Baby Lips

Harry Styles was used to getting what he wanted. But that seemed to change when Scarlett McVay crashed into his life... literally.

Harry wants the one girl that doesn't want him back, and he'll do anything to have her.

Winning what you want might mean losing something you need.


9. Nine


I did nothing but keep my mouth shut the rest of the walk home. I covered my face with my hands and hoped that only a few shots were taken of my deer-caught-in-the-headlights face I made when I first saw the paparazzi. The flashes, questions, and ignorant men followed about half way home until they realized I was going to give them no answers whatsoever. 
Relief washed over me when I slammed my flat’s door shut. My chest huffed up and down as my back was flat against the door. I have no idea how celebrities did the whole paparazzi thing daily. I couldn’t even take a solid ten minutes. The anxiety it gave me was unbearable. 
I immediately began to take off my uncomfortable clothing and changed into a much more suitable t-shirt and pajama pants. The warmth of the clothes and the flannel fuz that clung to my legs relaxed me a bit. I washed my smeared make up and brushed my teeth. I groaned loudly when I noticed two prominent hickeys on the side of my neck in the speckled mirror. 
I didn’t want any reminder of this night. I didn’t want to have those stupid love bites on my neck, even if they were going to fade. It is still a semi-permanent reminder of how unbelievably irresponsible and stupid I am. 
I turned off every light in my apartment and slid underneath my ivory comforter. The warm blanket was pulled over my head as my eyes fluttered shut. I laid there staring at the inside of my eyelids for a moment, until my alcohol-induced coma set in and the world began to blur around me.  


It was one of those mornings when opening your eyes was the last thing on your to do list. It was one of those mornings when it seemed like your eyelids were literally super glued together. It was one of those mornings when all you really wanted to do was hide in bed all day. 
But unfortunately it couldn’t be one of those mornings. 
I swung my flannel covered legs over the side of my bed. I pressed my elbows against my knees, rubbing my tired hazel eyes for a solid minute before I struggle, squinted, and finally pried them open. The blinding white light streaming in from the window close to my bed practically knocked me over as I fought to stand up right. My back of my head throbbed and every time my heart thumped in my numb chest it felt as though it rattled my heavy brain back and forth. 
I made my way over to the bathroom, dragging my bare feet on the cold wood floor. I didn’t even bother glancing at myself in the mirror, knowing if I did so I would probably turn to stone from my Medusa-like appearance. I just reached in the shower and turned the water knob on it’s hottest setting before undressing and slowly sulking into the steam. 
The water scalded my back causing my eyes to snap open and alert. I breathed in the warm vapor that floated from the spigot as I lathered my honey smelling shampoo into my wet brown hair. My fingernails massaged my scalp, relieving some of the pain from my headache. 
After washing my body clean of grime and standing in the blistering water for a good fifteen minutes, I shut of the water and shook my arms and legs and hair free of any water droplets, reminding myself of a shaggy dog as I did so. I shimmied into my robe and threw my hair in a towel on top of my head. 
By the time I got out of the bathroom, I realized my first class of the day started in twenty minutes. I frantically grabbed the first pair of jeans I could find as well as an oversized rugby shirt. I threw on a warm pair of boots and knotted my hair into a thick braid on the side of my neck, in hopes of covering up those blasted love bites. 
I grabbed my book bag, filled with my completed homework and various notebooks and school supplies, and swung it over my right shoulder. I grabbed my house keys and before I knew it I was out the door and on my way to the university. 
Something was different as I entered the full lecture hall. As if when I walked in the room all the student’s that arrived before me’s heads snapped in my direction. My cheeks instantly turned a bright pink color. Why are they suddenly noticing me? I wondered. This was definitely something new for me. Most of the time, okay... all of the time, I went unnoticed in my classes. I chatted with a few people here and there but most of the time, no one took interest in me. 
I set my book bag down in an open desk next to a girl I had spoken too once or twice. She gave me a smile before her judgmental blue eyes scanned my body. Another wave of heat inched up my cheeks and burst into a full on blush. As I took out my notebook for the particular class, she cleared her throat. 
“You’re Scarlett... right?” I raised an eyebrow as I turned to face her. I nodded slowly in response. 
“Yes, I am.” I answered unsurely. 
“Your face is all over Sugarscape.” Her eyes widened. I knit my eyebrows in confusion. 
“Sugar what?” My tone was clueless and I truly was. As if this girl was speaking some kind of weird gibberish. She pushed her cell phone under my nose and it was currently opened on a web page. The article’s title read “Mystery Girl Seen Leaving One Direction’s Hotel!” I snatched the phone from the girl next to me’s skinny fingers and scrolled through the rest of the article. 
Sure enough the photos that were taken of me last night were plastered everywhere on that tiny phone screen. I huffed as I skimmed the pixilated words: 
        Mystery girl, Scarlett, was also heard in an interview with the boys earlier that day. Could she be one of the lads latest love interest? Should we be worried? Are you cheating on us 1D?!!? Tell us what you think in the comments below! 
At this exact moment I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t read my emotions. I couldn’t tell if I was upset, terrified, or dismal. I shoved the phone back in the girl’s hands before burying my face in my own. I squeezed my eyes shut, cursing myself for not staying in bed today. 
“So which one did you have a go at?” The girl asked giddily, “Was it Liam? Man, the things I would do to that boy if I had a chance...” She trailed off. I looked up at her with disgust. 
“Liam has a girlfriend.” My eyes narrowed at her, but before she could respond our professor hobbled in and class started.  
I spent class scribbling on my notepad, not caring that I was missing probably an important lecture about calculus theories. I told myself I would just look up the notes online when I got home. My mind was not in the mood to focus today. All it wanted was rest and for these One Direction rumors to die down. 
Our old professor that resembled a skinny version of Santa Claus dismissed our class and I quickly headed for the door. I didn’t want to have to talk to that nosey girl or any other nosey girls who saw my face on that God damned website.  
I walked out of the building with my head low, my mittened hands clenching the straps of my book bag. My head shot up when I heard several girly shrieks and giggles. But my jaw clenched when I heard his voice, 
“Oh, Scarlett!” I turned to see Harry Styles wiggling his fingers at me in a cheeky wave.



i'm really terribly sorry if u were bored to tears by this chapter. it was boring i know, but it i needed to write it to kind of get your view on scarlett's feelings and for you guys to see DAT SHE IZ GETTIN NOTICEDDDD.

and oh shnap haz is at her school waaaaaaaaaat? dun worry next chapter will be more exciting me promise :)



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