Hunger games my way

this is a story I will write and it is going to be me and my friends in the hunger games arena fighting to the death but this time there is a twist


1. The Games

my name is sierra aand i was chosen to me in the Hunger Games and in this part of the world where I live it is a little different they chose i pereson and they put all of their best friends and siblings in the games with them it is just sick but I got chosen and they put my sistertalia and all of my friends in with me I think someof them would kikll if they needed to but i am so freeked because we had to kill each other and I was so scared but I am in the arena now 5,4,3,2,..........................................1 LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN....................AND THEN I START TO RUN THE OPPOSIT DIDRECTION WHEN I see evry one walk to the middle and i join in and we hold hands and then sit on the cornicopia and wait and has been 6 days now and we are starting to slowly almost die of because of hunger and so we find food and then they answer and say u all will congrdulations and we all start to hung when suddenly half of us are dead and Nolan our murdering ffriend has gone crazy and decids to kil us all to just win and me shaughnesy anna christian lucas lexi and nolan are theonly ones left and we are the best of friends and can calm eachother so we try to calm nolan and he kills anna and christian thenwe get him calm and we ( Me Shaughnesy lexi lucas and nolan) are all safe what a horrible HUNGER GAMES


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