Baby Lips

Harry Styles was used to getting what he wanted. But that seemed to change when Scarlett McVay crashed into his life... literally.

Harry wants the one girl that doesn't want him back, and he'll do anything to have her.

Winning what you want might mean losing something you need.


12. Twelve


It is hard to focus in a theory of mathematics class. But it is even more hard to focus in a theory of mathematics class when you have plans with Zayn Malik right after. My antsy, clammy hands fidgeted in my lap. I did my best to stare down my professor. I tried so hard to actually listen to what she was saying about formulas and such that I had already learned about prior to taking this class, but my mind kept wandering off into its own imaginary world.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was going to say once I saw Zayn. Or what he would be wearing. Or if what I was wearing was too much or not good enough. I kept wondering if it would be a bit awkward between us at first, but based on the flow of our telephone conversation Thursday, it wouldn’t be awkward at all. 

My professor began to pack up her things and my ears perked up. I rested my elbows on my open notebook as I finally listened to her closing words.

“Class dismissed, but don’t forget your paper’s due tonight by seven o’clock.” She scanned her beady eyes over the rim of her red glasses. “Sharp.” She swung her black messenger bag over her shoulder and strutted out of the the classroom on her worn out heels.

I slammed my back against the chair in a fit of frustration. My head falling in my hands. I mumbled curse words under my breath. How could I forget that paper? She had been reminding us about it non-stop! And it was due tonight, when I had plans with Zayn Malik for God’s sake. My fingers gripped my messy brown hair that fell flat on either side of my head.

“What’s wrong?” I heard an accented voice call from my left. I looked through my fingers at the girl who the voice belonged too. I furrowed my thick eyebrows in confusion. “Harry Styles hasn’t called you back yet?” Her tone was mocking as she rolled her eyes and stormed out of the room. 

I exhaled loudly, trying to shake off that broad and her comment. I quickly shoved my things in my large cross body bag and tossed my tangled hair in a messy bun. I ran out of the classroom with my head low and eyes on my feet.



My balled fist hovered over Zayn’s door for a moment, but I quickly knocked twice and retracted my  hand back to my side. I took a shaky breath when I heard a lock being turned and the door swung open. Zayn smiled as he leaned his forearm against the door frame. The other one brought up to his mouth as he took a slow bite of his red apple. 
“Hi.” I whispered. He wore a black v-neck and jeans. His tanned skin looking even darker against the contrast of the colors he wore. He pushed himself off the door frame.  
“How are you?” He asked motioning me to step inside. I nodded and stepped next to him. He closed the door behind me and I marveled at his flat.  
It was what you expected from a boy’s living quarters. It was messy, but not too bad. He had a lot of paintings hung up on the wall as well as albums tossed around a stereo in the living room. I would like nothing more than to spend at least an hour just exploring this place, but I don’t think Zayn would approve of that. Maybe some other time... 
“I’m great.” I smiled and adjusted the scarf around my neck. “How about you?” Zayn shrugged and chewed another piece of his apple.  
“I’m alright.” Zayn began to walk into his living room, I hesitated before I followed him. “Your class was good?” He asked. I winced when I remembered my paper due. I had written some in my notebook on the train ride up, yet I still had a large portion of it to write. And it was due in T minus five hours. Zayn quirked an eyebrow, confused at my facial expression. 
“Do you have a computer?” I asked. I knew the answer would be yes, but I doesn’t hurt to ask. Zayn laughed lightly. 
“Yeah... why?” He crossed his arms over his chest. My eyes lingered on the tattoos on either of his arms. I would much rather be diving into a conversation about the meaning of them rather than my school work. 
“Well, I’m a complete idiot and forgot I had a paper due today.” I paused to shake my head and push some of the loose hairs that fell out of my bun behind my ears. “Do you think I could use your computer to finish it?” Zayn smiled and nodded before disappearing from the room.  
I peeled my bag off my body and set it down on the coffee table before sitting on the black leather couch next to it. Zayn reappeared with a silver MacBook tucked under his arm. 
“Ta-da!” He handed to me. I giggled and opened up the computer, heading straight for internet to type up my paper. That would most likely be half facts and half bull shit. Zayn took a seat next to me. His arms out stretched behind me. It made my stomach tighten. 
“So, if you’re studying math... how do you write a paper about numbers?” He asked. I smirked. 
“Well, it’s for a theory of mathematics class.” I responded and glanced up at the confusion in his face. I smiled again. “It’s like... the history of math and its different theories.” Zayn nodded and I tried to believe that he actually understood the course I was taking. 
“And what do you have to write the paper on?” I was a bit surprised at how engrossed he was on the subject. But, very happy that he had an interest on the boring things I had to do everyday. 
“Pretty much just bull shit about different mathematicians and what they did in their boring lives.” I laughed and reached for the notebook I had written the start of my paper in earlier. Zayn chuckled. I opened my notepad. “But, I already wrote about four pages on the train here. Which will probably be about five and a half pages on the computer, which means I only have about two pages more to write.” I smiled up at him. He let out another laugh. 
“You really are a nerd aren’t you?” He said finally regaining his breath. I rolled my eyes and began to type away on the keyboard. “But that’s okay...” Zayn began again and I halted my typing to look up at him. “I’ve always had a thing for smart girls.” He batted his long eyelashes slowly before morphing his pink lips into a smile. I practically melted into a puddle at his feet. 
I spent the next hour typing away and listening to Zayn’s banter. We actually had a lot in common. We liked the same music and food. He told me he would invite me over again so he could make me a chicken dinner, since we both agreed it was our favorite food. I finally finished my paper and and e-mailed it to my professor in time. Before I could close the computer Zayn snatched it out of my lap, his fingertips grazing the tops of my legging covered thighs. I fought back a horrible blush. 
He opened up Twitter and began scrolling through his timeline. He glanced at me looking over his shoulder. 
“Mind if I mention you in a tweet?” I shrugged my shoulders. It’s not like any of their fans are actually going to do anything. They’ll just freak out and type in all caps until their fingers go numb. And that is their problem... not mine. 
@zaynmalik: hanging with my one and only nerd @scar_mcvay ! :) x 
I rolled my eyes at his tweet and quickly fished out my phone. Turning it off so I wouldn’t be hounded with several notifications of mentions and new followers.  
“So,” I shifted on the couch, “are you excited for your concert this weekend?” Zayn shut his computer and pushed it next to him.  
“Yeah, really excited actually.” I ran a hand through his jet black hair. “I love performing. It’s a massive rush.” He shook his head and averted his caramel eyes to mine. “You should come.”  
“Well, I have a ticket.” I blurted out. Zayn’s brown wrinkled in confusion. I really needed to work on the skill of thinking out your sentences before spewing them out.  
“Did you buy it or something?” He chucked, yet still seemed utterly dumbfounded. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. My eyes shook frantically as I thought of an excuse.  
“Harry, uh, he actually gave it to me.” I began to tell the truth, but bent it once I saw Zayn’s face turn from quizzical to concerned. “Well, you remember when I took him home that night you guys were in Oxford?” He nodded his head. “He, um... sent it to me. As some kind of, thank you I guess.” I stammered and began to pick at invisible lint on my leggings.  
“So you’re coming then?” Zayn asked. I continued to stare at my folded hands in my lap. My shoulders rising and falling quickly. 
“I’m not sure...” I trailed off. Zayn groaned. 
“Awh, c’mon Scarlett!” He smiled and stood up from the couch. “You have to come.” He reached out for my wrist and yanked me off the couch. I laughed as I stumbled into him.  
“I think I have something for school that night.” I shook my head and looked up at him. His smile never fading, just deepening. The structure of his cheekbones and jaw line becoming for prominent by the second. 
“I can see right through your excuses.” I squinted my eyes at him and smirked. 
“Oh, can you?” Zayn wiggled his eyebrows before dragging me into the kitchen with him. I sat down on one of the stools by the counter as he opened up his cupboards, in search of something to eat. He shook his head at the scant amount of food he had and reached in his back pocket of his jeans for his cell phone. 
“How does pizza for dinner sound?” He asked with a coy smile. 
After much more conversation and avoiding of the topic of the concert and a few pieces of pizza. I wound up with my head resting on Zayn’s chest as we watched re-runs of Friends. His arm was wrapped around my side and clung onto my forearm. Ever so often creating little circles on it with his thumb.  
I could feel my eyelids getting heavy as I stared at the brightly lit screen. The light almost hard to look at. In response to my fatigue, I pushed myself off of Zayn’s body. He slowly opened his eyes and I giggled when I noticed he had fallen asleep as well. 
“I think I’m going to get going. We both seem pretty pooped.” Zayn smiled and sighed lightly. He pushed himself off of his couch and followed me to his door. I stopped for a moment and turned to look at him.  
“I, um, had a really nice time.” He nodded and opened his arms, waiting for me to enter and hug him good bye. I slipped my arms around his waist and pulled him close.  
“I had a great time, too.” He whispered. I pulled away from our embrace. Zayn opened the door for me and waved with a silly face. I giggled and waved in return, skipping out of his flat. 
Once I was a good distance away, I found my phone and powered it back up. Ignoring my multitude of e-mails and went straight for Twitter to compose a new tweet. 
@scar_mcvay: correction: great things come to those who wait. 



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