Oh yeah, I'm the Cupid! (a Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic)

Valentine St. Valentine it's a bitchy girl who has two best friends (Justine and Katie) seven brother (too many names to put here), a 'friend with benefits' and studies in a school just for girls. Oh and she also doesn't believe in love...but unfortunatelly she was born on Valentine's Day and it's a Cupid. I mean...she is not a fat man who flies with a weapon! Noooo! She is just a girl who makes love happen between people even not believing in love (I know I have already said this before, but I just wanted to refresh your memory, dearie).

One day, in 2011, she is selling carrots with her friend Justine, when the perfect boy for Justine appears. Harry Edward Styles. But they don't want to be together! So, Valentine and Louis Tomlinson become partners in crime, so they can make them stay together,

But...are they making Harry and Justine fall for each other...or are THEY falling for each other?


1. Prologue


So...my name is Valentine St. Valentine. Yes, that’s my real name. Yes, I hate it as much as you love it. I mean…imagine that!

“What is your name?”


“Last name?”

“St. Valentine.”

“I mean last name, sweetie.”

“This is my last name.”

That’s what I live every single day of my life! I forgot how many times I had to show my freaking ID just because people didn’t believe in me. Well, at least there are people like me in this world. One day, I met Silvio Silva. Yeah, he liked me too…. Our names kind of made us friends. There is Tyler Tyler. Poor boy….Oh and we can’t forget the American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips. And the dad of Phillip Phillips is also Phillip Phillips! Yeah, they suffer as much I do and I am sure of that.

Oh, and I’m a student, but in my free time I sell carrots.

Judge me.

Yeah, I sell carrots! Of course we sell all vegetables, but dad usually let me with the carrots while my brothers the others because carrots is my favorite food and this is our specialty.  Carrots.

Oh, do you have any idea of how many brothers I have? No? I have SEVEN brothers. SEVEN! No sisters. Just brothers. I’m all by myself. Yeah, I now it’s depressing sometimes.  But they are all special to me. Max, Dean, Antony, Richard, Simon, Alvin and Theodore (we call the last ones the chipmunks. I know! They hate it. But they call me Cupid so they kind of know what let me angry) and we just live with our dad because mom died a long time ago. Yeah, and now you think I’m lesbian because I just live with man. But not exactly.

I study in a girl’s school since I’m 4 years old, so I can pretty much say that, even living with a bunch of older men in my house, I was raised as a lady. My dad thought this was the best for me. C’mon, I was his little girl and I didn’t have any woman to talk to. Of course he put me there because he also doesn’t want me going out with any boy (I was 4 years old and he thought like that. Let’s say daddy is a little jealous and  I’m a daddy’s girl.) even he doesn’t admitting it.

Oh, you have to know I HATE Valentine’s Day. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. But it’s also my birthday day so I can’t hate that much. I KNOOOOW! My name is Valentine St. Valentine and my birthday is on Valentine’s Day. Let’s just say they called me Cupid on school…and I AM A REAL CUPID!

I mean, I’m not a fat man with wings and a weapon. That would be soooo ew. I’m a normal girl who makes couples

Yeah, my life sucks…

You must be just like: “But Valentine, being cupid is cute!”

Ummm… NO! Being cupid SUCKS! I mean, I make everybody (EVERYBODY) falls in love! Even my backer! Yeah, he and the butcher are marrying now and I was called to be the maid. THAT’S DEPRESSING, YOU KNOW! I am ALWAYS the maid! That’s just incredible. Always.

It’s just so horrible to a girl that doesn’t believe in love to be the perfect cupid to desperate people. I mean, c’mon! Yeah, I don’t believe in love. So what? Yes, I like to kiss and stuff, but not to fall in love. In my opinion the person who falls in love is idiot. Because love doesn’t exist, so how will they fall in love? They are fooling themselves with these stupid hormones… And that’s why it’s hard to see my best friends, Justine and Katie, falling in love!

No, their names aren’t Justine Justice or Katie Katz. I wish… They are Justine Thorne and Katie Tyler. What can I say? Katie is dating Kendall, a boy of school I arranged specially for her (yes, I did, yes, I’m that awesome *sarcasm mode on*) and Justine is dating Blake (No, it’s not Blake Blaze either). I hate Blake. I didn’t arrange him for sure. He is an idiot who treats Justine badly! I just arrange great people and it usually ends up in marriage. I’m not kidding. It ended in marriage 99, 9% of the times and the only time it didn’t it was because the girl died one day before the wedding.  There was nothing I could do; I’m a stupid cupid, not a bloody angel!

Okay, so you are probably asking yourself: “But, Valentine, why are you telling me this?”

Okay, okay, random reader, I’m telling this because I have to explain how I met Louis and how our ‘relation’ started. I mean, ‘relation’ as a friend’s relation, kay?

So, it all started in the Valentine’s Day, when I was trying to arrange Justine a boy who was Harry Edward Styles.

Yeah, I’m the cupid.

And it all started in 2011...

A/N: This is my first fic here so I hope you enjoy! Comment and vote! Love ya! Xxxx


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