, Dean was looking horrified and the twins were putting food in the Coke while singing Open Happiness and I wasn't going to drink that for sure.

"Okay, you freaking retards. SIT YOUR BLOODY ASSES DOWN AND I'LL TELL THE STORY!" Kindness, we see here. Everyone turned to daddy because everyone adores the real story. Even me. "I was drunk and it was Valentine's Day so when the bloody man who was also drunk asked me: "What's your daughter's name?" I said "Happy Valentine's Day, buddy." the retard thought this was Valentine's name! Are you satisfied now, you little bastards?" We all screamed like a bunch of monkeys eating bananas. This family is the best, man!

"Let's toast." I exclaimed excited and happy getting up.

"To what?" Alvin asked a little bit confused.

"To Valentine's Day." I answered happily. I really don't like Valentine's Day, but this is still my family and I just wanted to toast.

"But just Dean has a girlfriend." Not surprised, dearie.

"To my birthday then." They all looked to each other and as always in someone's birthday, they toasted...

"Tears!" and threw their drinks in me! Family St. Valentine tradition, baby.

"Let's rock with the Starks tomorrow!" I screamed honored and wet.

"Let's f**k with them!" That's the kind of stuff you hear when you have a bunch of men are in your life.

I just didn't know yet another man was about to come...and he would shake my life hard...and with swag.

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