Baby Lips

Harry Styles was used to getting what he wanted. But that seemed to change when Scarlett McVay crashed into his life... literally.

Harry wants the one girl that doesn't want him back, and he'll do anything to have her.

Winning what you want might mean losing something you need.


6. Six

Was it just me or did your closet turn into a clothesless waste land when you really need something to wear? I tightened the knot on my fuzzy white robe and scanned my closet. I don’t really go out and I’m not quite sure what is appropriate attire to go out in.  
I could base my outfit on the media and wear a skimpy dress and high heels that will eventually break each of my ankles if I walked the wrong way or I could trust my fashion goddess Emma Watson and reveal less so people could wonder more. 
Oh, Emma, you always know how to save the day.  
I turned quickly from my closet and headed into the bathroom. I brushed out my brown hair, that looked jet black when it was wet, until it was completely free of knots. After blow drying it and running my flat iron through my thick waves, it looked the most decent it was going to get.  
I huffed before marching back over to my closet. I picked out a pair of tight black jeggings, a sheer white blouse, and a black lace bandeau that was completely visible under the shirt. I paired the outfit with a velvety pair of ankle boots and a gold Chanel chain I had saved up my Christmas money from last year to buy. 
I sprinted back in the bathroom and swiped cherry red lip stain over my lips and threw the tube into my beaded handbag along with my cell phone and money. And now there was nothing left to do but wait for that mysterious car that Zayn said was going to pick me up. 
I sat on my couch in an awkward position, the tightness of the skinny jeans made sitting a challenge. My nervous stomach began to churn and my breathing got deeper. All day I was frantic about tonight. I tried calming myself by doing a multitude of things. 
I listened to Ed Sheeren for about an hour, hoping that his voice would somehow subdue all the crazy feelings I was experiencing. And that helped for awhile until I unknowingly watched his music video for his song “Drunk” and saw Harry’s charming smile for a split second.  
I drank about a gallon of warm tea. But that only resulted in several trips to the bathroom. 
I finished my trigonometry homework. And I’d have to say, that seemed to get my mind off of my nerves the most. The numbers and problems became my first priority and not what I was going to wear to a stupid club with boys I’ve known for less that 24 hours. It almost got to the point where I was sad when I saw that I was finished with the problems I was assigned to finish. 
Maybe Louis was right... I was nerd. 
My phone rattled on the inside of my clutch and I quickly tore it out. I wrinkled my nose in confusion when I saw the sender of the text message’s name. 
From Zayn Malik: Our driver should be at your flat soon J 
I don’t recall every giving him my phone number. I don’t recall him giving me his in return. I knew they were in a boy band and they could pretty much find out what anyone was doing at any waking moment of the day, but this was just plain creepy. 
To Zayn Malik: Alright... question: how did we exchange numbers? 
I quickly sent back and bit my lip awaiting his reply. 
From Zayn Malik: We made it a point to add all our numbers when Haz stole your phone, haha. 
I assumed “Haz” was some kind of nickname for Harry and immediately rolled my eyes. I pushed myself from off the couch and stumbled to gain footing on my high heels. Sometimes I blame my lack of balance on me being forced to quit ballet. I strolled over to the window and saw a large, black SUV pull up next to the curb of my apartment. A man dressed in a well fit suit hopped out of the driver’s seat and skipped up the steps before pressing a button on the call box. I heard the buzz in my room. 
I scurried over to it and held down the round grey button while I spoke into the speaker. 
“Yes, hello?” I said. 
“I’m here to pick up Scarlett McVay.” The man spoke in a chipper tone. 
“I’ll be down in a minute.” I called back as I pulled my coat over my arms and grabbed my hand bag from off the couch. I opened the door and slammed it shut right behind me before locking it tight. I took a deep breath and began to walk down the steps. 
I met with the man who told me his name was Damian. He was sweet and had pale brown eyes. He made small talk all the way to our destination. Asking me how I was doing and if I was excited for the holidays. It was refreshing not hearing the redundant, “You’re American?” reaction from him. I thanked Damian a multitude of times before stepping out onto the cold, colorless concrete in front of a dark club called Mesh. 
I walked up to the bouncer and felt the pit in my stomach grow larger. What was I supposed to say to him? Would he really believe me that I was there to meet One Direction? I gulped audibly before smiling at the large, black man. 
“Hi.” I pushed a piece of stray chocolate hair behind my ear. “I’m here for, um-” He cut me off before I could continue my stuttered sentence. 
“One Direction? Right this way Miss Scarlett.” His voice was deep and smooth, like he should be hosting a late night radio program. I grinned as he unhooked the red velvet rope and guided me to a section of the crowded club that was blocked off by a thick black curtain. 
I was waiting for him to say something, but noticed he had vanished. I nervously lifted my shaking hand to peel back the curtain, but just as I was about too Louis’ blue eyes came right in my line of vision. 
“Scarlett!” He shouted before eagerly kissing both of my cheeks. I smiled and noticed a leggy brunette that was hooked on his shoulder. She was absolutely gorgeous. She flashed an award winning smile at me. 
“This is Eleanor, my girlfriend.” He motioned to the girl on his hip. She wiggled her fingers at me. 
“Wow, Lou, she’s beautiful.” I smiled at her and she threw her head back and laughed. Her straight black hair shining in the light coming from the dance floor. 
“Oh, I like you already!” She spoke in her posh accent and rubbed my arm. “We’re heading to get some drinks, would you like one, love?”  
“Sure. Just get me what you are getting, I trust you have good taste.” I smiled at her before her and Lou skipped off toward the bar. With a small boost of confidence, I opened the curtain and heard Zayn call out my name. I smiled at the sound of his voice.  
I unbuttoned my coat and turned to hang it up when I came face to face with the green-eyed devil. He smirked down at me. The heels I wore making me eye-level with him. 
“Who invited you here?” He spat at me with disrespect and before I could speak Liam did for me. 
“Zayn and I did. Thought she’d enjoy a night out from her school work.” He nudged my arm as he appeared next to me.  
“Don’t girls wear outfits a little more revealing on their nights out?” His eyes traveled up and down my body. I scoffed. 
“Harry, my bra is in full sight. That is as revealing as it is going to get.” I tossed my coat on the couch behind Harry. 
“Oh shush Haz, she looks amazing.” I heard a quiet voice of a girl say next to me. I spun around to see yet another beautiful girl, but this time she locked her fingers with Liam as he leaned down to kiss her forehead. She shot a wink at me. 
“I’m Danielle. It’s great to meet you. And you really do look stunning, dear.” She smiled showing off her perfect teeth. I thanked her and told her that her tight black dress looked great on her as well just as Louis and Eleanor returned with my drink. 
I graciously accepted it and followed when Eleanor waved her hand to come sit with her.  
“So tell me how Harry managed to snag an American girl?” She shouted over the music that blared from the club. I laughed and shook my head, but wondered what Harry had been telling them. Was he saying that I was interested in him? Because I most certainly was not. 
“No, I’m not Harry’s girl. I’m not any one’s girl actually.” I laughed and sipped my drink, wincing at how strong it was. 
“Well by the way he was staring at your bum in those jeans, he definitely has an eye for you.” She giggled and played with the straw that sat in her drink. I rolled my eyes and laughed along with her. 
I caught Zayn’s eye as I scanned the tiny room we all sat in. His pink lips forming a smile that bursted my ovaries and caused my cheeks to blush widely. Eleanor noticed. 
“And it looks like you have an eye for Mr. Malik.” She whispered in my ear. I gasped and disagreed with her once again. 
“What? No. I mean, yeah he’s good looking, but no.” I shook my head as she nodded hers, pretending to believe me. It was a physical attraction I had with Zayn. Nothing more. Nothing less.  
The rest of the night went by quickly, I ordered more of the same strong beverage and became less tense as I finished each glass. I began to sway back and forth to the bumping rhythm of the house music playing. 
Danielle and Eleanor creeped up behind me before grabbing my hands. 
“I think this one wants to dance!” Danielle shouted as they dragged me out of the VIP section and onto the crammed dance floor. I didn’t object, mostly because I was a little drunk... okay maybe a lot and because I wanted to bust out my moves with some of the most fun girls I have ever met. 
We all swayed our hips at the same beat and giggled as we bumped and grinded against each other and random people that passed by us. I felt a playful slap on my butt from Eleanor and only laughed louder as she did the same. 
We continued this for quite sometime until I felt a pair of hands grasp my waist. Hands that were not dainty and playful like Danielle’s or Eleanor’s. But rough and feisty. 
I did nothing but freeze. 

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