Baby Lips

Harry Styles was used to getting what he wanted. But that seemed to change when Scarlett McVay crashed into his life... literally.

Harry wants the one girl that doesn't want him back, and he'll do anything to have her.

Winning what you want might mean losing something you need.


7. Seven

“Were you planning on avoiding me all night?” I heard a low voice grumble in my ear. His breath was slick with nicotine and alcohol, but his spicy cologne over powered it giving him a pleasant smell as he grasped my body. 
My heart pounded when I turned to meet his butterscotch eyes and his scruffy olive skin. His lips formed a smile and his pink tongue was poking out behind his white as snow teeth. I had to look away as I smiled. I was intimidated by Zayn’s good looks. 
“I’m not the best dancer,” he reached for my hand, his feeling warm as it wrapped around mine, “but by the looks of it, I’m sure you can teach me.” 
I glanced over to where Eleanor and Danielle had once stood, bobbing their heads to the music, but they were gone. Probably off with their boyfriends or dancing somewhere else. I looked back up at Zayn’s anxious face and smiled. 
“Let’s go.” I tugged on his hand as we weaved our way to the center of the dance floor. It may have helped that I was feeling a little buzz from the alcohol I had been drinking because with out it I would have never agreed to go ass-to-crotch with Zayn Malik. 
His hands snaked around my hips as he pressed out bodies closer together. I giggled and swiveled my hips to the slower beat of the fast paced song that seemed like it was intended for a work out video. His hot breath huffing on the back of my neck producing a tickle that waved from my ear down to my toes.  
He grasped my wrist and turned me to face him, our chests pressed together. I couldn’t tell if he was doing that on purpose, or that was the only way we would fit with all the people that swamped the floor. Our eyes met again for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight. That’s when he did it again. He used his devious eyes to trace the outline of my lips causing my brain to shuffle in the wrong directions. 
“I should be heading home. It’s... it’s late.” I backed away from him, his eyes returning to mine. He pouted his lower lip in protest. I looked at it for a short while. It was slick from him just running his tongue over it giving it the look of a sweet pink candy that you desperately wanted to taste. I blinked back to reality when he pressed both of his lips together, waiting for me to go on. 
“I had a great time, really.” I said noticing his hand was still wrapped around my wrist. He squeezed it tight before speaking. 
“Please stay in touch, Scarlett.” His smile beamed at me as he released my hand from his grasp. But there was something about the way he said it, how it was low and slow and husky. Like was almost saying, “Please be my late night booty call when I’m drunk in Oxford some night in the future.”  
I would gladly do that for you Mr. Malik. 
I dodged and elbowed and zigzagged back out of the dancing mass of people and began to make my way back over to the partitioned VIP section. But as I scurried over I heard an obnoxious laugh coming from an annoying mass of curls. I gave a quick roll of my eyes before slowing down my pace, trying to study what Harry leaning his long torso against the bar.  
He was chatting up some blonde girl with a fake tan and an extremely low cut purple top, that looked about as well made as the weave that hung from her head. I couldn’t help the look of disgust that appeared on my face as I eyed the girl. I tossed my hair over my shoulder beginning my trek away from the pair, but halted when my mind gave birth to the best idea baby I’ve had... ever. 
My red lips twitched into a smirk, and I’m sure I looked somewhat similar to the Grinch Who Stole Christmas when he hatched his evil plot to ruin Whoville‘s holiday. I sprinted toward Harry, in a complete tizzy, like the world was ending and he was the only one who didn’t realize it. 
His green eyes widened as he saw my frantic arms grasp his shoulder. He winced a bit at my fingertips digging into the fabric of his coat. 
“Harry!” I shouted in his ear. “Louis! Your boyfriend Louis! He is choking! He needs you, his one true love, to give him the kiss of life!” I said waving my arms in the direction of the black fabric. Harry’s face softened at first, as if something was actually happening that put his best mate in danger, but then he quickly furrowed his eyebrows with anger. 
“What?” Harry snapped, trying to act as if he had no idea who I was or what I was talking about. Or if I was even speaking English. 
I shook him and looked over at the vapid, blonde oompa loompa that crinkled her orange nose into a state of confusion. Something she probably is a lot. “I’m sorry.” I tipped my head toward her. “You know these gay men, always picky about who is going to save their lives!” I said before yanking Harry’s shoulder for him to follow me. 
“Quickly, Harry! You can’t have your life partner die on you!” I shoved him into the cluster of thick black fabric until we were secure in the empty room that once house all of One Direction. I raised my eyebrows in surprise to see the barren room. This club wasn’t huge, they couldn’t have wandered off too far, yet I hadn’t seen any of them out there besides... Harry. Harry who was now glaring at me as if his eyes had turned into big, green daggers. 
I smiled smugly crossing my arms over my sheer blouse. I felt a weird sense of pride for my little joke and knew that if the rest of the boys and their girlfriends would have had a good laugh if they were there to witness the fiasco. 
“You think you’re funny, do you?” He asked rolling up the sleeves of his well cut, navy blue blazer. I exhaled through my nose. 
“No, no, no. I think I’m hilarious.” My head tipped back as I laughed loudly and spun on my heels, heading toward the couch I had carelessly tossed my coat when I arrived at the club. Harry made a noise of disgust behind me which only caused me to snicker more. 
“Where exactly do you think you’re going?” He said slowly as I bent down for my coat.  
“Uh, home?” I responded like the answer to that question was written on my forehead. Harry stepped closer, shaking his head causing a few loose curls to fall over his eyes, but with a swipe of his fingertips his hair returned to its perfect shape.  
“Oh, no. You’re not going anywhere. You owe me for that.” He pointed in the direction of the bar where he was flirting, and probably failing at that, with blondie. I sighed and stood straight up to face him. Although his eyes were a wonder, I didn’t have a problem with starting straight at them, unlike Zayn’s chocolaty orbs. 
“Please, Harry, if anything I did you favor.” I shifted my weight to my right leg. “She was hideous.” I pursed my lips in disgust recalling her face, a quick shiver going through my body. Harry laughed and bit the inside of his cheek. 
“Three shots of Patron for each of us.” He said as I raised a single eyebrow. “For saving me from that hideous girl.” His eyes narrowed before his famous smirk and dimples combo appeared on his face. And no one could resist the smirk and dimples combo. 
“Fine.” I huffed in defeat and fell into the large black couch. Harry laughed and grabbed the fat, crystal bottle of alcohol and two skinny shot glasses from the mini bar. He fell butt first next to me and popped the bottle open filling each tiny glass to the brim with the clear, but powerful drink. I braced myself as I picked up the glass. 
I needed to get these shots done and over with. So I could return home and mentally prepare for the hangover this night had in store for me. But just as my lips touched the top of the glass, Harry’s hand pushed it away. I gave him a look with twisted eyebrows and a small shake of my head, he laughed. 
“I thought we’d make this more interesting.” I sighed and set down the glass. There was always a twist with Harry Styles. 
“Go on.” I crossed my right black denim clad leg over the left. 
“Before each drink, we say something that neither of us know about each other. Deal?” He leaned forward, placing his forearms on his knees. I eyed his hands as they folded together as well as the multiple bracelets that piled up on his wrists. 
“Why not?” I forced a smile in his direction. He clapped once in delight. 
“You first then.” He nodded his curls toward me and I reluctantly agreed, once again picking up the shot glass.  
I thought for a minute. Searching my brain for a stupid fact about me that he will most likely forget by tomorrow morning. I didn’t want to say something cliché, yet I didn’t want to weird him about by going into detail about the little quirks I had. 
“I’ve, um, I’ve never been to a concert.” I nodded my head before throwing the drink back quickly, like it was cough syrup. This liquid went smoothly down my throat, but left a burning trail down my throat. I reached for the limes that Harry had also brought over and sucked on it, the taste of the fruit subduing the burn of the alcohol. 
“Seriously? Never been to a live show?” Harry asked a bit taken back. I shrugged my shoulders. It’s not like I never had the chance to go, I just never had anyone to go with.  
“I believe it is your turn.” I rested my dizzy head on my hand. Harry licked his lips before picking up the shot, he froze for a minute and then started to speak. 
“I’m deathly afraid of roller coasters.” He said as if he thought these stupid facts through prior to our little game. But I laughed anyway at his girly phobia. 
“You’re kidding right?” I giggled. “Roller coasters? C’mon, Harry.”  
“Hey, I know a lot of people that aren’t fond of them.” He raised his hand in defense after he took the swig of his drink. 
“Yeah, pregnant women and people with heart trouble.” Harry waved a hand at me dismissing my remarks and reminding me it was my turn. With my shot glass in hand I spat out the first fact that popped in my head. 
“My cat is named after Sir Isaac Newton.” My head threw back and I finished my second shot, definitely feeling the effects of it as an uncontrolled laugh escaped my lips for no apparent reason. 
“Look, I know boys sometimes nickname their cocks but girls...” He trailed off with a cheeky grin. I slapped his arm. 
“Shut up, Harry!” I couldn’t help but laugh at his joke. “You know what I mean.” He nodded as if he didn’t believe me and it resulted in another eye roll from me. He snatched his second shot and glanced at me before telling me his second useless fact. 
“I love cats. And you can take that in any way you’d like.” He took his shot, but this time I watched his wet lips curl around the lime he picked up and he lightly sucked the juices from it. I bit my bottom lip as he did so, before shaking my head and grabbing my last shot. My last shot until I was free to go.  
I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I seemed to have run out of harmless somewhat interesting things about me. But as the my buzz got stronger the idea of telling Harry about my ballet past became better and better, even if I never really shared it with anyone. 
“I ballet danced for about sixteen and a half years.” I blurted and took my last shot with ease, not even using a lime as a chaser to the strong liquid. Harry eyed me. 
“So does that mean you’re... flexible?” He asked as he slowly batted my eyelashes. I smirked at him. I wasn’t sure if it was my attempt to shamelessly flirt with Harry or the fact I was very, verydrunk that triggered my response. 
“Yes, and I’ve mastered all the positions.” I said with a coy grin. Harry’s eyes widened and he swallowed hard.  
“Will you marry me?” He asked in response. Another obnoxious laugh came out of my mouth, I pushed the last shot glass toward him.  
“One more, Styles, one more.” I giggled waiting for him to speak. He opened his mouth as if he knew exactly what to say, but he quickly closed it, like he was reevaluating his response. I hummed patiently.  
“I can tie a cherry stem in a knot using my tongue.” But instead of picking up his shot glass he turned toward me. I slowly blinked trying to comprehend what he had just said. It made his lips look even more inviting than they had all night. 
“Doesn’t that mean you’re a good kisser?” I asked not once taking my eyes away from his pale pink lips. The corners of them tugged into a smirk as I awed at them form the next sentence that came out of his mouth. 
“Why don’t you tell me?” Harry’s pointer finger looped around one of the belt loops of my jeans as he tugged me closer to him. His hot lips pressed against mine in a fit of passion. My hands immediately locked around his neck. My fingers inching up the back of his curly head, twirling each ringlet around my finger and releasing it.  
I felt his tongue graze my bottom lip and my mouth opened slightly, giving him the slightest amount of entrance before he put his gifted tongue to work. I could taste the sour lime that still lingered in his mouth. His hands pressed against the small of my back as I began to pull away from his lips. I opened my eyes and saw Harry’s eyelids begin to flutter open, his lips stained with my red lipstick as they were still pouted.  
“You taste like peppermint.” He whispered, smiling into the next kiss he gave me. I giggled back, immediately letting the innocent kiss turn into another steamy make out session. My hands traveled down to his chest, grasping the blue lapels of Harry’s blazer. I tugged on them in an effort to bring us closer. Harry began to pull away, but I still hungered for his warm, slick lips. I took his bottom lip between my teeth as he smiled and tugged it away from my bite.  
Our faces just centimeters apart, he searched my swirling eyes for something before he spoke. 
“So your place? Or mine?” 

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