Unexpected Valentine (Niall Horan)

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The boys are coming to America for Valentine's day. They are all bringing their girlfriends, the ones that have them anyway which is Louis, Zayn, and Liam. Harry is going to find a girl in America and Niall is going to be alone with no one to celebrate the day with. In America, Kayleigh is alone on Valentine's day too. All of her friends have valentines but, she unfortunately does not. She is OK with it claiming that food is her valentine. Her and Niall meet unexpectedly on Valentine's day. What happens? You will have to read to find out.


1. Unexpected Valentine

 Niall's P.O.V

            "Are you boys packed? We have to pick up the girls and head to America." Louis screams.

            "Not yet Lou! I have to be perfect for Perrie on Valentine's day!" Zayn screams back.

             That's Zayn. Liam, Louis, and Zayn are taking their girlfriends to America for Valentine's day. Harry and I are going along too. Harry's exact words were I'll find someone there. I am just going to be alone with food as my valentine. It won't be so bad because food is a gift and my valentine would be giving me the gift of food which is itself.

              I finish packing my last shirt and head down to Louis with my bag. He points for me to head to the van. I do so and put my bag in and take my rightful spot where I always sit. Evberybody is out and in the van shortly after me. Louis get in the drivers seat and heads to pick up the girls. It doesn't take very long. Once the girls we head to the airport and are off to America.



Kayleigh's P.O.V

              I am alone on Valentine's day. It is because I like One Direction but, all my friends got valentines and they like One Direction. Oh well. I will be fine with food as my valentine. It's a gift anyway so I will stick with it.  Besides, I didn't expect a valentine because I am not the most popular girl but, I am near the middle since i play sports and are friends with people the are higher than me in the popularity ladder. Even if food is with me I am still technically alone. "Kayleigh are you sure you'll be OK because we can find you a last minute valentine." Heather says

              "I'm sure I'm fine. Food is my valentine forever and always." I say back because I have said this multiple times and she still won't listen.

              "Well that is you Kayleigh. You're just a typical Horan."

              "I don't even know Niall."

              " Oh but, you will soon. At least we hope because we can't stand seeing you being alone and dating food anymore."

              "I'm not dating food! I am perfectly where I am atand loving food is me and you can't change that." After I said this Heather left to get last minute things done before tomorrow.

              I head to my house and along the way I get hungry so I pull out a bag of gummy bears. Looks like my valentiine got me an early gift. He picked well because I love gummy  bears.

             Once I reach my house I walk right up to my room and dive onto my bed. I have had such a long day with everyone obsessing over tomorrow. I don't see the big piont in it if i didn't say that earlier. I don't see the poiint because you can give each other gifts any day. I have never felt this way about Valentine's day before. Ok, maybe I am upset about not having a valentine. I should call Heather to get me a valentine but, she is probably busy. I will call a little later when she most likely won't be bust getting ready for tomorrow.





Niall's P.O.V

               After a long plane ride of questions about why I don't have a valentine, why I am not upset, and if I care that I don't have a valentine we finally touched down in America. I hurriedly get off the plane to wait for the others. As soon as Harry gets off the plane he starts flirting with girls. "Find one yet?" I ask after he returns from the girls.

              "No. They are all leaving. There is one out there though. I'll just have to wait."

              Now that everyone is off the plane we walk through the airport and get into out rental car. I am silent on the way to the hotel which isn't normal for me. At the hotel we walk up to our rooms and I go right in mine. Throwing my bag as I am jumping onto my bed and sprawling out as soon as I hit the bed.

              I am so tried. I fall asleep thinking why don't I have a valentine? I am woken up the next morning by light shining in my eyes. I didn't shut the curtain last night. I get up and look at the time. 10:30. Time to get dressed and walk the streets alone. I take my time getting dressed and doing my hair. After I brush my teeth I am out the door.

              I begin to walk the streets alone. It is a little depressing seeing all of the couples and then me. All of the couples are rushing to get to their destinations. They are all looking at me funny and I think trying to figure out if something is wrong with me. I don't think there is anything wrong with me. There can't be anything wrong with me because there is another person walking alone. It's a girl. She is probably on her way to meet her boyfriend. I don't doubt that I am the only one/

             "Oh sorry." a girl's voice speaks.

             "What?" I ask confused

             "I ran into you. I'm sorry. I should step out of your way so you can go meet with your girlfriend." She says stepping out of my way.

             "No. You're fine I don't have a girlfriend or valentine."

             "You don't either? I mean sorry."

             "Wait, you don't have a valentine?"


             "Do you want to hang out today so we aren't alone.'

             "Sure! Just so you know I'm not alone. I have food."

             "Same here."

             "I'm Kayleigh by the way."

             "I'm Niall."

             "That's why you look so much like him! You are him."

             Wow she really thought I was just a look alike of myself. It was probably just a coincidence that I ahve an Irish accent too. "I'm kidding. I knew who you were from the start. You must have thought I was stupid."

             "You stayed pretty calm."

             "That's what I do. I'm kidding. Are you hungry?"

             "Yeah. When am I not?"

             "Same here. There is this cool restaurant b-" I cut her off

              "I'm the guy here so let me take you, the girl somewhere. OK?"


             I grab her hand and lead her back to the hotel. I figured since we don't really know eachother we shouls stay in the hotel and eat in  my room. Once we are in my room I order room service. Spaghetti and chocolate covered strawberries. What? It's Valentine's day I have to be a little romantic.

            The food gets here and we sit on the bed and enjoy the meal. She tells me about herself and I tell her about me.





Kayleigh's P.O.V

           I am sitting on a bed eating foos with Niall Horan on Valentine's day. What could be better than this? Nothing. I hear the door open but, Niall amd I are in the middle of sharing the last strawberry so I ignore it. "Well, what have we got here? Niall sharing food with a girl?" a voice says "That's so sweet. Niall I didn't think you had a valentine."

          "I do now Eleanor. Don't say anything Louis. I met her on the street and she was alone like me and had food as a valentine too."

          "Cool. Well you're sharing food. You know hat that means. She is perfect for you!" Louis says

          "Yep. So Kayleigh will you be my girlfriend even though we just met today?"

          "Yes! I will!"

          This has been the best Valentine's day ever and to conclude it Niall asked me out. This is better than when NIall and I were just sitting on the bed eating. Well I got an unexpected valentine and boyfriend today.







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